The Best Companies to Work for in Denver, CO in 2024

Denver is a Global Leader for Businesses and Careers

Looking to the future of Denver, CO, means looking to new opportunities in your personal endeavors, business, investments, and worldview.

We are all a part of the hard work that goes into creating and uplifting our communities in the Denver area, looking towards new solutions for your career, a possible change in your path, or perhaps you are just interested in the possibilities.

Luckily, Denver, CO, has some of the largest employers in the country – ranging from Fortune 500s, major corporations and even small businesses.

Work is inherently a part of our everyday lives.

While it is easy to fall into comfortable spaces, now and again, it is nice to think outside the box you may have accidentally placed yourself into and look around at the largest employers and some of the top workplaces in Colorado!

Because in Denver, everyone has the right to live their dreams and be a part of a business community that brings them joy.

global companyLarge Companies in Colorado Account for the Largest Employers in the Future

Being close to the Rocky Mountains, the natural and mineral-rich resources have always produced job solutions for mining and energy companies.

The location has placed Colorado at the top regarding internet technologies and communications with major partners like Quest, Dish, and DirecTV.

Denver offers a beautiful life, and as the Mile High City, residents have access to world-class career opportunities in just about any industry.

Approximately 3 million people live in the Denver metro area, feeding into the current economy and acting as consumers simultaneously.

There are plenty of Fortune 500 businesses and mega employers in Colorado pushing to become the market leader in successful employment:

  • Ball, otherwise known as the current owner and operators of the Ball Arena in Denver, CO, are managers and manufacturers of aluminum cans headquartered in Westminister.
  • Arrow Electronics is a wholesale, global leader in electronics and technology equipment.
  • DISH Network offers satellite-style cable and television running business out of Englewood, Colorado.
  • DCP Midstream is one of the biggest natural gas companies in Denver, CO.
  • Ovintiv, another oil and gas provider in Colorado!
There is no shortage of major jobs providers from a myriad of sectors in Denver CO.

Who are the largest employers in Denver, Colorado?

If you are interested in a change of scenery from your current workplace, need a more flexible working environment, are just looking for some other company to try out, or are hoping to interact with an employer that values your skills and strategy, knowing your options is essential.

Evaluating possible partnerships, work communities, and employers that deliver the goods or services you are focused on now can transform your career’s future!

There are plenty of businesses headquartered in Colorado looking for new employees, so locating the top workplaces according to what other customers or clients have experienced should provide a solid perspective on your possible profit and partnerships.

healthcareHealthcare at the Rose Medical Center & Aurora Mental Health

The healthcare industry is one of the largest networks of employers in Colorado; it is difficult to tell how many employees there are in total within the field because there are so many providers across Denver with staff dedicated to bringing treatment solutions and security to people’s lives across the Mile High.

Centura Health and Healthcare One are some of the top workplaces in the healthcare industries to work for in the Mile High.

They are projected to remain at the top in 2024 – as we all need continued access to high-quality health services and technologies.

The average salary for healthcare professionals depends upon employers and the employee’s agreement, but a registered nurse commonly takes home anywhere from $66,000 to $110,000 annually.

If you aim to create a healthy environment where you can deliver all-encompassing care, mental health must also be a significant focus for your Colorado treatment provider.

Jefferson Center for Mental Health is the leading treatment provider in sliding scale care for county residents. Current employees of the Jefferson Center are fully dedicated to extending their services beyond the current scope.

Like the Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Aurora Mental Health strives to provide people from all walks of life with comprehensive mental health services in Colorado, including their employees.

It has been rated as one of the top workplaces in Colorado because they are in the business of helping others.

government agencyColorado Government Agencies Offer a Full Range of Employment Options

No matter where you go in Denver, throughout Colorado, and the rest of the United States – government agencies are one of the largest employers.

They will remain accessible and sustainable work for employees and customers alike.

Government agency employers work slightly differently than a public, privately owned company because you have more security and the ability to use your assets to your advantage.

In Colorado, many people choose to work for none other than the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and even the Department of Labor itself.

There are endless opportunities for work with government agencies; we have military bases all over the state and residential housing offered on every single one of them.

The general salaries for government employees vary according to your target purpose and position, but you can expect to see anywhere from $54,000 to $95,000 per year!

