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5 Tips from Denver Movers to Help Make Mid-School Year Moves Easier for Your Kids

March 5, 2018

Edens Moving Services - 5 Tips from Denver Movers to Help Make Mid-School Year Moves Easier for Your Kids

Life has a way of throwing major surprises and curveballs at us, and moving can easily be one of those points of stress, especially when the move happens during the middle of the school year. While it’s less of an issue if you’re moving across town, moving to a new city can make the process even more of a challenge for the entire family. Once you’ve found a Colorado moving company to transport your belongings, incorporate these tips to help make your mid-school year move as easy as possible.

Maintain Your Routine

Even older kids can quickly get stressed during a move if their daily routines are interrupted too much. If at all possible, try to keep things as normal as you can. If you gather as a family to watch a particular show or have pizza night every Tuesday, maintain those traditions. Even if everything else seems hectic, these little routines give your child something to look forward to and something familiar to hold on to even in the midst of packing.

Get Them Involved

Rather than going through their belongings yourself and deciding what to keep or discard, get them involved. Have them go through old toys, books, and clothing to see if there’s anything they’re willing to get rid of. Once everything has been sorted, have them help with packing up the boxes. This way, they’ll know where their belongings are once you get to the new property while also helping them maintain a sense of control over their space. You can even go over a packing and moving guide with them to help them understand what needs to be done with the rest of the house.

Look for Activities In Your New Town

For younger kids, it’s often easier to make friends in the middle of the school year. However, for teens and young adults, the adjustment can be more difficult. Rather than letting them feel alone at school, look for activities in the community they might enjoy. If your child loves soccer, but missed the school’s tryout window, look for a municipal league they can join. If they’re passionate about comics and gaming, look for local game stores that offer teen-friendly events. This way, they’ll have a chance to meet likeminded kids their age without the pressure of a new school getting in the way.

Go Exploring

Getting kids comfortable with their new hometown is almost impossible if all they see is their new neighborhood. Once you’re settled into the new house, take your kids around town and explore a bit. Try some new restaurants, look for new playgrounds, and head over to the local library. The sooner they start to recognize their surroundings, the more relaxed they’ll become, making the entire transition easier.

Stay Positive

Ultimately, much of your child’s attitude about the move will be a direct reflection of how you’re handling the transition. When you’re stressed, your emotions directly impact your child’s mood. Whenever possible, try to stay positive. If your kids, especially younger ones, see you being optimistic about moving to a new place, they’ll be more likely to share your attitude. If they express concerns, do your best to calm their fears and talk with them about why they’re feeling that way. The more insight you have into how they’re feeling, the better prepared you’ll be to help them adjust once the move is over.

Whether you’re moving across town or all the way from Fort Collins to Pueblo, Eden’s Moving is here to help. Our friendly and experienced moving experts will pack, drive, and unload your belongings safely and securely. Contact us today and schedule a free, no-obligation moving estimate.

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