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It will come as no surprise that your long-distance move differs greatly than a local move. There is more planning, more cost, and generally more stress. Your Denver moving company, Eden’s Moving, would like to help minimize the stress part as much as possible. Today we’ll tell you how to properly plan for your upcoming long-distance moving process. 


Get prepared for your long-distance move

Whether you’re moving locally or moving long-distance, we’ll always advocate for preparation. Planning for your move will not only minimize your stress levels, but it will help ensure you don’t forget anything, which can cost you monetarily and emotionally.  


Downsize and declutter prior to your long-distance move

Getting rid of all those items in the garage or attic is a great start. But don’t forget about the espresso machine that’s still in the box or the baby clothes in the bin in your closet or the bike with flat tires. 

The less you have to move, the better for your pocketbook, your new space, and overall mental well-being. Think about having a garage sale, installing some apps on your phone like letgo and offerup, and heading to your local consignment shop to see if they can help you out. 

Don’t want to make money off your items? Donation is a big win all around. And if it’s broken or otherwise unusable, recycling and trash are your best bet. Who wants to lug a cracked TV screen across the country? No one.


Start packing ASAP for your long-distance move

Packing is the most time-consuming part of moving so get your packing supplies on hand after you take a quick inventory of what you think you’ll need. Having the boxes ready to go will help move the process along. Start packing up the guest bedroom or the basement. Get all the items you never use in boxes because it’s those things that you don’t think about that will sneak up on you in the end. 

The sooner you start your packing, the better. Grandma’s china dinnerware? You don’t want to rush-pack that. Get the appropriate packing materials to ensure the safe transport and arrival of your most valuable and sentimental belongings. They have a long trip to make, so you want to do this correctly. 


Find the best professional movers for your long-distance move

It’s important to find a Denver professional moving company that you can trust. This will take some work on your end so the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be. 

First, get some recommendations from those you trust, then check out their online reviews, website, social media, etc. You want to know you’re working with movers you can rely on. And you’ll want to ensure that you’re only researching Denver local moving companies that have the proper insurance and licensing. 

If you feel confident in a handful of long-distance moving professionals, get your free quote from each. Remember, there’s a reason they say “you get what you pay for”, cheaper doesn’t mean better. You want a company with exceptional moving services, as well as exceptional customer support. Arm yourself with enough information about your chosen moving companies to make an educated decision on which to use. 


Plan your long-distance trip and come home to a comfort

Once you’ve figured out how your belongings are getting to their new home, it’s time for you to route your trip. Are you stopping off to enjoy some sites? Say goodbye to some family? Taking a detour for a quick vacation? Plan your trip accordingly so the movers know when they need to be at your new house and timing isn’t an issue.

Also, be sure you’ve done those nagging tasks like setting up your utilities and internet, changing your address, enrolling the kids in school, finding new doctors, etc. The more you have done prior to your arrival, the easier it will be to get comfortable and focus on the important things: learning the new city, meeting the neighbors, relaxing.


The takeaway 

Although you’ll undoubtedly experience some surprises that no amount of planning will help you avoid, getting through the items that you can control promptly will give you fewer headaches. No one likes to feel rushed, especially when moving long-distance. Slow and steady will allow you the time to do it right. 

If you’d like to learn about Eden’s Moving Service’s long-distance services, call us and we’ll talk about how we can make your long-distance move a success. 


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