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Movers in Denver CO Reveal the Most Common Packing Mistakes

October 4, 2017

Edens Moving Services - Movers in Denver CO Reveal the Most Common Packing Mistakes

Packing everything you own and moving into a new home can be incredibly stressful—especially if you’re not an experienced packer. Fortunately, there is a way to take the stress out of packing. How? According to movers in Denver CO, all you have to do is avoid these common mistakes:

Mistake: Procrastinating

Packing is probably not your idea of fun, so you may find yourself putting it off over and over again until moving day is right around the corner. But, this is not a good idea. Putting this off will make it more stressful since you will have to rush to get everything done in time. It’s also more likely that you will break something since you will be doing everything in a hurry. Prevent this problem by starting a few weeks before your big move. Start off small by taking artwork off of your walls and wrapping up fragile vases and picture frames. If you pace yourself and do a little bit at a time, it won’t seem so bad. Learn more about the top 5 moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake: Packing Everything You Own

Don’t make the assumption that everything in your current home needs to be brought with you to your new one. There are bound to be things that you no longer need or use, so there’s no point in packing these items up and bringing them with you. This will create more work for you when you arrive at your new home and have to waste energy unpacking items that you don’t need. Before you start putting your belongings in boxes, sort through everything and take out anything that you don’t need to bring with you.

Mistake: Using Alternative Packing Materials

Moving can be expensive, so it’s understandable that some people try to cut costs by not buying packing materials. But, you should never try to use alternative packing materials that you find around your house instead of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and other supplies. Packing materials are designed to keep your belongings as safe as possible during the move. Other items, such as blankets, newspaper, and garbage bags, are not. If you care about keeping your items in good condition, stick to traditional packing materials instead of trying to cut corners.

Mistake: Using Vague Labels

Be specific when labeling the outside of each box that you pack. You may think that you will remember what you meant by “miscellaneous kitchen” when you get to your new home, but you probably won’t. Don’t spend the first night in your new home digging through boxes looking for something. Plan ahead by using labels that clearly describe what is inside each box.

Now that you know how to avoid these packing mistakes, are you ready to plan your move? If so, it’s time to get in touch with the professionals. Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services with our team of professionals. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.

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