2023 Annual Moving Trends Report

Long-distance moving and national migration patterns continue to shift and change throughout the decades, but these patterns fluctuate according to many factors of the nation.

The art of relocation is just one of the many components that feed into a person’s decision to make such a significant journey, and often, other influences nudge residents to a new place or away from an old one!

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Behind the Scenes of Migration Patterns in 2023

It is inexplicable that migration patterns have drastically reduced from previous years due to the instability of the housing market, which has created a competitive world for buyers and sky-high interest rates.

There was over a 12% decrease in relocations from 2022, and the trends of moving toward the Southern states and away from the midwest and western region of the country continue.

It is shown that these migration patterns impact home value and the state of the current housing market, and with all of these details connected, unpacking the reasons why things are the way they are is highly essential.

covid 19 pandemic

The Pandemic Has Greatly Impacted the Housing Market, Leading to Slower Migration Patterns

COVID-19 sparked changes in the moving industry, and inbound moves tended to be a result of necessity rather than exploration, as many are seeking a moment of peace from the horrors of inflation.

These kinds of economic hardships can leave a lasting impact for more than a decade, causing slowed migration trends and less interest in moving across the country.

Fewer Americans Relocated Compared to Previous Years

Long-distance moving companies have seen the impact of these changes, and according to a national movers study, relocations have seen a steep decline from 2021 to 2023.

The rising cost of living, goods, and services has reached its grips on the relocation industry.

It has forced many businesses to raise their prices for packing materials, fuel, and labor, impacting the continued drop in numbers.

That doesn’t mean that no one is moving; plenty of people are still on the go who have unveiled new states of interest, others whose residents have lost interest, and certain parts of the population are more willing to venture outwards!

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The Why: Common Concerns of Those Making Outbound Moves

Housing is said to make up over a third of the consumer price index and general cost of living for citizens across the country, and it remains one of the most significant concerns.

Affordability, security, and comfort remain supreme, but so many more details go into everyday living and migration patterns of 2023!

New Residents are Searching for a Better Quality of Life

If you have set your state on the outbound list, leaving a place you have grown to know and call home for someplace new can be scary.

Moving from Colorado to Alabama can be a significant change, but when a better quality of life is available, many find it worth the relocation efforts.

Migration Data Shows Americans Interested in Changes

Change can be something that holds us back, but it is also sometimes the ingredient necessary to propel the recipe of life forward in a brand-new direction!

property taxes

Income and High Property Taxes Deter Inbound Moves

People continue to stay away from places that are placing higher taxes on their wages, property sales taxes, etc.

The more money coming out of those paychecks, the less there is to go around.

Significant Consideration is Reserved for Taxes & Additional Costs for Living

Relocation in 2023 had many hyper-aware of everything from moving costs, travel fees, and everything associated with these procedures to justify following through.

cost of living

Affordable Housing and Lower Cost of Living Draws People In

Everyone needs to access shelter as a basic form of life, but everyone has been searching for a safe place to live with affordable costs.

These offers made places like North and South Carolina the most common inbound states in 2023.

Lower Rental Costs are Critical to Those Considering a Long-Distance Move

Finding a good deal on housing nationwide grew increasingly difficult, and high rental rates drove renters out of their homes.

Moves to Arkansas and throughout the South were some of the most popular places to relocate in the previous year, and it turns out it may continue to be in 2024!

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Relocation for New Job Opportunities is on the Rise

Americans and national movers did note more relocating for a company transfer and to access new job opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available in their current location.

The Opportunity to Work Remotely is Not As Present as it Once Was

With COVID-19 slowly shedding the same concerns it posed from 2020 to 2022, 2023 was one of the first years people didn’t have the same mobility due to a lack of remote work opportunities.

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The Who: Some Parts of the Population Are Seeing Accelerated Existing Moving Patterns

Some people were more interested in gaining moving tips than others.

In 2023, some waves were seen throughout the generations and different sectors of the population.

Urban Residents Were More Likely to Leave

Heavily populated cities were once all the rage, and the move past those trends began back in 2020, with things reaching another peak in 2023.

Residents are likelier to leave a large city for mid-sized cities or even rural regions!

Younger Americans are More Interested in Outbound Moves

Population study’s findings list fewer senior and millennial age groups choosing to move than younger generations.

Gen Z was the primary age ground on the outbound list, willing to take risks regardless of the circumstances.

New Opportunities Often Entice Single Individuals

Moving with family members and small children can add a barrier to the relocation load, so we saw more single people and young professionals on the move in 2023.

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The Where: Inbound and Outbound Percentages Within the Moving Industry

Housing, job growth, and economics will always be at the top of the list of priorities with Americans, and it was mainly of concern in 2023.

Although movers and van lines saw a decrease in client numbers, moving trucks remained on the road daily for customers entering and exiting different stages of their lives.

Top Inbound States in 2023

Some inbound states saw a more considerable spike in population than others.

Still, they all offered relief to new community members and a gorgeous new environment for them to settle into!

moving to the coast

The Southern States are Leading the Pack

The largest net inbound moves go to the South!

Residents moving inbound to places like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, or Raleigh, North Carolina, are excited to enjoy the perks that come with a lower cost of living, climate change, and new communities.

Regional Population Growth Has Created a Ripple Effect

The popularity in southern states has been building for some time, and the craze to book Texas movers to enjoy the benefits of good weather, new employment options, and reasonable housing costs quickly reached the rest of the country.