These options extend past what you typically think of as government positions and further into places like University campuses and social work offices!

human servicesRocky Mountain Human Services & Social Work in Colorado

Public support agencies and social work agencies are a significant part of communities and everyday life for much of the Denver, Colorado population.

They require much support from local Colorado employees and remain one of the largest employers in the Denver area.

Human services often assist families, children, or individuals needing food, cash, care, or medical aid.

Almost every human services office also provides a sector that targets social services and additional support for families that require intervention from family services.

Rocky Mountain Human Services is slightly different as their program does case-by-base management for infants, children, adults, and veterans.

They are providing services for those that require intervention, disabilities, life-threatening issues, long-term care, or behavioral health issues alongside mental health support.

With their license, social work employees in Colorado can begin making from $48,000 to $69,000 per year!

There could be considered government or county jobs that also offer additional opportunities in the following fields and services in Colorado:

  • Animal Control strategy and employers.
  • Parks and Recreation partners.
  • City Council.
  • Public libraries.
  • Fire or Police Department.
  • RTD and light rail employers.
  • Voter Registration.
  • Water and Zoning Code.
denver public school jobs provider
The public school system is another major jobs provider in Denver CO

public schoolsPublic School Districts and the University Communities

The public school system in Denver, Colorado, is rated as one of the top workplaces and one of the state’s largest employers.

We see this across the entire country, but the employment levels depend on the Denver Metro Area school district you are looking at.

There are many different school settings and alternative modes of education, like GOAL High School, a stand-out employer in education.

Among other alternative and credit recovery schools, GOAL High School is actively searching for new employees from licensed teachers, paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, and administration.

Interested in getting in the classroom? Check out the best moving companies in Denver, Colorado, and start your world in education off right!

Currently, the top-rated school district and latest employer in Colorado is Denver Public Schools – with over 14,000 employees, it is presently the biggest district in the Denver area.

DPS has magnet, charter, traditional, alternative, and pathway settings for a diverse student body and well-supported staff.

Jefferson County School District comes in as one of the second largest employers within the education setting in Denver – with approximately 12,000 employees.

JEFFCO is known for its exceptional ESL, AP, and IB programs alongside a rigorous and incredible list of afterschool activities available for students.

All public school districts in the Denver area offer medical, vision, dental, and life benefits – alongside retirement and pension plans.

The average salary for a first-year teacher depends on the school you work for but can begin at $38,000 and continue upwards with experience and a master’s degree to $70,000 a year.

Alongside primary and secondary target educational opportunities, there are various universities to choose from.

Universities make up another portion of the top workplaces in Colorado, and in Denver, you can choose from the following higher educational options:

  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • University of Colorado Denver
  • Community College of Denver
  • University of Denver
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • Aurora Community College
  • Arapahoe Community College
  • Colorado State Global Campus, alongside eleven others, is an integral part of the community infrastructure and world of employers!

wells fargoWells Fargo Banking is an Excellent Job Opportunity

Wells Fargo has long been on the list of largest employers in Colorado, boasting over 260,000 employees nationally and 5,000 in Denver; over half of those employees are women, and over 40% are minorities, with four different languages of operations.

Wells Fargo is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace with wages ranging from $16.00 per hour working as a teller and shooting up to nearly $120,000 annually as a Portfolio Manager.

They are masters in securities brokerage, banking, loans, and other profit and asset management forms.

They are dedicated to remaining one of the top workplaces in Colorado and keeping a healthy working community for Colorado employees, their clients, and lenders.

As a company, Wells Fargo has been in operation for over 171 years and initially opened in 1852.

They offer everything from a basic checking and savings account, accessed in person or through their app software and website, commercial money solutions for assets, small business loans, home loans, personal loans, auto loans, and additional support to local Colorado company employers.

energy provider jobs denver co
Energy providers such as Suncor are always in need of manpower!

internet servicesEnergy and Internet Suppliers

Energy data centers, cable, and internet employers are all a part of our everyday life in Denver, Colorado, and across the country.

In the Centennial State, energy companies are among the largest employers, and if you ask their employees – they are also one of the top workplaces amongst those that have had the chance to experience it.

Companies like Suncor, Antero, and DCP Midstream are some of the most sought-after and largest employers in the energy field, offering positions from driving and drilling to IT and operations management.

