Moving to Massachusetts? Here’s What You Need to Know

moving to Massachusetts

Known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, and top-notch universities, Massachusetts is definitely high on your list of possible locations to call home. However, before you make the big move, you want to ensure that the “Baked Bean State” is the correct destination for your family and future.

History is Everywhere

Like the other amazing states on the East Coast, from Rhode Island to New Hampshire, Massachusetts is rife with history and historical locations.

Local Favorite Museums

If you become a permanent resident of Massachusetts, there are several excellent museums spread throughout the state and New England that you can visit each and every weekend. Here are a few of the local’s favorites:

  • The Whaling Museum. Located in Nantucket, the Whaling Museum houses an impressive array of historical artifacts that highlight the inherent dangers of working in the whaling industry. The best part is the 20-foot-long intact sperm whale skeleton suspended from the museum’s ceiling!
  • The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. This beloved museum features a treasure trove of beautiful artwork collected by Isabella Stewart Gardener. A highlight is the beautiful gardens featuring an impressive array of Roman sculptures.
  • Lizzie Borden House. Every school child knows the story of Lizzie Borden. Her house is now infamous for being one of the most truly haunted locations in New England. If you are feeling especially risky and adventurous, you can book a room because the museum is also a top-rated bed and breakfast.
  • Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. If you are moving to Massachusetts, you need to spend an afternoon at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. The immersive experience comes complete with a reenactment of the historical event that occurred three short years before the American Revolution on December 16, 1773.
  • Paul Revere House. Originally built in 1680, the original home of patriot Paul Revere is now a museum.
Massachusetts history
Move To One Of The First American States

Historical Sites

In addition to fantastic art and history museums, several breathtaking historical sites are spread throughout Massachusetts. Here are a few you should visit after moving to Massachusetts:

  • Salem, Massachusetts. Located in Essex County, the colony of Salem, Massachusetts, is most famously known for its witch trials, which took place in the late 17th century. However, there is more to this historic town, making it a prime destination for adults and families alike.
  • Plymouth Colony. Massachusetts residents are very proud of Plymouth Colony, which was the first permanent settlement in New England. There are several fantastic museums and historical sites throughout Plymouth, including the tourist and resident favorite Plymouth Rock.
  • Walden Pond. Found in Concord, MA, Walden Pond is now Walden Pond State Reservation. If you are moving to Massachusetts, make sure to visit this fantastic site, which was the home and inspiration of American poet Henry David Thoreau.
  • Lexington and Concord. After visiting Walden Pond, take a stroll through the towns of Lexington and Concord. Several historical markers and sites throughout both cities mark the locations of the two first battles in the American Revolutionary War.
  • Boston Common. Massachusetts is home to the oldest park in the United States. Known as “Boston Common,” the park was established in 1634 and features 50 acres filled with several walking paths, a wading pool, several monuments, and an outdoor skating park in winter.

Prepare For the Weather

Massachusetts is known for enjoying distinct seasons, including colder, snowy weather in the winter. Living in Massachusetts means dealing with the state’s notoriously chilly temperatures. On average, Massachusetts receives around 47 inches of snow each year, which is well above the average of 28 inches per year.

The weather tends to be more temperate inland, and you will experience the harshest weather near the coast, including on the Cape Cod Peninsula and Cape Cod Bay. However, if you can handle the colder winters, you will be rewarded with beautiful temperatures throughout the summer months!

If you are considering moving to Massachusetts or anywhere in the New England region, keep the potential for colder weather near the coast and even the chance for the occasional tropical storm.

massachusetts rainy weather
From Snow To Rain, To Sunny Weather

Great Sports

Each and every Massachusetts resident takes sports very seriously. Massachusetts is an excellent option if you are a sports fanatic and want to live in a state with several sporting events to choose from. The state is home to professional teams, including the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Celtics.

If college-level sports are your favorite, you also have several great options. From the Boston College Eagles to the Boston University Terriers or Harvard Crimson, there are several ways you can enjoy a Sunday afternoon cheering on your favorite college team.

