Moving Supplies

Ways to Choose the Right Packing Material and Moving Supplies

Unfortunately, when planning on moving, most homeowners worry if their valuable belongings will safely reach the new destination, which calls for moving supplies. With proper packing techniques and the right packing material, moving even the most fragile and valuable possession becomes is a seamless process. For instance, using plastic wraps keeps items from getting scratches or shifting around.

In addition, some moving equipment is designed for your safety, for example, when lifting and transporting heavy items. Other moving supplies increase efficiency in the moving process, such as markers for labeling or tools for quickly disassembling items. With the right supplies, you can stay organized, secure your belongings, and ensure a seamless, stress-free moving process. Otherwise, it will be a tedious and stressful process, which may involve damage and injury.

Below is a comprehensive list of packing materials and essentials you need to get the job done right.

What You Will Need

Preparation helps you stay ahead of the hectic packing process. Ensure you have a complete list of moving supplies ready with you. Before the moving date, gather all your packing materials such as boxes and plastic wraps for moving.

In addition, packing your items may take you several days. Start early, ahead of the moving date. Take your time to ensure you pack everything carefully.


cheap small boxes Small Box

Small Box

  • Dimensions: 16″x12″x12″
Legal box moving supply

Legal Box

  • Dimensions: 24″x12″x10″
moving boxes

Medium Box

  • Dimensions: 18″x18″x16″
free large box

Large Box

  • Dimensions: 24″x18”x18”
best dishpack box

Dishpack Box

  • Dimensions: 18″x18″x28″
big moving boxes

Extra Large Box

  • Dimensions: 24”x18”x24″
Lamp Box moving supplies

Lamp Box

  • Dimensions: 24″x20″x46″
packing supplies

Wardrobe Box

  • Dimensions: 24″x20″x46″

Small Moving Box

It can hold up to 65 pounds worth of items. A small moving box is perfect for packing, moving, shipping, and storing small, dense, and heavy belongings. Such items include books, small appliances, sheet sets, tools, and canned foods. A small moving box is also ideal for moving your music collection, for example, vinyl records. Luckily, you can recycle or reuse small moving boxes.

Medium Moving Box

The box is perfect for packing, moving, transporting, and storing your not-so-small and not-so-large household belongings. Such items would ordinarily include small appliances, office supplies, home decor, craft supplies, toys, among others. Like the small moving box, a medium moving box can be recycled and hold up to 65 pounds.

Large Moving Box

Large moving boxes help you pack, move, ship, and store large, lightweight household belongings. These items include stereo speakers, lampshades, board games, stereo speakers, pillows, and clothing. A large moving box can be recycled and hold up to 65 pounds of packed items.

Extra Large Moving Boxes

The extra-large moving boxes can hold up to 65 pounds worth of items. If you have large, lightweight, and bulky items, then these boxes are perfect for packing, moving, shipping, and storing items. Large items that you can carry in the extra-large moving boxes include large pillows, comforters, bulky seasonal clothing, and more. Fortunately, you can recycle the boxes.

Dishpack Moving Box

It is intended to pack and carry fragile kitchen items such as glassware, dishes, antiques, and dinnerware. It is mostly an eco-friendly box that is double-walled to provide optimum protection for the items packed inside. It is perfect for moving or shipping fragile items, even across long distances.

Dish Saver Kit

This packing kit is an innovative, safe, and simple solution that guarantees a quick and easy packing process for your dishware. The Dish Saver packing kit includes 32 reusable foam pouches, an easy-to-lift box with handles, and a 5-piece cell-divider unit intended to separate, isolate and protect. The kit is also ideal for smaller picture frames, seasonal decorations, and collectibles.

Lamp Box

It is ideal for packing, moving, storing, or shipping various tall or oddly-shaped items, such as telescopes, lamps, vases, golf clubs, among others.

Mirror and Picture Box

The box is helpful when it comes to packing, moving, storing, and shipping framed items such as artworks, paintings, and mirrors. It can fit frames up to 37″ x 27″. However, for larger frames, you can get a second box to fit frames up to 54″. If combined, the two boxes can comfortably fit larger framed items.

Large Mirror and Picture Box

It is perfect for packing, moving, storing, or shipping larger mirrors and framed items. Additionally, you can also telescope this box with other large mirror boxes to comfortably accommodate even larger pictures, mirrors, and framed items.

Medium Wardrobe Box

It is ideal for packing, moving, or shipping clothing on hangers, such as dresses, shirts, jackets, among other items. You can also use it to carry sporting equipment, dining room chairs, and an assortment of large items. A medium wardrobe box includes a metal hanging bar that provides convenient temporary closet space. The box has built-in, perforated handles that make lifting and carrying an easy process.

