Kansas Movers Share Tips for Living With Roommates

May 29, 2019

So, you’ve finally decided to get a place of your own, but you’ll need a roommate or two to cover the cost of rent. Congratulations! It’s a big decision to make! But there’s more to moving away from home or out of the dorms than finding the perfect place to call home. You need to figure out how to live comfortably with your roommates. Otherwise, you’ll be searching for Kansas moving companies to help you move out before your lease ends. Here are a few simple tips to help you create a positive and productive relationship with your roommates.

It’s tempting to hold a grudge and expect the people you’re living with to inherently know why you’re upset. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. You need to communicate with your roommates if you want to avoid conflict. If something bothers you, let them know. Don’t let it fester and get worse. And ask them to do the same for you. Keeping the lines of communication open makes sure everyone stays happy with their living situation. 

Create a Chores List
We know…you’re an adult and a list of chores seems awfully juvenile. But it’s the best way to make sure little things get done on a regular basis. Talk it over with your roommates and see how they want to break things up. It’s completely up to you. You can have one person responsible for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom each week, establish permanent responsibilities, or have a house-wide cleaning day where you all pitch in at the same time, whatever works best for you and your roommates. When people feel accountable for their chores, they’re more likely to do them regularly.

Accept That You Might Not Be Friends
Believe it or not, your roommates don’t have to be your friends. In fact, friendship can get in the way of your living situation in some cases. If you’re moving in with people you don’t really know, focus on being a good roommate first. It’s natural that you’ll develop some type of friendship over the course of your lease, but it doesn’t mean you have to be super close. As long as you respect each other’s space and are comfortable living together, that’s all that matters.

Be Patient and Understanding
People come from all walks of life and the person you’re living with may not have been raised the same way you were. If this is the case, try to be understanding and avoid judging them for their habits or quirks. If something bothers you and you can’t ignore it, talk to them about it. But always try to remember that people do things differently than you do and that’s okay. This will help you avoid many of those troublesome roommate squabbles people complain about on social media.

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