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A long-distance move requires a bit more forethought and preparation than a move across the town or event state. At Eden’s Moving Services, we’ve seen excitement turn into anxiety at the drop of a pin. 

We’d like to help those moving cross-country with some tips that will support you and your moving efforts. 

Tip 1: Figure out what goes with you and what stays behind

Whenever you move, it’s the right time to purge. All those socks that have no matches accumulating on your dryer, the kids’ strollers that are no longer needed because your kids are in high school, the set of plates your Aunt Joyce got you when you turned 21- you don’t need those things. 

Remember, the more you bring with you, the more it will cost, and the longer it will take to pack, load, and unload. Put some thought into what you want, what you need, and what you can donate, trash, or sell. 

If you’re moving from Colorado to Arizona, you don’t need the snow tires in the back of your garage.

Tip 2: Find an out-of-state moving company you can trust

You’ve got plenty of Denver professional moving companies to choose from, but they aren’t all created equal. Put some effort into researching some movers, so you know what you’re getting. No one likes unpleasant surprises during an already stressful event. 

Check reviews, testimonials, the Better Business Bureau, the website, and make sure you only consider licensed and insured moving companies. We recommend speaking with three different moving businesses, ask some questions, get a feel for the company, and keep in mind; you usually get what you pay for. Don’t make it all about the price.

Tip 3: Pack early and pack smart

The earlier you start your packing process, the better. Not only will it alleviate stress down the road, but it will help keep you organized and sane. You’ll have the time to pack properly, label, and figure out what you want to keep.

Organization is going to really pay off for you when you pack. Keep rooms together, areas of the room together, like-items together, etc. And be sure not to over-pack your boxes. That always leads to disaster. 

Moving long-distance means your items may encounter some bad weather, bad driving conditions, and more unpredictable drivers. Packing correctly is very important to your items’ safe arrival. It’s not something you want to rush through.

Using packing professionals may be something you’d like to consider. They should have high-quality moving supplies and techniques and procedures that you’re not likely to know. 

Tip 4: Learn about your new home and your new city

If you can’t get to your new home to see it, ask your agent or new landlord to get you the rooms’ sizes. You don’t want to take your sectional sofa if it’s not going to fit anywhere. 

And, be sure your pets are invited to stay; not allowing Mr. Whiskers may mean the place isn’t for you. 

You may want to invest in some time getting to know your city and your neighborhood. Knowing where the closest dog park, pharmacy, and grocery store are will contribute to some immediate comfort. Plan your move so that you can take a few days to get acquainted and meet some neighbors. 

Doing a bit of online research to find the best Mexican restaurant or where the coolest brewery is will add to your excitement. 

Tip 5: Utilities, utilities, utilities 

No one wants to arrive at their new Florida residence, only to find that there’s no air conditioning. Be sure you call to set up your utilities: water, electricity, gas, phone. Even having cable and internet ready to go is smart. Oh, and don’t forget to turn them off at your old place. 

While you’re setting up your utilities, remember to change your address. You can usually do this online, no need to head to the post office. 

The takeaway

Moving long-distance will have some challenges, try to get ahead of the things you can handle, so you have the time to deal with the things you can’t. 

If you’ve hired Eden’s Moving Services to help with your long-distance move, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Our goal is to get your valuables where they need to be safely.

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