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Eden’s Moving Services team is here to serve you if you are considering moving to Nebraska in the coming year. Ever since opening our doors fifteen years ago in Denver, CO, Eden’s Moving Services has been helping customers near and far with their local and cross-country moves. Now, in 2023, what began with a simple rental truck and a desire to help people find a better, more efficient, and more informed way of moving, has evolved into one of the most trusted and reliable moving companies in the country.

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Nebraska Sunset
Making the big move to Nebraska? Eden’s Moving have got you covered

Moving to Nebraska

In the past fifteen years, we here at Eden’s have witnessed a phenomenon of sorts: customers moving from Colorado to Nebraska. Nebraska has become an increasingly popular destination for Colorado residents.

So if you happen to be one of the many out there who are currently considering this move, we here at Eden’s Moving Services would love to help you. Presented for you is a list of some of the most valuable intel that we can provide to you about Nebraska and all of its multi-faceted pros and cons.

nebraska red beer
Red Beer: the Midwest’s morning beverage of choice!

Everything’s Red In Nebraska, Even Their Beer

Let’s get the weird stuff out of the way first.

While a great many Americans partake in the classic pastime of treating themselves to a tall glass of tomato juice or even a Bloody Mary as a remedy for a hangover, the residents of Nebraska have taken this entire concept to the next level. In Nebraska, one of the most popular breakfast-time beverages is, in fact, their trademark red beer. If you’re worried about where the red coloring comes from, rest assured that it is not kool-aid.

While the precise origins of this phenomenon are shrouded in several layers of mystery (and, assumedly, drunkenness), many point to the fact that the beverage comes from two different pieces of hangover remedy being smooshed together into one tall glass: tomato juice and a bit of the ‘hair of the dog that bit you.’ Thus, Nebraska’s now unforgettable and indelible tradition of drinking red beer was born by mixing tomato juice and some of the cheapest beer available.

So if you enjoy an occasional early morning alcoholic beverage or even tomato juice, moving to Nebraska may, in fact, be the perfect choice for you. Because if you order a red beer early in the morning in Nebraska, it is not frowned upon or something to be judged for. Instead, it is a key part of their state’s proud history and traditions.

top ten reasons to move to nebraskaTop 10 Reasons To Move To Nebraska

There are so many positive attributes to the typical Nebraska way of living. From the stress-free living style of many of their residents to the beautiful scenery to the great schools and tax incentives.

Here is a breakdown of the top ten reasons that customers who Eden’s Moving Services have assisted in their move to North Platte, Lincoln, Omaha, Bellevue, and Grand Island have given us why they were moving to Nebraska:

An Escape from Stress. With small-town living in Nebraska being the predominant lifestyle within the state, many residents found the escape from the stress-inducing big-city lifestyle a major reason why they were so attracted to the idea of moving to Nebraska. With Nebraska’s small-town values, out-of-state title, and having only two cities that really function as metropolises, it’s a welcome getaway.

Wide Open Spaces. In moving away from larger cities that other metropolitan areas bring with them, Nebraska natives experience lots of open spaces, which help to further solidify their stress-free small towns mentality.

Low Population. When compared to other states that feature much more consistent placement of larger cities, Nebraska as a whole has a remarkably low population which contributed to the stress-free lifestyle and the concentrated placement of its biggest cities.

Family Friendly Communities. With many residents of Nebraska being people just like those that we here at Eden’s Moving Services have helped to move to Nebraska from Colorado, entire swaths of the population are people who came there actively looking for a quieter and more serene lifestyle for their families. Thus, the communities are smaller and more friendly with one another, and very welcoming.

Good Education Opportunities. Nebraska is famously one of the best-performing states in the country when it comes to academic performance. They have great schools that regularly rank among the top 10 in the nation regarding the national average SAT, ACT, and primary testing scores. A huge part of this is thanks to the fact that Nebraska, unlike many other states, puts a significant portion of its property taxes back into the public schools and their system as funding.

Affordable Healthcare. The American healthcare system can be kind of insane. So many of our customers here at Eden’s Moving Services have found themselves entirely fed up with the absurdly high health insurance bills they find themselves paying, but rather than moving out of the country altogether, they have searched for states in which healthcare is truly affordable. Nebraska is very much one of those states.