As an energy engineer, you can make anywhere from $75,000 to $102,000 a year in Colorado!

Other energy companies that supply residential housing and commercial properties with everyday water, electricity, heating, and cooling, like – Excel and Black Hills Energy, serve all city and rural areas.

If you are in an entry-level position for a company like Excel in Colorado, you may start at a salary of $30,000 a year, which can extend upwards of $180,000 as a directory.

The last of this bunch is Denver’s trusted interweb providers, massive companies with several employees.

Being one of the largest employers comes with a ton of responsibility, especially when dealing with the internet, because almost every Colorado resident, commercial companies, and otherwise, depend on this for everyday operations and general use.

Denver has recently seen an influx of new companies servicing Colorado, but the largest employers remain Century Link and Comcast or Xfinity.

The Starlink company is attempting to allow wifi on the go, similar to a hotspot provider through your phone company.

Plenty of employees make up a company like Century Link in Denver – starting from general customer service, troubleshooting, installers, management, etc.

On average, working in one of these top workplaces for wifi service can earn anywhere from $12.75 to $31.00 per hour. Administration positions can surpass this hourly rate and offer an annual wage with additional benefits in Colorado.

apartmentResidential Housing and Apartment Homes in Denver, CO

Working within the residential housing sphere, whether you are interested in gaining your realtor licensing and joining a top broker company in Colorado or considering a position at local apartment homes in Colorado – there are tons of employees in the housing industry.

The Home Team is a local Denver real estate group rated as one of the top workplaces, with The Broe Group coming in at a close second.

You could also look to more giant corporations such as American Home Agents because every realtor needs a solid brokerage company to back them up!

Your salary as a realtor depends entirely on the contract with your brokerage.

Still, with home prices continually rising, this is a promising career path and has quickly become popular in Colorado.

The average salary of real estate employees in Denver can range from $50,000 to $120,000 a year, but you are in control of your earnings, and even if you are working with one of the largest employers in your craft – keep in mind your earnings are based on commission.

Colorado residents, the top workplaces, and local moving companies know all of the little details, ups and downs, the ins and outs of moving, property rentals, and purchasing because it is a significant part of living.

However, in Denver, getting the place you want can go quickly.

The same goes for apartment homes; many developers and large corporations are creating new communities across the Denver area and need new employees.

Cardinal Group and Colorado Realty and Property Management are considered top workplaces for rental positions.

Most of these companies offer a steep discount on rentals within their properties, general health and dental, and PTO.

The average salary for an apartment or rental company position begins at $16.00 per hour.

It ends at $60,000 a year, with the ability to make additional commissions on rentals and successful leases.

restaurant service jobs provider
The food scene in Denver CO is always popping and as such, there is a need for servers, chefs, and many others in the industry!

food restaurant servicesThe Always Active Restaurants & Service Industries

Last but not least, service employees are one of the largest employers that serve us all.

The service industry feeds into the Colorado economy, offers a livelihood, and will likely always be one of the largest employers or industries in the state.

This is where people manage people, serving delicious food, and providing retail goods and other services.

If you are looking for the top workplaces in Colorado, you cannot immediately rule out small businesses or start-up companies in Denver, CO, as there is always an opportunity for growth and change.

The service industry comprises retail businesses, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and general services.

Crocs is currently one of the top workplaces in Colorado, with nearly 4,000 employees.

King Soopers, American Furniture Warehouse, Ocean Prime, Root Down, and Sushi Den are some of the most popular places for employees, and the good news is that they are almost always hiring.

The service industry provides a reliable backbone for Colorado.

Without it, we wouldn’t have community, the ability to try a new dish, buy a new pair of shoes, or pick up those groceries we need for home.

On average, those working in the restaurants and service industry make $16.00 to $25.00 an hour, with the ability to climb the ladder onto bigger and better things – whether that is something within your current company or onto other top workplaces across Colorado.

moving company denver co
Hiring professional movers in the most efficient way to make your relocation seamless!

Relocating for a New Job in the Denver Area?

If you are considering relocating to a different neighborhood in Colorado or the Denver area for one of the top companies in technology, banking, healthcare, education, or otherwise – locating a quality moving company that can offer free moving quotes is your first step into the future.

Securing a full-service moving company in Denver, Colorado, makes your transition into a new business environment seamless!

