Should I Hire a Moving Company?

We all know that moving is a daunting task, whether you’re moving locally or moving long-distance.  It can take a lot out of you physically, mentally, and financially.  So, finding the most efficient and effective way to move is a smart play.  

Maybe having the guys come over and help with the heavy stuff is the worst of it for your move.  Or perhaps your move requires the services only a professional moving company can offer?  Which is right for you?

Today we’re going to give you the ins and outs of hiring professional movers so you can make an educated decision when it comes to whether you should hire a moving company or go it alone.  

Local Move vs. Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moving is a bit more complicated than a local move, so while you may think you could easily move across town independently, you may want to think harder about moving yourself across the country.  

Why?  Because it’s a lot more involved when it comes to expertly and safely pack and transporting your items.  The farther you go, the more likely damage will occur; that’s just math.  Experienced movers do this for a living; they know how to secure your belongings and easily maneuver the moving truck.

Keep in mind that sleep may be necessary, so think about needing to park your moving truck overnight somewhere and whether that’s something you’re comfortable with.  Also, consider the safety of family, pets, and small children who need to be in the truck with you.

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Moving and Packing Equipment and Experience

You probably had no idea that antique chest was so heavy, did you?  Having the correct moving equipment will make or break your moving experience (and maybe your back).  

A professional moving team will have all of the equipment necessary to move everything in your house or office successfully.  They will also have the necessary moving supplies if you have them pack you up, as well as the tools required for securing your belongings in place on their moving truck.  And, beyond all that, they have all the techniques down pat.  Bending your knees when lifting is harder to remember than you think.  

Most moving companies also have their own fleet of moving vans and trucks, so you won’t have to deal with finding the appropriately sized vehicle on the day you move.  

Remember that experience goes a long way with packing and transporting your items.  You want your belongings to arrive at their destination safely and free from damage, and moving companies know how to make that happen.


Finding a Trustworthy Moving Company

Perhaps you’d like to work with a professional moving company, but you’re concerned about finding one you can depend on.  Lucky for all of us, there are several ways to determine if you can trust the moving company you choose.

  • Read their reviews
  • See what people say about them on social media
  • Check them out on the Better Business Bureau 
  • Ask for references from friends and family
  • Be sure they’re licensed and insured
  • Review their website, blog, and FAQs
  • Shop around

Finding a reputable moving company isn’t difficult if you put in a bit of elbow grease.  Remember that staying within your budget is important, but cheaper doesn’t mean it will be better.

The Takeaway

Your move will see some ups and downs, but being prepared and understanding all that goes into it will help you make a good decision about working with a moving company.  If you have any questions or comments about your upcoming move, give us a call today.

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