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Top Ways to Travel Long Distance When Your Moving Company Moves Your Stuff

September 12, 2018

Edens Moving Services - Top Ways to Travel Long Distance When Your Moving Company Moves Your Stuff

Long distance moves are stressful even when you have everything planned out well in advance. Though working with a reliable Colorado movers will help ensure that your belongings arrive on time and in good condition, you still need to find a way to move yourself. Deciding on the best option for your family can be tough and we want to help. We’ve put together a list of a few popular long distance travel methods and the pros and cons of each to help you figure out what’s best for your family.


Flying is by far the fastest way to travel long distances, but the cost of air fare can be high, especially if you’re moving with a large family. Further, transporting pets by aircraft is dangerous and should only be done under the right circumstances. That said, if you need to be at your new home in a matter of hours, flying is by far the best option.

Rail Travel

Traveling by train allows you to move across the countryside quickly while also giving your family a chance to experience a whole different means of transportation. Train fare is affordable, sleeping cars are available, and small kids often love the thrill of riding on the railroad. However, pets are not typically allowed onboard and the journey can take several days to complete.

Bus Travel

Long distance bus rides are still incredibly popular and are ideal for individuals without vehicles and those that are travelling on their own. By using a bus, you’ll avoid the hassle of driving long hours alone while having the convenience of an on-board bathroom. Some buses also offer Wi-Fi which gives you the chance to get work done on the trip or catch up on your Netflix® queue. Keep in mind that you won’t have a private space to relax and only assistance animals are permitted onboard.


For many people driving to their new hometown is the best option. Not only are you free to take your pets without making other arrangements, but you’ll save yourself the expense of transporting your vehicle to the new city. However, by driving, you will have to cover the cost of fuel, increase the overall wear and tear on your vehicle, and will likely need to find accommodations on the road, whether at a hotel, a friend’s house, or a campground. Keep in mind that by driving yourself, you’re free to stop whenever you feel like and many families manage to turn the move into a mini-vacation, stopping at tourist attractions along the way.

No matter how you choose to get to your new home, it’s always best to leave the moving to the professionals. At Eden’s Moving Services, we’re proud to help you move your most treasured belongings across the state or across the country. Our experienced movers can help with everything from packing up your house securely to driving your items down those hectic Denver streets. Contact us today for a free estimate and see how easy your long distance move can be.

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