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We are happy to announce that we have recently launched our new Eden’s VIP Relocations program!

When it comes to local or long-distance moving, the process can be very stressful; many times, customers must deal with several aspects of their move themselves even though they have hired a moving company. In between packing the items, cleaning carpets, loading boxes, dealing with claims, sales reps and drivers, unpacking, disposing of boxes, packing materials and trash at the destination…often the client is left with much more work than they bargained for, creating added stress and hassle during their already stressful moving experience.

Eden’s Moving Services created the VIP Relocations Program to eliminate extra stress for clients. The VIP Relocations Program is a full-service, white-glove move that covers all aspects of a residential or commercial relocation, and much more! This full-service moving program is designed to provide relocation solutions to anyone who needs moving services but does not have the time and/or capability to coordinate or oversee each phase of the process.

Customers using our VIP Relocations Prorgram will enjoy a complete, worry-free moving experience, including the following:

Moving across the country can be a daunting task, particularly if you find yourself in between homes for an extended period of time. You must consider many factors when moving long distances, such as securely wrapping and packing your goods and where to store your belongings if you cannot move into your new home right away. Eden’s Moving Services can take care of all these services for you. Our movers work with the utmost care to pack and store your belongings to prepare them for long distance moves. We only use high quality packing boxes and materials to pack all your valuable household items and we provide complete liability coverage and address all the risks associated with moving. We are fully insured and will provide full replacement value protection against scratching or misplacement of all your valuable items, in the rare case this occurs. Additionally, we operate a large fleet of moving trucks and trailers to make your pick up or delivery a timely, efficient and stress-free process. Eden’s Moving Services is a Denver moving company; we are not brokers and we will serve you and complete all aspects of your relocation from A to Z.

1. We will send out an onsite estimator to your residence or office to determine your specific relocation needs and tailor a consultation towards your move. Our estimator then will give you abinding price based on the list of items to be moved and moving services required! This price is binding and will not change throughout the moving process.

2. From the point of booking through the actual move and delivery dates, the assigned estimator will coordinate every aspect of your move from start to finish so that you do not need to collaborate with other points of contact such as service reps, dispatchers, drivers and so on.

3. Eden’s will provide a crew of experienced and professional packers and truck loaders to handle your goods from point A to point B safely, securely and efficiently.

4. We provide our own moving and packing supplies to cover and fully protect all of your belongings throughout the moving process. Sit back and relax while we pack everything for you!

5. Our moving professionals not only protect, but evaluate and insure all of your belongings and guarantee a full value replacement or repair if necessary. You do not need to worry about the possibility of damaged or missing items during your move; Eden’s has you covered.

6. Eden’s Moving Services will provide you with phone or email updates every 48 hours of the relocation process until the full completion of your move.

7. We ensure the cleanliness of your old home or office! If needed, we will contract any service necessary on our expense to ensure your walls, carpets and floors are clean and looking their best.

8. Eden’s will send a cleaning company to your destination point to clean the premises prior to move-in. When the location is move-in ready, we will unload and unpack all of your belongingsand household items in their designated rooms and areas. Next, we remove all unwanted boxes, packing materials , trash and moving supplies from your new home or office.

9. Lastly, to make your house a home, we assemble all furniture, hang up photos and decorations, hook up TVs and electronics, make sure the beds are ready to use, all clothes are hanging in closets and your kitchen items are placed by your instruction into their designated cabinets! All you have to do is walk in and enjoy your new home when you use Eden’s VIP moving services.

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