For runners, you can try your luck and enter the Boston Marathon. The race has been held every year on Patriot’s Day, the third Monday in April, since 1897. It is the second oldest established marathon in the entire United States. The oldest is the YMCA Turkey Trot, which is held every November in Buffalo, New York, and has been since 1896!

Head to the Beach

Massachusetts is home to several of the most well-maintained, pristine beaches in the entire country:

The Best Beaches on the Massachusetts North Shore

  • Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA
  • Salisbury Beach near the New Hampshire border
  • Lynn and Nahant Beach
  • Good Harbor Beach
  • Revere Beach
move near ipswich ma
Take A Walk On Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA

The Best Beaches on the Massachusetts South shore

  • Horseneck Beach State Reservation in Westport, MA
  • Onset Beach
  • Fort Phoenix State Reservation
  • Silvershell Beach


American history is alive throughout Massachusetts. However, sometimes mom and dad need to get away from the kids and enjoy a night out on the town. There are several unique bars, restaurants, and places to dance the night away in Downtown Boston. Massachusetts offers several ways to spend an afternoon with the kids.

Your little ones will love spending their Saturday afternoon riding the roller coasters and enjoying the food at Six Flags New England. The Paragon Park Carousel in Hull, MA, or the Greenway Carousel in the capital city of Boston, are great options for parents of small children.

The shopping in Massachusetts is top-notch, and the state boasts a variety of massive shopping malls and family-owned boutiques in the small towns spread throughout the quaint villages and towns of Massachusetts.

Exceptional Education

Many parents and college-aged students are moving to Massachusetts because of the state’s excellent educational opportunities. The state is home to many of the nation’s most prestigious universities and top-ranked public and private elementary and secondary schools.

Massachusetts Public School System

According to a recent study, Massachusetts ranks number one among all the public school systems in the United States. If you have small children and are moving to Massachusetts, chances are you want to live in an area with the best public and private schools in each school district.

excellent education in massachusetts
Lexington High School Lexington, MA

Some of the best primary and secondary schools spread throughout each school district in Massachusetts include:

  • Lexington High School Lexington, MA
  • Dover-Sherborn Regional High School Dover, MA
  • Belmont High School Belmont, MA
  • Groton Dunstable Regional Elementary School Groton, MA
  • Horace Mann Melrose, MA

The Top Colleges in the Country

As you are probably already aware, some of the best universities and colleges are located in Massachusetts. An average of 450,000 college and graduate students live in Massachusetts every year.

The state is home to what is arguably the best colleges in the nation: Harvard University and Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, MA. According to US News and World Report, this prestigious university has ranked amongst the top five universities in the country for several decades.

In addition to Harvard University, there are several other exceptional colleges in Massachusetts, including:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA
  • Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA
  • Boston University in Boston, MA
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Williams College Williamstown, MA
  • Tufts University Medford, MA
living in massachusetts
Living, Driving & Working In Massachusetts

Living in Massachusetts

Before moving to Massachusetts, you want to know the real ins and outs that only the longtime residents of the state understand. Here are a few of the highs and lows you might experience living in Massachusetts:

  • The traffic can be brutal. The traffic in larger cities, including Boston, is legendary. Ask anyone with a Massachusetts driver’s license, and they will tell you the best option is to live in a suburb and commute to the big city for work.
  • The public transportation system isn’t always reliable. Speaking of a driver’s license, if you don’t already have one, you should consider obtaining one, buying a car, and updating the vehicle registration because the public transportation system in Massachusetts is notoriously unreliable and underdeveloped. This includes the bus systems in major metropolitan areas and the train system spread throughout the state.
  • The culinary scene. If you can get past the traffic, you will be rewarded with world-class cuisine, especially in the larger cities of Boston, Worchester, and Springfield. Massachusetts is known for several legendary dishes, including New England clam chowder, baked beans, fried clams, and the eponymous Boston Cream Pie!
  • The people. Far and away, one of the main reasons you should consider moving to Massachusetts is the people. No matter what corner or city in the state you decide to call home, you can rest assured that you will have no trouble making friends!

