How to Choose the Best Home Insurance Policy Before You Move

July 18, 2019

Moving to a new home, even with the help of a reliable and experienced Kansas moving company has its challenges. Not only do you have to worry about transporting your belongings—you also have to think about protecting your belongings once you get there. And the best way to do that is by purchasing a comprehensive home insurance policy. But rolling your existing coverage over to your new house isn’t always the best idea. Here are a few tips to help.

Think About the Whole Home’s Value

You’re not just insuring the structure itself—you’re also insuring everything you keep inside your house. That means you can’t base the amount of coverage on what you paid for the home. You need to think about the things you’ll keep inside and factor those values into the insurance coverage. Take a look at the items your moving team is transporting. You’ve already estimated their value before signing the contract. Take that information to your insurance agent and let them help you find the right policy.

Shop Around

Even if you’re happy with your current insurance provider, you might still want to shop around for quotes from different insurance companies. Each company determines the premium amounts you’ll pay for coverage differently. This means one provider may offer you cheaper coverage than your current insurance company. But the only way you’ll know for sure is to get quotes from other companies. You may even be able to use these quotes to get your current insurance company to lower your premiums—if they know you’re thinking of switching, they’ll do what they can to keep you as a customer.

Ask for Discounts

Your new house probably has new amenities. Use this to your advantage and ask your insurance company if you qualify for any new discounts. Remember, things like energy-efficient appliances, security systems, and new roofs all make the house lower risk to insure. This means your insurance company won’t have to pay out for as many claims as a higher risk home. Often, insurance companies pass their savings onto you in the form of discounts. But they don’t advertise these discounts. You have to ask for them.

Look at Your Credit Score

Unfortunately, insurance companies love to charge you more for their services. And if you have low credit or a higher than normal debt to income ratio, they’ll stick you with higher costs every time. Take a look at your credit score—you should have a general idea of what it is from your mortgage application. If it’s on the low side, see what you can do to build your score up. Pay down credit card balances, pay your bills on time, and avoid taking out additional debt whenever possible. This will help you raise your score and put you in a better place to negotiate rates in the future.

There’s more to moving than just transporting your belongings and while we can’t help you find a new insurance agent, we can make sure your stuff gets where it needs to go safely. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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