Using Denver’s Premier Moving Service? Consider Packing Services!

January 20, 2020

If you’re relocating from Colorado, you might want to consider packing services offered by Eden’s Moving Services. Packing is the most challenging aspect of moving. No tenant or homeowner likes to indulge in arduous and painstakingly difficult packing. However, it has to be done by someone. In most cases, the person who lived in the home or apartment knows where everything is located and where it should go. Therefore, this process is going to be unavoidable. You have to get involved, in some way or the other, if you want a successful move.

Each Room

Every room has different items and so will require different ways of packing. The kitchen, for example, may require cautious packing of fragile items such as glassware and china. The living room or family room may need special wrapping for certain furniture pieces and for breakable items, and fragile electronics. The bedrooms may need packing of lighter items and larger items. The bed would be one of those large items, which you have to disassemble, depending on its size and components. Lighter items such as bedspreads, clothing, and pillows are easier to pack.

Different Boxes

Each room should have different boxes to pack different items. Some of the things you have to consider are:
First aid kit
Plates, pots, and pans
Coffee maker and microwave
Bath mats and kitchen rugs
Bottles of seasoning from the kitchen cabinet (you would surprised to how many this can amount to)
Toothbrushes, towels, and rags
Cleaning supplies
Below are some considerations from Eden’s Moving Services on how to pack each room and the recommended course of action.

The Kitchen

The kitchen should have a different box for packing items that are frequently used such as plates, pots, and pans. Before the date of moving, dispose of all perishable food items, whether you use them, give them away, or throw them out. Cleaning products with chemicals should not be transported. Therefore, you should throw them out or discard them. For china and other breakable items, be sure to individually wrap each piece with newspaper, packing paper, and bubble wrap, providing extra protection.


If you have guest rooms in your home, start the packing there first. The children could also save you the work by packing their own rooms. Involve the children in picking up their game, toys, and books and packing them in boxes. Clothes can be left on the hangers and placed in a wardrobe carton to easily hang up when you get to the new residence. Leave hats in hat boxes or place them in larger cartons for protection. Label each carton as “fragile – handle with care.” If you have fine jewelry, pack these separately. You should even consider transporting them yourself on the day of the move.


Throw out items such as used deodorant, and anything in an aerosol spray can. If you prefer to keep these, you should transport this yourself on the day of the move. Wrap and tape up any plastic bottles to avoid leaks or spills. Use a small carton to pack these items. For glass mirrors, get a special box for mirrors. Ask your local moving company about this or possibly the choice of a customized crate.

Living Room

If you have lamps, books, stereo equipment, and furniture in your living room, you will need to pack these items in advance. You may need to crate large televisions and disc players. Use a separate box to pack family portraits, videos, and photograph negatives. Wrap lamp shades in a large towel and not with newspaper.

Laundry Room

Before the move, get rid of hazardous chemicals that you may have in your laundry room. These items may include bleach or detergent. Do laundry, if possible before your move. Use laundry baskets for packing some of the items in your laundry room.

If you are ready to relocate and need help with packing, let the professionals assist you. At Eden’s Moving, the movers in Denver, we take pride in offering comprehensive moving service. You can get all the boxes needed for packing, in addition to unique packing service. Contact us toll free today at 877-887-8248 for a free quote.

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