Large Wardrobe Box

It is perfect for packing, moving, storing, or shipping longer clothing, for example, dresses, pants, jeans, suits, and long jackets. A large wardrobe box features a metal hanging bar that acts as a temporary closet. The box has built-in, perforated handles that make lifting and carrying an easy process. You can also use the box to carry dining room chairs or other large items.

Mattress Boxes

small mattress box

Crib Mattress Box

mattress box for twin bed

Twin Mattress Box

full sized mattress box denver

Full Size Mattress Box

mattress box for king and queen

Queen/King Mattress Box

Mattress Bags

The bags keep your mattresses or box springs protected against soil, dust, and light exposure to water while on storage or during moving. The recyclable mattress bags are designed with a heavy-grade 2.0 mil polyethylene plastic. The bags are available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. You will need two separate bags if you are storing or moving a mattress and a box spring.

Mattress Box

The mattress box is sturdy and double-walled to secure and protect your mattresses. They are easy to pack slide-in boxes. You can also use a plastic cover to provide additional protection. The mattress box can comfortably fit twin, full, queen, or king-size mattresses. It is the ideal way to move or store your mattresses with the utmost level of protection.

Comforter Bags

The bag is an efficient way to carry and protect comforters, towels, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, among other items. Comforter bags are perfect for moving and storing your items. The bags are also helpful if you want to stay organized in your home. Comforter bags fit up to king-size comforters. They feature vents inside them to allow for easy air circulation. Additionally, comforter bags are reusable owing to their sturdy plastic design.

Flat Screen TV Box

TV box for moving

Flat Screen TV Box 19″- 22"

  • Dimensions: 24″x6″x18″
TV box for moving

Flat Screen TV Box 32″- 37″​

  • Dimensions: 38″x8″x26″
TV box for moving

Flat Screen TV Box 40″- 46″​

  • Dimensions: 44″x6″x33″
TV box for moving

Flat Screen TV Box 50″- 55″​

  • Dimensions: 58″x8″x36″
TV box for moving

Flat Screen TV Box 55″- 60″​

  • Dimensions: 64″x9″x36-3/4″
TV box for moving

Flat Screen TV Box 65″ – 70″​

  • Dimensions: 67″x8″x43″

Medium TV Moving Box Kit

The medium TV box kit can help you safely pack, protect, and move a computer monitor or TV up to 40 inches. The box includes two heavy-duty boxes and hinged foam pieces to secure every corner of your TV for eight points of protection. The two boxes have multiple handles that make moving easy. You can also use the medium TV box to move delicate mirrors and pieces of artwork.

Flat Screen TV Moving Box Kit

This TV box kit comes with everything you need to protect your flat-screen TV while moving or storing your TV. It comes with two double-walled heavy-duty TV packing boxes for maximum protection of your TV. The TV boxes are adjustable and expandable to accommodate various TV sizes. A typical box features built-in easy-to-lift handles that make moving your TV an easy process. The moving box kit also features four foam pieces to slide over the TV corners for maximum TV protection.

Picture Boxes

box for picture

Small Mirror & Picture Box

  • Dimensions: 37”x4”x27”
box for picture

Large Mirror & Picture Box

  • Dimensions: 48-1/4” x 4-5/16” x 32-11/16”

Tape & Dispensers

Tape dispenser for moving


  • Dimensions: 2″x55 yard
tape dispenser for moving

Tape Dispenser

  • Dimensions: 2 inches (4mm)
box for picture

Packing Paper

Box/ Packaging Paper Tape

It is the advanced packing tape for your packing, moving, shipping, or storage needs. It is efficient and easy to use. The packaging paper tape tears by hand, meaning you will save time looking for and using scissors or a tape dispenser to tape the boxes. However, the packing tape is resistant to uneven splitting or slivering, meaning you will always have full-width strips.

In addition, it has solid and reliable adhesion, which guarantees. Packing paper will secure your items in place during storage or on transit. Generally, a box/ packaging paper tape helps you save time and energy when packing.

Packing Tape

The packing tape features a strong solvent acrylic adhesive that comfortably sticks to almost any surface. It is an industrial-grade tape that stands up to heat, cold, and humidity. It seals and protects your packages tightly, making them perfect for long-distance moving or long-term storage. It also dispenses quickly, meaning you will spend less time packing and sealing your boxes.

Packing Paper

The packing paper is acid and ink-free newsprint paper that is perfect for securing fragile items.

For example, glassware, dishes, valuables, home decor, collectibles, among others. Packing paper will fill open spaces in storage containers and moving boxes to keep everything steady. It is ideal for keeping your property safe and not constantly shifting while in storage or during transportation.

