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Hiring A Denver Moving Company – Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions Before Your Move

September 1, 2019


Whether you moving to Denver for the first time or are simply relocating inside the city limits, there are important considerations to take when choosing the right moving company. Price is certainly an important concern, but the efficiency of the move is just as crucial. In order to keep your move an efficient and stress free as possible here are a few items you should consider when selecting a moving company in Denver:


The most effective moving companies are usually operated and staffed by residents who are familiar with the city. Local movers can help you save valuable time by driving the most effective routes and avoiding high traffic areas so that you can focus more on moving into your new home and not on getting from one place to the next. Additionally, movers who are Colorado residents will already be used to something you may not be ready for: the higher elevation!


Make sure that the Denver moving company you choose has a fleet of trucks to choose from, and not just a “one size fits all” business plan. A properly sized vehicle will make packing the truck more efficient and eliminate multiple trips back and forth between homes. It will also greatly reduce the possibility of items shifting while in transit, thereby helping to keep everything in one piece to arrive safely to your new home.

Equipment and Supplies

You should ask the following questions when hiring your Denver moving company: Do they have the proper dollies for moving your furniture? Do they offer to use blankets and straps to protect all your possessions while they are in transit in the truck? Do they have a way to safely move and protect any odd or over-sized items you may own? The best moving companies in Denver will include these materials with their total quote, but it is important that some companies may charge extra for these services. Be sure to know ahead of time.

There are many different moving companies to choose from so it is important to take the time early on to investigate which Denver moving company is going to best fit your needs. By being prepared ahead of time you will know that you will greatly reduce the stress of moving day.

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