4 Rules to Follow for a Less-Stress Move

There’s no question that moving is an exciting experience. However, more often than not, that excitement turns into anxiety and stress pretty quickly. There’s a lot to do, a lot to pack, a lot of expenses. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you factor in your job, family, and everyday life.

So, your premier Denver local moving company, Eden’s Moving Services, wants to help take some of that stress out of the moving equation. Whether you’re moving locally or preparing for a long-distance move, below are four must-follow moving rules for a less-stress moving experience.


Rule 1: Create and maintain an organized move  

Setting a course of action for your move will play a big role in its proper, efficient management. You can start planning the very day you decide to move. Figure out how you foresee the move going, write it down, and do your best to stay on course throughout.

Ask yourself some questions to get started:

  • What can I get rid of before I move, and how am I going to do that?
  • Am I packing my own items?
  • What moving and packing supplies do I need?
  • Do I want to hire professional movers?
  • What’s my budget and time frame?
  • What can I set up at my new house now (mail forwarding, phone, internet, etc.)?

The sooner you can start your plan, the better.

Rule 2: Declutter 

By its nature, clutter causes stress. It’s important to have space mentally and physically for personal well-being. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is move all the clutter from your old house to your new house. 

Not only will all the extra, unwanted stuff cost you time, money, and efficiency, but it will also contribute to more stress than necessary during your move. So get rid of some stuff. You can even make some money on that unused coffee pot or the jeans that no longer fit. Here are great ways to rid yourself of clutter before your move:

  • Garage or yard sale
  • Donation
  • Giveaways to friends and family
  • Phone apps that are designed specifically for selling your stuff (let go and offer)
  • Nextdoor, Craigslist, eBay
  • Trash/recycle

Managing your time properly during your move is going to lead to a more successful experience.

Rule 3: Time-management and preparation

Speaking of managing your time, manage your time. Sounds easy but could use a bit of thought. No one likes to feel rushed, so starting your projects early is safe to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

If you decide to have a garage sale, don’t do it the week your professional packers are coming. If you know your long-distance moving company is coming next week, don’t start packing this week. 

Trying to take care of your entire move in the last two weeks is going to wreak havoc on your stress levels. Start going through your things at least a couple of months in advance of your scheduled move. Host your sales and start packing as soon as you can so you can avoid the mad rush. 

Keep in mind your budget. If you need to spend some money on packing materials, spread out your spending, so you don’t have to drop a huge chunk of money all at once.

On another note, no matter how wisely you spend your time, prepare to be unprepared. Part of managing your stress understands that you can be insanely prepared and have every detail planned out, but there will certainly be some surprises along the way. Don’t let those surprises get you down.

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Rule 4: Take care of yourself

Don’t contribute to an already stressful life event by not taking care of yourself. If you need a yoga class, take it. If you need an extra glass of wine or an extra cup of coffee, have it. Get your sleep, drink your water, and eat healthy foods.

But also, be kind to yourself. Don’t fret about the little things or dwell on those things you didn’t complete on time. Life is messy, and chaos happens. Give yourself a break.


The takeaway

If you want a stress-free move, you may be asking a lot, but you can certainly contribute to your cause with a little planning and motivation. Be prepared, make time for yourself, and ask for help.

Hiring a team of Denver professional movers can be of great benefit all along the way. Call us for a stress-free, no-obligation quote that won’t cost you a dime. Or feel free to check out our moving services on our website to find some answers to your questions.

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