5 Fantastic Long-Distance House Hunting Tips from Your Colorado Moving Company

June 5, 2019

Each year, thousands of people move to and from Denver. And believe it or not, the average person moves more than 11 times in their life. Though many of those moves happen in the same city, others might force you to move halfway across the country. Sure, hiring a moving company will make the move itself easy, you still have to find a place to call home. Long-distance house hunting poses a different set of challenges, but we want to help. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you start your search.

Research Your New Hometown

Not all neighborhoods are alike. Do a bit of research to see where you’ll be most comfortable. Look at statistics for crime, check into the school district if you have kids, and consider the type of commute you’ll have each day. This can help narrow down your choices.

Know What You’re Looking For

Take a look at your current home. Are there features you love or things you wish you could change? Make note and use these to help narrow down the list of homes you’re interested in. Don’t be afraid to get specific. Remember, moving is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your living situation. You’re making the move anyway, so make it something you’ll look forward to.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

When you’re planning a long-distance move, the last thing you want to do is spend more money on services you think you don’t need. But hiring a real estate agent can take a lot of the stress out of the house hunt. They’ll get to know you, understand your needs, and can find and tour properties for you while you’re still out-of-state. Just make sure to clearly communicate your needs and your budget before they start looking for homes.

Take the Time to Visit

No matter how great you are at research or how well you connect with your real estate agent, you’ll always want to visit your new hometown before committing to a home. Visiting will let you get a feel for the neighborhoods, check out prospective homes, and narrow things down with your real estate agent.

Start Looking for Movers Early

As soon as you find out that you’re planning a move, start looking for professional movers to help you handle the transition. Their schedules fill up quickly and some moving companies only provide local moving services. The sooner you start looking the easier it will be to find a company you trust. The last thing you want to do is settle on movers because they had the right availability.

Moving should be exciting, not stressful. At Eden’s Moving and Storage, our dedicated team will help you get where you need to go safely. We’ll treat your belongings as if they were our own and will do everything we can to make your move seamless and simple. If you’re planning a move, whether it’s long-distance or just across town, we’re here to help. Contact us to schedule a free estimate today.

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