More and more people suddenly began looking into these regions, causing a ripple effect and larger groups of people to gain interest due to all the advantages they can bring households.

Tons of Residents Moving Towards North Carolina

In 2023, moving to North Carolina was another hot spot location and will likely remain so.

Cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham are sought-after locations offering residents gorgeous views of the coast and mountains, a low cost of living, and a thriving economic community.

South Carolina Has the Top Cities for Relocation

Moving to South Carolina and other states across the nation’s southeast region has established itself as one of the most popular places to go.

Like North Carolina, it rose quickly to the top of the list for places to move in 2023, gaining nearly 139,000 people and ranking sixth in the nation for the year.

Florida Cities Remain Popular

It’s difficult to turn down relocations to Florida, but what is commonly known as a vacation spot can be your home!

The Sunshine State sits in the top four inbound states and is currently projected as the top place for relocation in 2024.

Arizona Has Seen an Increase in Population

moving to phoenix az

Moves to Arizona bring new residents to an entirely new reality.

Arizona is a part of the southern pack of states Americans moved to this past year, providing gorgeous tight-knit communities, affordable living, and fantastic weather!

Leading Outbound States in 2023

There wasn’t a long list of outbound states, but it was undeniable which places residents were leaving.

The Midwest and West Region Have Noticed an Outbound Moving Trend

The Midwest has always had a reputation for being flat, and it hasn’t necessarily ever been a sought-after region in the country.

After currents in the area began evaluating the cost of living for an upcoming move, these areas are counted out because many other places in the country can provide an enhanced quality of life.

Large Cities are Seeing Significant Outbound Migration Patterns

The urban and rural living debate has been one citizens have faced forever, but it seems that urban environments are more outdated.

This doesn’t mean they all have been traded in for rural living styles, as suburban and mid-sized cities have seen an uptick in population growth.

Residents are Leaving Illinois

Chicago is one of the large metro areas experiencing outbound moving trends.

Illinois saw more people leaving than entering the state in 2023.

California Cities Are Experiencing Outbound Moves

Los Angeles, San Diego & San Francisco had residents running for the South!

However, the most recent moving migration report shows that Cali has nearly the same number of  inbound and outbound percentages.

Pennsylvania Residents are Moving Out

PA is another state notorious for its high costs of housing and living.

This has pushed people who have lived there for decades to search outside the state for moving solutions.

The Outbound Moving Trend Continues with New York

The Big Apple is known for being a packed and densely populated area with sky-high rental and housing costs.

NYC brings in many tourists, but it certainly wasn’t keeping its community members around in 2023.

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FAQS About Americans Interstate Moves

What is the #1 state people moved to in 2023?

If you were looking at an interactive map of the United States, you would see over 473,000 people making their way to Texas.

Texas has more inbound residents arriving every day than any other state in the country, as it offers impressive job growth and opportunities for Fortune 500 companies, decent rent prices, and an expansive choice in landscape!

These are all critical factors related to migration patterns in 2023 and likely why the Lonestar State reigns supreme.

What percentage of Americans move annually?

The percentages will vary from year to year, with things on the decline lately.

However, the Census data shows that around 14% of people moved in 2022, and 13% chose to relocate in 2023.

What is the most moved-to state in 2024?

The Florida panhandle is taking the lead in 2024, with over 674,000 people making the trek at the beginning of the year.

The Sunshine State is no longer just a place for middle-aged and senior populations; it has invited many working-age people for a change of scenery, climate, and a nice tax break!

What is the migration trend in the United States?

In the past year, fewer people have transferred from state to state than the previous, and it is projected that migration patterns will remain similar with some uptick and more interest beginning.

People are choosing to leave the big cities in exchange for new environments and rescinding the high costs of living seen across much of America in hopes of finding a place to settle that can offer a better quality of life!

What cities are more residents leaving in 2024?

While there are many densely packed areas throughout the higher-ranked outbound states, the following cities across these regions are currently the ones that residents are choosing to leave the most:

  • Los Angeles, the city of Angels, sees people flowing in and out of its region year-round
  • Seattle and many cities throughout Washington are seeing current community members migrating elsewhere.
  • Denver, CO, and while most residents chose to start the moving process back towards the start of the pandemic, many are still trickling out of the Mile High City.
  • Boston has seen an outpour of people searching for better living and affordable housing elsewhere.

What is the general outlook for the moving industry?

While the industry has grown, companies and van lines nationwide have suffered losses due to the downtrend in migration patterns.

Professional movers’ revenue has drastically decreased in 2023 by approximately 10%, and national movers continue striving through these slow seasons to meet current client needs.

Movers are still seeing more residents in need during the Summer months and weekends, and things should begin their climb back to the norm starting in 2024.

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Understanding 2023 Migration Trends Signals What to Expect in 2024

The drastic dip in interest in relocating throughout 2023 is directly connected to accessibility with things like general costs of living, affordable housing, and all the basic needs people need for a comfortable survival.

When these things are at risk for certain parts of the population, everyone should question them.

Residents are also forced to take the most significant consideration about out-of-state moving due to costs, travel, and all the details that go into the process.

Where Will Long Distance Moving Take Us to Next?

If you are considering interstate moves in 2024, then keeping costs down and finding a new place that offers comfortable housing and gorgeous new surroundings will still be the top priority for the average customer.

However, all of these things are difficult to attain without a licensed mover for help!

Contact Eden’s Moving for a free estimate and consultation to explore the possibilities and see where life may take you next!

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