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What to Do After the Denver Movers Leave

December 13, 2017

Edens Moving Services - What to Do After the Denver Movers Leave

It can take weeks to prepare for a move, so when the boxes are all safely in your new home and the Denver movers have left, pat yourself on the back and breathe a sigh of relief. Then, start tackling these tasks:

Clean Up

While it’s possible the space was cleaned out before your big move, transporting all your furniture and belongings can definitely create a bit of mess on its own. After your movers have left and all your belongings are in their relatively confined spaces, take the time to do a little bit of spot cleaning to avoid spreading out any dirt, muddy footprints, or dust.

Take Inventory

It’s important to take inventory of the items that have arrived in your new home so you can make sure there’s nothing missing. So, before you start ripping boxes open to unpack your belongings, make sure everything is there. If something is missing, notify the moving company right away and begin the process of filing a claim. Learn how to file a moving insurance claim when your stuff goes missing.

Look For Damage

Inspect your belongings to look for any damage that could have occurred during the move. Every one of your belongings should be inspected for damage, but start with furniture and other big items that were not packed inside boxes. Make a note of any damage and get in touch with the moving company as soon as possible to report anything that you find.

Figure Out the Furniture

It’s a hassle to rearrange furniture, which is why many homeowners keep their furniture in the same spots forever. But, you’re in a new home, so now is your chance to figure out exactly where each piece of furniture should go. There’s no rush to finalize the furniture plan, so take your time and try different arrangements to see which one is right for you.

Turn On Utilities

Check all of the utilities, including the water, power, cable, internet, and gas, to see which ones are on and which ones are not. If any of these utilities are not on even though they are supposed to be, get in touch with the service provider to see how soon the issue can be resolved. The sooner all of these utilities are up and running, the sooner your new house will feel more like your new home.

Meet the Neighbors

Make an effort to go knock on your next-door neighbors’ doors and introduce yourself shortly after you move into your new home. Going out of your way to say hello is a great way to start the relationship with your neighbors off on the right foot. You never know when you will need to reach out to your neighbors for help, so building a relationship with them is essential.

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