The Best Cities in Massachusetts

According to the United States Census Bureau, approximately 6.893 million people were living in Massachusetts in 2019, making it the 15th most populous state in the country. Like most states, more than half of the residents live in metropolitan areas.

If you are considering hiring a Massachusetts moving company and relocating to Massachusetts, here are a handful of the very best cities and towns to call home.

move to downtown boston
Moving From Denver To Downtown Boton


The most populous city in the state, Boston’s population boomed during the American Industrial Revolution. Boston is home to a top-notch school district, great universities, shopping, nightlife, and a great real estate market. This is thanks in part to the city’s thriving economy.

Martha’s Vineyard.

If your dream is live in a traditional, laid-back beach town where you can spend the afternoons swimming and the evenings enjoying excellent seafood, look no further than Martha’s Vineyard. With a modest population of 15,000 permanent residents, the population swells during summer. There is a booming tourist industry in the area and several opportunities for small business owners.


Another well-known tourist town, Nantucket, is a small island located approximately 30 miles south of Cape Cod. The island boasts a tight-knit community and several unique shops, and if you are an entrepreneur looking to break into the tourist market, you cannot go wrong with starting a business on Nantucket.


Plymouth is located approximately 45 minutes outside the great Boston area. The city is a great representation of American history and a thriving area with an excellent economy, an outstanding school district, and plenty of opportunities for job growth.


If you adore the idea of living in suburban Massachusetts, Brookline is a great place to call home. Located in Norfolk County, Brookline, MA, is a short train ride from Boston and boasts a population of approximately 63,000 residents. Many people moving to Massachusetts choose suburban areas like Brookline because of the school districts, safe streets, and family life.

boston vs denver comparison
Boston Vs. Denver – Where Do You Live?

Boston vs. Denver

Suppose you currently live in Denver, CO, and are considering moving to the Boston area. In that case, you want to know if it is worth calling a Denver or Massachusetts moving company and making the interstate relocation.

Crime Rates

The violent and non-violent crime rates are much higher in Denver than in Boston. In Boston, the crime rate is 1% higher than the national average. Denver’s overall crime rate is approximately 135% higher than the national average.

In Boston, you have a one in 43 chance of being the victim of a seriously violent crime. In Denver, the chance of you being a victim of a violent crime is one in 19. Additionally, Denver is 3% safer than other major cities in the United States. Boston is 15% safer than other major American cities.

When you consider your family’s overall safety, it appears that Denver is the better option.

Cost of Living

If the cost of living is a huge factor when deciding whether or not moving to Massachusetts from Denver is the best option for your family, you might want to consider staying put. The average cost of living in Boston is a whopping 53% higher than the national average. In Denver, the average cost of living is only 14% higher than the national average.

Without factoring in the cost of rent or mortgage, the average family of four will need approximately $7,304 a month to live in Boston. This is compared to $4,703 for a family of four in Denver. If you are single, you will typically need to earn at least $4,916 each month to live comfortably in Boston.

For a single person in Denver, this number drops dramatically to $2,061. If you are planning to move to Boston, be prepared to pay much more for several of your basic needs, from utilities to housing and groceries.

Job Market

The job market is strong in both Boston and Denver. In Boston, there are several jobs in the higher education, technology, and tourism industries. The average salary in Boston is $73,850, which is much higher than the national average of $56,310. The unemployment rate in Boston is 9.4%, which is slightly higher than the national average of 8.7%.

In Denver, several jobs are available in the research, finance, telecommunications, higher education, and health insurance industries. The median salary in Denver is $64,880, which is once again higher than the national average. The unemployment rate is 8.4%.

boston's job market
Get A Job In Boston

Housing Market

Much like the rest of the country and other larger metropolitan areas, the housing market is very competitive in both Boston and Denver. Denver home prices have risen 6.1% over the last year. The median price for a home in Denver is $575,000. The average home sat on the market for 23 days.

