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How to Move with Pets: Tips from Your Denver Moving Company

December 9, 2019

Edens Moving Services - How to Move with Pets Tips from Your Denver Moving Company

Even if you have hired professional Denver moving companies to make the day go smoother, there’s no denying that changing homes can be stressful for everyone. Every member of the family will likely have had a good amount of time to get themselves mentally prepared for the move except one, your pet. From your pet’s point of view, you are going your about life as normal, then one day moving boxes that familiar possessions are disappearing into are multiplying and then they are taken all away by strangers. The next thing they know, they are transported to an unfamiliar space with none of the familiar smells or comforts.

It’s natural that it’s going to take time for your furry friend to get used to his new home but there are some things you can do to get everyone through the move more easily.

Moving with Dogs

Though dogs are territorial animals, they are probably the easiest pets to move. Usually they are more socialized than other pets and are used to going on car rides, vacations sleeping in unfamiliar places, and are generally used to seeing the world and people outside their own backyard. On moving day, the easiest course of action would be to find a friend that the dog knows to dog sit. It is more likely that if a friend had to choose between lugging around heavy boxes and taking your dog to the park or to their house for a playdate with their pooch, they’d choose option B without a second thought. If doggie daycare is open that day or they have gone to a kennel before, this might also be a good choice. If your pup must be with you on moving day, be sure they are confined and cannot escape in the bustle of things through an open door unnoticed as boxes and furniture are being moved out. This also keeps them safe from being stepped on or tripped over. Once you have arrived at your new home be sure to unpack Fido’s bed, food and water dishes, as well as favorite toys as soon as possible. This assures them that life is going on as normal, just in a new space.

Moving with Cats

We usually don’t take cats on outings unless they are going to the vet, so they may to be more anxiety ridden than their canine brothers and sisters. If your cat can’t’ go to grandma’s house for the day, keeping the animal confined will prevent escape or injury. If possible, empty out a room prior to moving day and put kitty’s favorite blanket or bed in there with food, water, and the litter box. There are also plug-in calming pheromone releasers that can cover a small space and might ease the stress of the day for them. On moving day, put your cat in the designated room with a sign on the door that warns everyone that this door should not be opened. After everything has been moved out you can safely put the cat into a carrier for transport. It’s a good idea to keep their carrier out where they have access to it for a few days prior to the move so that they can inspect it and get familiar with it.

Once in your new home confine a cat to one room or smaller portion of the house for a few days with their comforts and necessities. This will allow them to acclimate slowly and be away from the general chaos of unpacking and setting up house. After a few days allow your cat to venture forth from this home base room as they wish, exploring their new surroundings at their own pace.

After a short period of time every member of the family, including the furry ones, will be enjoying their new space and making the new house feel like home. Take every precaution and be sure to be properly prepared for your move – on all fronts. Contact Eden’s Moving Services for more helpful tips and advice, like our top 3 moving tips for less stress. Keep your sanity and keep things organized with professional Denver moving companies.

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