Take the Stress Out of Meeting the Neighbors with These Tips From Your Moving Company

May 22, 2019

When you first hire your Colorado moving team, you’re focused on getting your old home packed up and ready to go. This is normal—it’s the most stressful part of any move. But what happens once the movers drop off your stuff at the new house? You need to start getting familiar with the neighborhood and the people you’re living next to. If you’re like most people, introducing yourself to the neighbors can be a bit daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Use these simple tips to make getting to know your new neighbors as easy as possible.

When In Doubt, Knock

Your neighbors won’t always welcome you with fresh-baked cookies. Sometimes, you’ll have to go to them. Take the lead and introduce yourself. If you’re comfortable with it, knock on their door and make the introductions that way. But if you’re a bit on the shy side, wait until you’re both at the mailbox or doing lawn chores.


A lot of neighborhoods host events, potlucks, and gatherings. The best way to meet your neighbors is to get involved and participate in these events. Ask your homeowners association if there are any upcoming gatherings. Look around the neighborhood for advertisements and fliers. If you don’t see any, you could always consider hosting an event. Backyard barbeques are a great way to meet others on your block.

Hang Out Outside

If you have relatively shy neighbors, they might not be comfortable going up and knocking on your door. But if you’re outside, they’ll usually stop by and say high. Make a point to spend some time outdoors. Get your hands dirty with a gardening project, play with the dog, or just enjoy the weather and the view from your front porch. If you’re outside, neighbors will likely make the effort to say hello and introduce themselves.

Offer to Help

Nothing makes a great impression like being willing to help out. If you see one of your neighbors struggling with something, offer to lend a helping hand if you can. This gives you a chance to introduce yourself and shows others just how nice and friendly you are. 

Get Advice

If you strike up a conversation with your neighbors and aren’t sure what to say, ask for their recommendations on things to do in the area. People love sharing their favorite restaurants, bars, museums, movie theaters, and other recommendations. Once they do, you’ll have something in common to discuss in the future and may even discover a few shared passions and hobbies in the process.

At Eden’s Moving and Storage, we can’t help you introduce yourself to your neighbors. But we can take the stress out of your upcoming move. Our fully licensed and insured team will take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on getting to know your new neighborhood. We’re here to help whether you’re moving across town or out of state. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and see how a professional moving company can streamline your move. 

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