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Moving Company Explains How to Determine the Right Moving Truck Size

October 18, 2017

Edens Moving Services - Moving Company Explains How to Determine the Right Moving Truck Size

Moving into a new home can be expensive. To keep costs as low as possible, it’s important to accurately estimate the size of the moving truck you need to rent from a moving company. Renting a moving truck that is larger than necessary means you will be paying more for a larger truck for no reason. On the other hand, renting a truck that is too small means you will need to take multiple trips in order to transport your belongings. How can you make sure you choose the right size? Follow these tips:

Look at the Moving Company’s Guidelines

Most moving companies will post guidelines that customers can use to get a better idea of what size truck to rent. These guidelines typically will tell you what size truck you need based on the number of rooms you are moving. For example, a moving company may tell you to rent a 10-foot truck if you have a studio apartment and a 14-foot truck if you have a one or two bedroom home. Learn how to estimate moving truck size.

Make A List of Large Items

The moving company’s guidelines may not always be accurate. For example, a person with a studio apartment that is packed with bulky pieces of furniture may not be able to fit all of her belongings into a 10-foot truck. To be safe, make a list of all of the large items that you plan on taking with you. Then, talk to the moving company and explain that you are not sure if you should follow their guidelines based on the amount of stuff you have. Let them review your list and ask for their recommendation based on the number of large items you have and the size of your home.

Consider the Clutter

You may be surprised by how much stuff you have in your home that you no longer need or want. Getting rid of these items could mean that all of your belongings will now fit inside a smaller truck. Keep this in mind when looking at the company’s guidelines. If a lot of your stuff is being donated to charity or sold before the move, it may be wise to choose a smaller sized truck than what the guidelines suggest.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Items

Many people have grills, patio furniture, bicycles, and other items that they need to transport during their move. If you go strictly by the moving company’s guidelines, it’s possible that the items inside your garage or outdoor shed won’t fit inside the truck with your other belongings. Therefore, people with a lot of outdoor belongings may want to choose a truck that is one size larger than what the guidelines suggest.

Now that you know how to choose the right truck for your move, it’s time to get in touch with the professionals. Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services with our team of professionals. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.

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