Low Cost of Living in Nebraska. Beyond just featuring low healthcare costs, everything in Nebraska (from housing to utilities to grocery and retail items) comes at a much lower cost than it does in larger metropolitan areas. It’s a much more affordable place to live, where you can make your money go a lot further toward supplying for your family.

Beautiful Scenery. Serving to further increase the quality of living in Nebraska alongside low prices and friendly, welcoming communities are the beautiful views one can regularly experience when living in Nebraska. With its versatile terrain and open spaces, Nebraska living can give you an entirely new appreciation of the scenery just outside your window.

Low Crime Rate. Nebraska consistently ranks below the national average regarding the crime rate, routinely ranked as one of the safest states to live in. This goes back to the high quality of life in Nebraska: with so much being so affordable and the scenery being so beautiful, and people being so welcoming, it works remarkably well at actively discouraging crime on a base level.

Perfect for Retirement. Many customers our Denver movers assisted in moving to Nebraska moved for the comfort of living during their retirement. Its affordable living and high quality of life make it a perfect place to settle down for a good life and save money after spending their entire lives working so hard to earn such a lifestyle.

omaha lincoln nebraska
Omaha and Lincoln represent the cultural heart of the Cornhusker State

The 2 Major Cities – Omaha, Nebraska & Lincoln, Nebraska

There are only two bona fide cities in the entire state of Nebraska: Omaha and Lincoln. Lincoln and Omaha are the areas with the highest population density and where the mostly rural, small-town state congregates to indulge in larger business ventures.

Omaha is the most populated city in Nebraska, with over 488,000 residents. Compare this to Lincoln, the second-largest city, with around a bit over 289,000 residents.

The next city, which ostensibly fills out Nebraska’s top-three biggest cities, alongside Lincoln and Omaha, is Bellevue, whose population is not even a quarter of the total of Lincoln’s. So as one can undoubtedly see, Omaha and Lincoln are the hubs of the state, but despite the sheer density of people living there, the vast majority of the state’s population and Nebraska natives still prefer the small-town lifestyle and are spread out across the remainder of the state.

family home in nebraskaIs Nebraska A Good Place To Live?

As has already been detailed and will continue to be further detailed, the answer is most assuredly: yes. As with any potential moving destination, it is subjective, and your individual mileage may very well vary.

But from the sheer number of people we have helped to find themselves a new home in Nebraska and who have told us just how thrilled they are with the results, moving to Nebraska has been a remarkable source of positivity in their lives.

High Quality of Life in Nebraska

Thanks to all of the things that contribute to the high quality of life in Nebraska (affordable living, great education system, booming job market), the state also has a remarkably strong economy. This is why Nebraska routinely ranks among the best states to live in, with one of the lowest costs of living and some of the most affordable pricing ranges in the entire nation.

Each customer can and will inevitably encounter their own unique and specified issues, but the Cornhusker State has proven itself a time-tested great place to reside in.

small town nebraska
Unlike in the past, 21st century small towns provide the same level of access to the outside world as major cities

Nebraska City – Small-Town Bar Life

This namesake of Nebraska is perhaps the most fitting and perfect encapsulation of what living in Nebraska is truly like for the vast majority of residents.

Despite its name featuring the word city, this city in Nebraska sports a low population which affords it the rural area feel and lifestyle of the majority of the state. It’s also a perfect representation of why Nebraska is one of the most affordable states, with a low unemployment rate, lots of outdoor activities, tons of cool things to do, and all-around good living. It demonstrates how Nebraska’s livable cities allow for the state’s trademark small-town bar life to thrive.

Low Population Density

Living in Nebraska means getting a substantial break from all the traffic and chaos of modern-day life. The state’s overall low population density and scenic beauty mean that one can find plenty of beautiful farmland (that most people have to travel to see) right in your backyard.

Nebraskans Accept that Road Trips Are a Must

Because of this low density and the abundance of beautiful vistas, towns, and cities in Nebraska can be very spread out. This is why Nebraska residents have come to understand that simply ‘walking up the road’ is not really an option.

The road trip has become a necessary and crucial aspect of Nebraska living, one that helps to maintain the attributes that Nebraska natives hold most dear.

cost of livingWhat’s the cost of living in Nebraska?

Nebraska’s cost of living is lower than Colorado’s. Despite the state being home to one of the richest men in the entire nation (we’ll get to that in just a moment), it’s a ridiculously affordable place to live.

