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Denver Movers Share 4 Tips to Make Your Move Pest-Free

April 4, 2018

Edens Moving Services - Denver Movers Share 4 Tips to Make Your Move Pest-Free

You’ve found the perfect home, gotten the keys, and started packing up your belongings, and are getting excited for moving day. It’s not until you pick up that box in the back of the closet that you notice a major pest infestation. No one wants to bring pests with them to their new home and the Colorado moving experts at Eden’s Moving want to help. We’ve put together a few simple tips to prevent insects and pests from hitching a ride on the moving truck to your new home.

Use Only New Packing Materials

Though it may be tempting to wrap your fragile items in old moving paper you’ve kept in the attic, it’s best to use new packing materials. New products are guaranteed to be pest-free and clean, keeping your belongings safe and looking their best during the move. If you do decide to reuse materials, take the time to shake each piece out and inspect it for insects. Take care to search for spiders as the dark folds of the paper make the perfect hiding place for these eight-legged critters.

Inspect the Boxes

If you’re reusing boxes housed in your garage or picking up free boxes from local stores, make sure to inspect each one thoroughly before bringing it inside. The last thing you want to do is introduce new pests to your home as you’re moving. If the boxes look chewed on or show signs of pest droppings and moisture, discard them. You’ll thank yourself for it when you’re unpacking at your new house. If you want to be especially cautious, consider purchasing new packing materials and boxes and forgoing the used options entirely.

Vacuum Furniture Before Moving

Insect eggs are tiny and easy to miss when you’re dusting by hand. Rather than leaving it to chance, take a moment to vacuum your bookshelves, dresser drawers, and other hard surfaces. If your couch and chairs have removable cushions, vacuum beneath them to get rid of any pests that may have nested in the crevices. This will get rid of eggs before they hatch, keeping unwanted critters out of your new home.

Inspect Your New Home

Unfortunately, the previous residents may not have been as mindful of their pest control efforts as you are. Before you unload anything at the new house, take the time to inspect it for pests. Look for droppings in the corners of rooms and closets and check window frames and doors for wood damage that could indicate a termite problem. If you see anything out of the ordinary, call an exterminator and schedule a treatment before move-in day.

Moving can be stressful, but Eden’s Moving is here to help make your move as pleasant as possible. If you’re ready to start packing up, contact our team to discuss your move. We’ll carefully move your belongings to your new home so you can focus on the excitement of finding a new house instead of stressing over how to pack your items. Call 1-877-887-8248 to schedule a free estimate today.

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