Packing Safety Tips and Using Movers in Denver to be Efficient

January 17, 2018

Did you know it is common for people to injure themselves during their move? When you are packing and preparing to move out of your home, your goal is to get everything done as quickly as possible. Because the process is so lengthy and taxing, it is easy to forget to prioritize and rush into things. This can lead to injuries that can last a lifetime! Make sure you avoid injuries by learning proper lifting techniques, ways to avoid cuts and breaking bones, and utilizing movers in Denver.

Proper Lifting Techniques

  • When moving, make sure you use proper techniques when lifting heavy objects off the ground:
  • Use a wide stance: Prior to lifting an object, make sure you have a wide stance to allow you to have more support when lifting. Keep feet at shoulder-length, with one foot a little ahead than the other.
  • Lift with your legs: Do not bend over at a 90-degree angle with your back and pick up heavy items. This can lead to strains or damage. Instead, lift with your legs. The process is simple—just squat into a position and place your hands under the object.
  • ake sure to keep your back straight and slowly rise back up. Repeat this when setting items on the floor.
  • Use your hips as a guide: If you need to turn into another direction with a heavy objection in your hands, avoid an injury by keeping your shoulders in the same direction as your hips.
  • Keep the item close to you: If you keep an item further away from your body, it can lead to strains and issues in your lower back, arms, and more. Keep the box or object close to you.

Avoid Cuts and Broken Bones

During your move, it is important to protect yourself from moving-related injuries. As you build and close boxes, you might be increasing your risk for cardboard cuts. These can be a painful nuisance! A great way to prevent this from happening is to use special gloves. These will fit great and keep you from accidentally cutting yourself on the box.

It is also common for people to break bones when moving. One wrong move can lead to a painful situation. As you move, it is important to be able to see your hands when picking up items and to have clear paths established throughout the moving area to avoid tripping on items. Many people also injure themselves when heavy items fall onto them because they are unsecured or improperly placed.

Utilizing Movers

To help you avoid long term injuries, consider a mover that helps in a variety of ways. From professional packing services to local moving services, Eden’s Moving Services has you covered. With five locations across the United States, we can help with local and long-distance moves. We know the proper techniques so you can rely on us to do all the heavy lifting. Call us today at 1-877-887-8248 today to see the variety of ways we can ensure you have a safe and swift move.

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