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How to Keep Your Fragile Items Safe While Moving from Denver Movers

December 23, 2019

Edens Moving Services - How to Keep Your Fragile Items Safe While Moving from Denver Movers

What’s worse then arriving to your new home, filled with excitement, and realizing some of your valuables are broken? It’s a pain and can be an unfortunate accident when moving. However, if you pack smartly, you can prevent this from happening. Use these tips from Denver movers while packing to keep your breakables from breaking in transit!

Dishes and Glassware

Dishes and glassware can be tricky and it is always best to be over prepared while packing. When it comes to the boxes you put your dishes and glassware in, be sure the bottom of the box is completely closed and then taped shut. This will ensure the bottom of the box does not collapse. Next, fill the bottom of the box with some padding. You can use newspaper that has been wadded up or bubble wrap. Next, wrap the dishes individually. Newspaper or any type of paper is a great inexpensive way to pack. Pack plates first, especially if you will have a box that is mixed with plates, bowls, glassware, etc. This will help provide a sturdy base. For glasses, make sure to pack the inside of them and then roll them in the paper. Try to keep them simple; you do not want them to be too large. Once you have fully packed the box, use extra newspaper and/or bubble wrap to fill in the spaces within the box. The less movement in the box while moving, the better.


When it comes to moving your art, you must be very cautious. It is easy to ruin different types of artwork just by holding it for too long. When setting several pieces down, place them against a wall and avoid stacking them. This will keep them from being scratched or stepped on. Make sure nothing is set on your painting that weighs enough to damage it. When moving, it is helpful to take towels, blankets or other types of clothes and use them as a separator. This will help keep items from being prone to getting scratched.

Unique Items

You might have a variety of breakables and pieces of furniture that is oddly shaped. It can be challenging to handle oddly shaped items when packing. Be sure to follow similar guidelines as dishes and glassware. Use multiple layers of paper to wrap items. Bubble wrap, foam peanuts and other types of filler are ideal to keep the items in their boxes safe and sound. For more tips on packing fragile items, read The Container Store’s guide “Expert Tips and Ideas.”
Packing can be stressful! Learn more about packing order and tips to streamline moving from Denver movers. If you need assistance packing and moving, Eden’s Moving Services can help! We can handle the packing for your move and ensure all of your valuables make it to your new home safely. Learn more about our packing services and let us know how we can help. From packing to moving, we have a variety of services to make your move worry-free. Give us a call at 877-887-8248 to get started.

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