It goes to prove the old theory of how the rich stay rich.

The cost of living in Nebraska is more than 7% below the national average cost of living, making moving to Nebraska a cost-efficient and business-savvy move. While it isn’t the most affordable state to live in out of the entire nation, it is among those with the lowest cost of living and the highest quality of life.

Electricity, water, and gas in Nebraska

When living in Nebraska, energy, water, electricity, and communications are regulated and supplied for both citizens and businesses throughout the state.

As an example of how this remains so cost-efficient and affordable, in Nebraska City, the NCU regulates the whole thing for the entire ecosystem. By keeping customers informed about what utility services they have and how they’re being serviced, the NCU team is able to ensure that they are providing customers with safe and reliable service at a consistently affordable price.

nebraska house
Your dollar per square foot will go considerably further in Nebraska

cost of homes in nebraskaHousing Prices When Living in Nebraska

If you are looking to purchase or rent a home upon moving to Nebraska, then our team here at Eden’s Moving Services is thrilled to inform you of the low housing costs in Nebraska.

While the median home cost in the United States right now is approximately $391,700, the current median home cost in Nebraska is only $250,500. This makes homeownership substantially more affordable in Nebraska.

Nebraska Taxes

Nebraska has a 5.5% state sales tax rate, a local sales tax rate of 2.5%, and an average combined local sales and state tax rate of 6.94%. In addition to these fairly low taxes, a significant portion of the taxes paid n the state are directly funneled back into resources for the state. This is how Nebraska maintains its incredibly successful schooling system.

careers in nebraskaLots of Job Opportunities

Several of the largest Fortune 500 companies have headquarters located in Nebraska, partially drawn to the state by the non-stressful lifestyle and the fact that the wealthiest man in the world lives here. Berkshire Hathaway, HDR Engineering, and Werner Enterprises all have bases of operation in Nebraska. Moving to Nebraska is an even wiser choice, considering that the unemployment rate is 2.6%, much lower than most other states.

Top Career Options in Western Nebraska

As mentioned, Nebraska is home to the HQ of many of the nation’s most successful companies and an absolutely thriving educational system. As a result, some of the top jobs in the state are servicing these very booming industries.

Berkshire Hathaway, Werner Enterprises, and HDR Engineering all employ thousands of Nebraska natives, and thousands more are employed by the various schools and universities in the state. The University of Nebraska alone employs 10,000 people.

Other Types of Work When Living in Nebraska

Other careers in fields such as the medical field, legal field, and engineering field rank as some of the popular and most profitable career options in Nebraska.

saving money
Saving money and economizing your expenses may seem difficult but not impossible

Ways To Save More Money Living In Nebraska (or anywhere)

One of the most effective ways to conserve money in Nebraska or any state is to maintain an excellent credit rating. This will save you tons of trouble down the road and also make things actively easier and more affordable for you in the present day.

A Great Moving Company Can Save You Money

Another great way to save money when moving to Nebraska is to hire a moving company you can trust and depend upon, such as our team here at Eden’s Moving Services. We are a moving company that is invested in keeping things as affordable as possible to help you in any way that we can.

omaha ne skyline
Omaha ranks highest in most popular places to live in Nebraska

Best Places to Live in Nebraska

The top ten towns/cities/villages in Nebraska are:

  • Omaha
  • Papillion
  • Lincoln
  • Chadron
  • Seward
  • Gretna
  • Kearney
  • Chalco
  • Bennington
  • La Vista

There are Big Cities and Rural Areas

One would be hard-pressed to find a state that strikes a better and more efficient balance between the beauty and serenity of rural living and the robustness and business efficiency of city living than Nebraska. The Cornhusker State has the best of both worlds in every conceivable way.

Safety in Nebraska

If you’re concerned about safety when moving to Nebraska, rest assured that it remains one of the safest states to live in. Below is a compiled list of the ten safest places to live in Nebraska.

Low Crime Rate in Nebraska

The state has a ridiculously low crime rate, leaving an incredibly small number of Nebraska cons. The violent crime rate in Nebraska is practically nonexistent, leaving only property crime to be a bit more common. This includes things such as petty theft and car theft. But with the high minimum wage, vehicle inspection stations, and the sheer amount of open space the state has to offer, it’s an incredibly safe place to live.