Tape & Dispensers

plastic moving wrap

Stretch Wrap

  • Length: 15″x750 Ft
stretch wrap dispenser

Stretch Dispenser

  • Amount: Available 5”, 10”, 15”, and 20” width – all sizes have 1000’ of wrap length

Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap

You can use this plastic wrap to bind, bundle, and fasten your items for storage or transportation. The wraps work in different applications, from wrapping a dresser or cabinet to keeping the drawers and doors in place. You can also use them to bundle items together, for example, silverware or other kitchen items.

A residue-free mover’s wrap is better than tape when securing bubble cushions or other protective materials to picture frames, mirrors, and artwork. Use a stretch wrap to wrap your couches, dining room chairs, coffee tables, among others. It will protect your belongings from damage while in storage or when moving.


Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap for moving

Bubble Wrap (Small)

  • Dimensions: 12×250
bubble wrap for moving

Bubble Wrap (Medium)

  • Dimensions: 24″x250″
bubble wrap for moving

Bubble Wrap (Large)

  • Dimensions: 48″x250″

Bubble Wrap

It is the perfect solution to wrap, isolate, and protect fragile items, for example, paintings, sculptures, electronics, crystal ware, dishes, glassware, home decor, among other items. You can use bubble wrap to fill empty spaces in storage containers or moving boxes while on transit or during storage. Buying bubble wrap in bulk helps you save money significantly.

Microfoam & Peanuts

packing microfoam

Microfoam (Small)

  • Length: 12″x100″
packing microfoam

Microfoam (Medium)

  • Length: 12″x400″
packing microfoam

Microfoam (Large)

  • Length: 24″x450″
packing microfoam

Microfoam (Extra Large)

  • Length: 48″x550″
peanuts for packing


Newspaper print for moving

Newsprint Paper

  • Weight: 25 lbs

Microfoam comes in different shapes and sizes, but their purpose is all the same: to keep your items safe and secure. Microfoam acts as padding for the inside of your boxes so that your items don’t move around too much and remain safe during the move.

Mattress Bags & Moving Pads

bag for crib mattress

Mattress bag (Crib)

Twin bag mattress for moving

Mattress bag (Twin)

fullsized mattress bag for moving

Mattress bag (Full Size)

mattress bag for king and queen

Mattress bag (Queen/King)

moving blankets for furniture

Moving Pad

  • Dimensions: 16″x12″x12″

Moving Blanket

Moving blankets are made of washable polyester non-woven grade fabric. They are ideal for protecting your furniture from scuffs, scratches, and dings. You can also use them to protect your valuable items from dirt and dust. Additionally, you can use them to safely and securely wrap your antiques and appliances.

Moving blankets are perfect for light moving and storage protection. Moving blankets feature lightweight protection, and each weighs only 3.65 lbs. They feature a zigzag pattern with stitched border edges.

How to Choose the Right Packing Material

The packaging material you choose can draw the line between a safe and damaged delivery for your belongings. The wrong choice can result in overpacking or underpacking, leading to material waste and product damage. Here are things to consider when choosing the proper packaging material;

  • Search for Original Packing. Try finding the original packaging materials that came with your items. Most electronic devices come with cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, and different packing materials. Use these if they are still in good condition.
  • Sort Items to be Packed. Ensure you arrange the correct packing and moving supplies. Some fragile items may require specific types of packing materials. Doing otherwise exposes your items to damage
  • Use Sustainable and Recyclable Supplies. This helps to ensure your packing materials do not end up in landfills, which pollute the environment

You can also be creative with the things you have at home. Some of the things you can use in your household include blankets, cushions, newspapers, tote bags, trash bags, among others. It might help save you lots of money you would otherwise spend hiring packing materials.

Where to Get Packing Supplies

The ideal choice is usually to consult your movers to help you acquire the best packing materials. Some moving companies come with packing materials ready to help you pack your items. Long-distance movers are required to have reliable solutions for packing supplies.

Eden’s Moving Services is one of the best long-distance movers in Colorado, providing comprehensive moving services. Eden’s Moving Services ensures every item transported is securely packed to prevent accidental damages as a professional long-distance moving company. Eden’s Moving Services also provide long-term packing and storage solutions that keep items protected for a long time.

Bottom Line

Having a checklist helps you to ensure a smooth packing and moving process. A comprehensive packing checklist ensures you have all the necessary packing supplies you need to packs and store your items safely and securely. Contact your professional moving company in Colorado for effective and durable packing solutions.  

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sue tunner
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Rachel Cheng
Rachel Cheng
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Thomas, Isaias, and Enrrque did a fantastic job helping us move to a new apartment and the move is really professional. Great service and would definitely recommend it!
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Nil taragon
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David Mink-Rover
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