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4 Tips to Get Started in a Long Distance Moving Project

November 25, 2019

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Long distance moves in which you must relocate to a new city or state can be a very stressful and difficult challenge. However, hiring interstate moving companies in Denver can relieve the stress and prevent you from needing to lift a finger throughout the process. Although many unqualified companies might advertise their interstate moving services, certain tips can help you find a high-quality moving company so you can rest assured that your long distance move goes as smoothly as possible. If you are planning a big move, you should learn about the long distance moving services that premier Denver moving companies can provide.

Comprehensive Services

The best moving companies can offer full relocation services. Rather than only handling the drive, elite long distance moving experts can also provide full and comprehensive services past that of just transporting your belongings. For instance, movers can pack all of your belongings, load the items onto the truck, and then safely and effectively deliver the items to your new home at the specified time. The experts can then unload and arrange all of your possessions into your new home. While full service moves can be a bit more expensive, the time and energy you save by having experts handle every aspect of the move is priceless.

Access to Supplies You Need

Long distance moving services should also be able to provide all of the necessary equipment required for your move. Premier packing and moving services can provide customized boxes that are designed to hold specific items, labels that keep all of your belongings organized, and protective pads or wraps that can prevent any of your large or fragile items from being damaged during the long commute. The companies should also be able to provide trucks in different sizes based on your needs. As a result, you would save money by finding an interstate moving company that can fit all of your belongings into one truck rather than needing to split between multiple trucks, costing you more in gas than the move should require.

Proper Licenses

You should also ensure your movers possess the appropriate licenses and credentials required to complete interstate move. Fulfilling long distance moves and trusting people to handle your possessions for extensive periods of time renders you vulnerable to become victimized by fraudulent or inexperienced movers. However, the top Denver moving companies like Eden’s Moving Services possess licenses to verify the credibility and legitimacy of the companies. An interstate moving company should be registered and licensed by the Better Business Bureau, the American Moving and Storage Association, and should be able to provide a DOT number. Additionally, you should also only use companies that are fully insured. Driving across extensive distances and through difficult road passages can cause items to incur damages. Experts are trained to transport your items safely, insurance verifies that the company can reimburse you for damages if any accidents occur.

Appropriate Documentation

You should also make sure to see proper Bill of Lading documentation from your long distance moving service. Rather than accepting general and oral estimates, the best companies can show you documentation regarding many aspects of the move. For instance, you should receive a Bill of Lading receipt or document that provides specific details regarding the identification numbers of the movers and their trucks. The Bill of Lading document should also articulate every service that is being charged, an inventory of your belongings, and the specific scheduling requirements for when your items will be picked up and delivered.

Contact Eden’s Moving Services to complete your long distance move. Our expert staff is revered for handling interstate moves to and from Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, and California. We are fully licensed and insured, we can provide comprehensive moving services, and we would be glad to alleviate the stress and maximize the convenience of your local or long distance move.

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