10 Safest Places to Live in Nebraska

  • Seward
  • Blair
  • Plattsmouth
  • Norfolk
  • Papillion
  • Gering
  • La Vista
  • Ralston
  • Lexington
  • Beatrice

school graduate in nebraskaBest Schools and Universities in Nebraska

Nebraska is famous and widely acclaimed for its incredibly successful education system. In using taxpayers’ money to help fund schools and universities, the state has cultivated an incredible array of highly successful schools. Schools such as those found in the Bellevue Public School District (the highest performing district in the state) or universities such as the University of Nebraska are clear examples of this.

Located in Lincoln, the University of Nebraska is a thriving college with many successful alumni. The University of Nebraska is a beacon of success and happiness in Nebraska.

kite fair things to do and enjoy in nebraska
The Callaway Kite Flight over Labor Day weekend is one of Nebraska’s most popular family events

Lots of Festivals and Events Take Place

The state plays host to a great many music festivals and various outdoor events. Nebraska is one of the greatest hubs of professional recording artists in the nation, being a source of great inspiration for many artists across many genres.

The Music Scene in Nebraska

Not just every state has an entire Bruce Springsteen album named after them. As a result, many artists love flocking to Nebraska to play festivals.

Outdoor Activities in Nebraska

Simultaneously, there are many outdoor activities to partake in throughout Nebraska, regardless of the time of year. Beautiful locations and preservation include Nebraska National Forest, the Missouri River, Snake River Falls, Chimney Rock, the Henry Doorly Zoo, the Nebraska Sandhills (the largest dune formation in the western hemisphere), and even Memorial Stadium are great sources of joy for many Nebraska residents. There are also plenty of art galleries and recording studios for residents to check out and enjoy.

There is a Lot of History

Nebraska is a state that is especially deeply proud of its own history and folklore from across the decades. From the origins of the Pacific Railway to Sioux Indian stories to Jim Reinders and the story of the first-ever Arbor Day, Nebraska pros know the history in and out and are proud to continue carrying the torch for their state.

cornfield nebraska weather
Nebraska offers the best of weather for all seasons: warm summers followed by cool winters

What is the weather like in Nebraska?

The weather in Nebraska is a pleasant spectrum of exactly what many families across America are hoping for: warm summers and cool winters. Annually speaking, the average temperature for the entire state is approximately 50 degrees.

During the coldest part of the winter, it averages 15 degrees. During the hottest parts of the summer, it reaches an average of 88 degrees.

Nebraska Natives Know That Sun Today Means Snow Tomorrow

The weather in Nebraska can tend to get a bit crazy. While it generally exists on a pretty wide spectrum of temperatures and weather conditions, do not go expecting it to be easy to determine which is which. The weather can and often does change drastically overnight, so be sure to pack both your swim trunks and your sweat pants.

 Nebraska is Home to One of the Wealthiest People In The World

Warren Buffett, the CEO, and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, has made Nebraska his home for years now. Berkshire Hathaway has a base of operations operating out of Nebraska. Buffett has lived within the state for a long time now, despite his immense wealth and clear ability to relocate to any part of the world he desires.

Warren Buffett’s Destination of Choice

So isn’t it a pretty fantastic indication of just how special Nebraska is that Buffett continues to live in Nebraska rather than anywhere else?

Lots of Awesome Steaks Means Lots of Cows

Nebraska is full of cows.

For all the great cuts of steak that come out of Nebraska, it should be no surprise that the state must then have quite a few cows to generate that meat. But even that statement undersells the sheer number of cows roaming the state. To give you a clearer picture, cows actually outnumber humans in Nebraska by a large quantity, with the ratio of cows to humans being 3.5 to 1.

That’s a lot of cows!

So Yeah, Lots of Corn in the Cornhusker State

Although Nebraska certainly does have a lot of corn, that is not where the name of Cornhusker State originally came from. Instead, this nickname originated primarily from early sports organizations in Nebraska. Since then, the statewide government has adopted the name and taken it to heart, increasing the amount of corn the state produces drastically.

In a way, the Cornhusker State became its self-fulfilling prophecy for Nebraska residents.

Best things to do in Nebraska

There is so much to do in Nebraska. Moving to Nebraska is an unbelievable opportunity, one that has afforded so many of our customers the chance to start fresh and rethink how they live their lives. By focusing more on rural living away from the hustle and bustle, you and your family can find true happiness in Nebraska.

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