The housing market in Boston is slightly less competitive than in Denver, although it is still highly competitive. There are high housing prices in Boston, as well. The median price for a house in Boston is $767,000 and has risen approximately 1.7% in the last year. The average home sat on the market in Boston for around 28 days.

Like in other areas, the state’s housing market will fluctuate, and the price of a home is dependent on several factors. For example, if you want to enroll your child in the best school system in Denver or Boston, you will typically pay more for a home.

How Much Will I Pay for Rent?

Many younger and retirement-age adults moving to Massachusetts choose to rent rather than buy. The cost of rent in Boston is dramatically higher than in Denver. The rent on a typical apartment is $1,997 per month. In Boston, you can expect to spend around $3,894 per month for a similar apartment.

The rent in the downtown areas is often more expensive than in other neighborhoods in both cities.

The Weather

Denver and Boston differ in many respects. However, where the two share a lot of similarities is the weather. Both cities have four distinct seasons, heavy snowfall in the winter and hot summers. If you are considering moving to Massachusetts to escape the chilly temperatures, you should think again!

freezing in boston
From Nice Summers To Freezing Winters

Healthcare Systems

Both Boston and Denver have established and excellent healthcare systems. One of the very best hospital and healthcare systems in the country is located in Boston. There are several world-class hospitals in the area, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Tufts Medical center.

In Denver, you can enjoy the fantastic healthcare services at Centura Porter Adventist Hospital and Rose Medical Center.

There are several mental health providers and primary care providers in both cities. However, Massachusetts has more mental health providers throughout the state than in Colorado. The health insurance costs in Denver and Boston are comparable. Both Colorado and Massachusetts offer healthcare subsidies to offset the rising costs of healthcare.

The Final Verdict

After weighing all the cons and pros of staying in Denver vs. moving to Massachusetts, and Boston in particular, you will quickly find that both areas have their ins and outs. You will typically pay less for rent and other basic needs in Denver. However, the median salary in Boston is much higher.

There are several excellent educational opportunities in Boston, but the crime rate, including the rate of violent crime, is much lower in Denver.

Whatever you choose, make sure you work with a dependable moving company to relocate you from the Denver area to Boston or anywhere else in the United States!.

Fun Facts About Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the Birthplace of Many Notable People

In addition to being the amazing home of the first continuous colony in the United States, Massachusetts is also the birthplace of several famous and notable people, including professional wrestler John Cena, children’s book author Dr. Seuss, John F. Kennedy, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Massachusetts Has A Lot of State Nicknames

From the Bay State to the Old Colony State and the Codfish State, Massachusetts has several fun and peculiar nicknames. The biggest city and capital of the Bay State, Boston, boasts several of its own unique nicknames, including BeanCity, Shining City Upon a Hill, City of Champions, and City of Notions.

The State is Home to the Oldest Lighthouse in the Country

The oldest standing lighthouse in Massachusetts is found in the famous Boston Harbor. Known as the “Boston Light,” the lighthouse was erected in 1716 as a way to warn the citizens of Boston of approaching enemy ships.

There Are Some Strange and Unusual Laws in Massachusetts

There are some downright odd laws on the books in the Bay State. For example, it is against the law to hand a patient in the hospital a beer, it is illegal to put tomatoes in clam chowder, and if you or your spouse snores, you better keep your windows shut.

That is because snoring is prohibited if you keep your bedroom windows open!

Christmas Was Illegal in Massachusetts

Believe it or not, there was a period of time when celebrating Christmas could land you behind bars in Massachusetts. Way back in 1659, Puritan leaders declared that it was illegal to celebrate Christmas in the Boston area! Luckily, this was a short-lived declaration, and the law was repealed a short 20 years later.

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