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Long Distance Moving Companies Bay Area

Eden’s Moving Services is a trusted moving company in California. Whether your moving needs require just California movers or out-of-state moving, Eden’s Moving Services have you covered.

It is easy to understand why we are chosen by many who seek moving services due to our competitive prices and fast and easy moves.

Bay Area's Long Distance Movers

When seeking a moving company, it is essential to make the correct decision, as choosing a company that lacks expertise can add to the list of things you need to worry about. However, the right choice can eliminate the stress of worrying about the safety of your goods in transit.

long distance movers in the bay area

Cross-Country Moving Company Bay Area

There are many moving companies in Bay Area, and when making your choice of California movers, you want to ensure that the company you choose can accommodate all your needs. 

Eden’s Moving Services can help you move to Northern California from Southern California or even across the country. We are one of the best long-distance moving companies in California and always provide a trustworthy service. Cross-country moving companies can often be unreliable and not take proper care of your property while in transit. However, Eden’s Moving Services provide not only the moving of your property but the best interstate moving and storage, solidifying us as one of the best interstate moving companies

Reliable & Affordable Moving Services

We at Eden’s Moving Services believe that we are the best long-distance moving company; however, to be the best long-distance movers, you have to be well priced and reliable. We are the cheapest moving company long distance-wise and try to save you as many dollars as we can. 

Many of California’s moving companies charge you an arm and a leg for their services; however, we strive to keep as many dollars in your pocket as possible. Of the moving companies California has to offer, we strive to bring our expertise to the table. Our goal is to provide a reliable service to you to cut down on the stress you are experiencing. Instead, focus on the exciting new adventure you are about to begin without the hassle of your property being damaged in transit. For this reason, we are viewed as one of the best moving companies for long-distance.

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Our VIP Moving Services

The VIP moving service is designed so that you won’t have to worry about anything concerning your property’s relocation. The moving process consists of nine steps:

First, we create a quote tailored to your moving needs. It does not change throughout the process. Next, we help you plan your move, and we assign movers and packers to handle your good. We then gather packing supplies to protect your property and then get insurance in place, which guarantees the full repair or replacement of any belongings which may be damaged during the relocation process. 

You also get constant updates as to the whereabouts of your belongings. We clean old premises, clean new premises, unpack all property and get rid of any unwanted boxes and trash due to the move.

Finally, we put together your furniture and hang up any photos, televisions, or decorations and make sure that the property is ready for you to walk straight in and carry on with your life as if nothing has changed.  

Moving FAQ's

Eden’s Moving Services offer not only residential relocation but also relocation for commercial purposes and any other purpose you may possess. Along with this, we provide a white glove VIP moving service to save you both time and peace of mind. This particular service is specifically designed for individuals who require relocation services but have neither the time nor the capability to oversee the operation. This kind of moving service ensures your goods’ best moving without you losing even a wink of sleep about the entire process.

Now, what do we need from you to get your belongings diligently moved to your desired destination? Eden’s Moving Services requires the destination zip code and the zip code of the place of origin. We also need a list of items you require to be moved and the type of items, and the location of large and complicated things. We also need to know what items should be handled with special care, and lastly, if you live in an apartment, the apartment floor number and number of elevators in the apartment building. With this information, we can ensure that your belongings are transported in the best and most efficient way possible.

You may be asking yourself, what makes Eden’s Moving Services different from any other moving service? First and foremost are our core beliefs of responsibility, accountability, and trust to which all staff must adhere. We also ensure that we provide each customer with the same service they request, whether that be taking care of the entire relocation process for them or just parts of it and ensuring that this is done in the best manner possible. To make matters even better, our insurance provides your peace of mind as no matter what happens; you are reimbursed for any damaged property.

Moving Client Testimonies

If you still have your doubts about whether or not Eden’s Moving Services can provide you with the excellent service you desire, then there are multiple testimonies by clients you can review. These testimonies attribute our success to our skillful movers and the respectful and hardworking attitudes possessed by us. We strive to make the process as simple as possible for our clients, and this can only be done by providing the best moving service we can offer.

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Let Us Move You Towards Your Dream

Our services turn the stress of the moving process into the enjoyment of stepping through your new front door. So, get in touch with one of our specialists and allow us to speed up the process of relocating to your dream destination, no matter where that may be.