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Top Moving Challenges and How Movers in Denver Will Help

January 10, 2018

Edens Moving Services - Top Moving Challenges and How Movers in Denver Will Help

Moving can be a stressful feat. From the packing to the actual move itself, it is an experience that most do not look forward to. Did you realize there are so many ways to ease the process? Moving does not have to be a pain. From not having a strategy or proper supplies, to cutting costs and handling your utilities, there are many challenges along the way. Be a step ahead and learn what to do to make the process easier, and how movers in Denver can help.

Not Having a Strategy

Moving is as simple as throwing some items in a box, closing it, and calling it a day. Right? Wrong! The key to a simple process is to have a game plan. First, create a list of the tasks you have to do. This is everything from packing to the utilities that will need to be switched. Next, what order will pack? Ideally, begin packing the rooms you use less. That way, if you need anything, it won’t be packed away. Save the essentials for the last day, or days up to your move—and create an essentials bag that will get you through your time items are packed away. Also, be sure to talk to a local mover. There are many services they can provide to take the heavy lifting (literally!) off you.

Proper Supplies

If you will pack your boxes on your own, it is crucial to have the right supplies:

  • Boxes and Packing Material: Not only do you need boxes, but a variety of sizes to utilize for all you various objects. You will also need something to use as packing material that can go in the boxes to ensure items don’t bounce around and break. You can use packing material, newspaper, or even towels and clothing.
  • Tape: Be sure you have good tape on-hand. The last thing you need is for a box to break and items to fall out. Keep your valuables intact!
  • Black Markers: Make sure to label each box. This will make the moving and unpacking process much easier. List what room the box will need to go to, and any other important information. For instance, you could say “Kitchen” then underneath it, “Glasses.” This helps you know what room, and what area within the room they must go to. It also helps identify fragile items.

For a full list, be sure to use this must-have packing and moving supplies checklist. You can also make everything so much easier by utilizing a mover that provides packing services. This will ensure boxes are perfectly packed and items are safe.

Cutting Costs

Did you realize you can save money during a move? To start, reach out to others to find boxes and other items. For instance, ask around at work, or in a warehouse if you are near one, if they have any boxes you can take off their hands. This helps everyone! Next, for other items, go to discount stores. Spend $1 on markers as opposed to $10! A mover is also a great way to save time and money. Wrapped into one cost, movers will streamline the process, allowing you to spend time in other areas.

Handling Utilities and Other Services

When using movers, you will free up time to handle all of your address changes and utility management. Get a head start by slowly starting a list of places that use your address. Write things down or add them in your phone when you pay bills or mail comes through. As you get closer, be sure you forward mail with the USPS. This is a free service that covers you up to six months.

To help you with a smooth move, get a moving estimate online with Eden’s Moving Services. From packing to moving, we cover it all to make your move a smooth one. Contact us today toll free at 1-877-887-8248.

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