Living in Colorado, we work with a lot of customers who have to move during some unpredictable winter weather. Moving is always a challenge, but add in some snow, ice, wind, and hail, and you have even more. 

At Eden’s, we’re well-versed in providing a successful chilly-month moving experience for the locals, even if they’re moving long-distance. Here are our top three tips on moving during the harsh winter months. 

Clean off your driveway and walking areas

Be sure to clean off the driveway (and all areas where movers will need to pass) of debris, boxes, items, and anything that could pose a threat to easy movement. However, when it’s winter, you may need to go a step further. 

Clearing your driveway and all outdoor walking areas of snow and ice will help tremendously. Doing so will further ensure you and your movers are safe and can move confidently. When burdened with holding boxes and large objects, we’re already supporting more than usual, so it’s especially important to keep both the belongings and the person carrying them out of harm’s way as much as possible.

With a clear and easy walking area, you achieve a faster, smoother, more reliable move. And the added bonus of no broken belongings or bones. 

Expect delays

You may get a quote with specific times and dates for your move, and in almost every case, those will be honored by our Denver moving company. But, during the winter months, there may be some unforeseen complications. And, if you live in Colorado, you know that that winter-month weather can even move into spring. 

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Sometimes you need to be flexible during this time. With an array of bizarre weather patterns, the one thing you can count on is the probability of delays. Unfortunately, that comes with the territory when you move during the winter. 

Eden’s always gives the best service possible, and we will openly communicate with you our expectations based on the weather. We have been moving in Colorado for decades and have learned that understanding that weather and traffic can hold up a move will contribute to less stress and frustration. So, if possible, be prepared for some setbacks. We will do our best to stay on time, but the safety of your move and all involved with it will always take priority. 

Don’t pack your winter gear

We’ve seen this happen more times than you’d believe. Customers pack up all of their winter gear, thinking the bad weather is behind us, and then we get hit with a winter storm. Leave out your shovels, your hats and gloves, and some winter clothes to make your moving day as comfortable as it can be, even if we’ve had two weeks of 70-degree weather. You truly never know what late winter and early spring will push our way, and it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. 

The takeaway

Your winter move may be more difficult than your summer move, but having the right mindset and taking measures that create a safe and comfortable moving experience will contribute to your move’s success.

Call Eden’s Moving Services and learn more about our local moves and long-distance moves for your office or residence.

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