It can be scary to move up in the world and proceed with working for one of the largest employers and one of the top workplaces in Colorado.

Still, it is necessary to progress in life, finding new purposes, customers, and ways to grow and evolve within the world.

Change can feel funny initially, but if you work for the right company, you will settle into your new workplace and home quickly and easily!

innovation services job provider denver coInnovation and Growing Operations for a New Job & New Life

Give yourself the gift of perspective and look deeper into the opportunities to sustain the lifestyle you want to achieve in Colorado while providing you with a new challenge and experience to add to your resume.

Local movers are always available to get you to the next town over, up to the foothills, or wherever it is that you need to go for your next work endeavor – whether that is with one of the top workplaces in Colorado or you want to hire on some new employees for your own company.

moversExcellent Relocation Services Dedicated to All Customers Complete Satisfaction

Eden’s Moving Services is a locally-owned and family-run company in Colorado, supplying superior moving and packers to assist the community around them.

Relocation should be the easiest part of starting in a new position or workplace; that is why Eden’s offers free packing supplies for all local moves, and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed!

If you are considering a new start in technology, banking, real estate, energy, education, or any field within the Colorado workforce, contact licensed movers to help you start things off with your best foot forward!

jobs provider faq
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the jobs scene here in Denver CO!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Top Workplaces in Colorado

job listings find work denver coIs it easy to find work in Denver, CO?

The unemployment rate in Colorado sits far below the national average.

Denverites can find diverse job opportunities with corporations, technology and software start-ups, small businesses, and even in the arts and more creative territories.

Plenty of supportive partners are available to assist in finding new employers in your field of interest, alongside continued education solutions in the heart of the city, suburbs, and trade schools available!

jobs companyWhat is the best company to work for in Greenwood Village, Colorado?

To create a spreadsheet of employers, you will likely want to target or pinpoint a projected district or region you want to work from.

In Greenwood Village, Colorado, a full range of top workplaces like Wells Fargo, AT&T, IBM, Comcast, and Morgan Stanley – to name a few of the more prominent companies employees gravitate towards.

Other top workplaces like I Heart Radio, Kroger, and Charles Schwab offer to target a range of securities brokerage in Colorado – all of which provide training services for employees within the company and are rated as some of the largest employers in the area.

If you are more interested in local service positions, consider Trader Joe’s, Fiddlers Green Amphitheater, or REI!

workers comp injuryHow does caring workers’ compensation protection work for employees?

Pinnacol Assurance is one of Colorado’s leading providers of workers comp for both large and small businesses – they are also one of the largest employers in Denver, Colorado!

Workers comp, through services like Pinnacol Assurance, allows Colorado employees benefits if injured on the job site or while providing services to customers.

Every company in Colorado must carry workers comp for their employees – it does not stipulate between part-time and full-time employees.

This protects you from needing to gain security in case of an accident because, with workers’ compensation, your employer is responsible for any healthcare and wages during this time for any of the employees affected.

This is a line of defense and security for all employees, no matter if you are working at a large corporation in Colorado or a small, family-owned business.

fighter jetWho are America’s largest corporations to work for in Colorado?

Many of the largest employers are located in Denver, CO, and they are in the business of gaining new employees!

Some of the largest employers are Lockheed Martin, City Market, Kaiser Permanente, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Western Union Co, and Molson Coors – but this list could go on and on with employment solutions.

Most of these companies are focused on flexible solutions for employment and day-to-day operations – offering employees the chance to work from home.

And if you are focused on moving for this new position, then securing reliable moving and storage is easy in Denver, too!

denver international airportWho is currently the largest employer in Denver, Colorado?

The largest employer in Denver, Colorado, is currently none other than the lovely and sometimes controversial – Denver International Airport, boasting over 35,000 employees.

The second largest employer in Denver, CO, is HealthONE Corporation, which specializes in healthcare, mental health services, and hospitals with approximately 11,000 employees.

Lockheed Martin comes in third place, still known as one of the top workplaces in Denver, CO; they are leading innovation and choose to create new technologies in aviation and aerospace with about 14,000 employees.

Even Colorado’s largest employers and companies will continue to grow with employees and in their business endeavors – into 2024, 2025, and beyond.

Embracing the growth and allowing yourself to find access to some of the top workplaces in Denver may open up doors you never knew existed!

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