Moving from Colorado to Montana: Trading Rockies for Big Sky Country

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Colorado has been unique, and you’ve made a lot of memories and friends. It is finally time to create new memories in a new place – and you have your sights set on Montana. Montana is known for its dramatic views, wildlife, and epic Wild West vibe. However, before you move from Colorado to Montana, you must ensure the expense and time it takes to relocate is worth it. At Eden’s Moving Services, we understand the trials and tribulations of moving, including finding a reputable moving company you can rely on.

Montana is calling…will you answer?

Starting Your Adventure: Choosing a Colorado to Montana Moving Company

If this is your first moving experience and you aren’t sure where to start. Put the packing tape down and begin the process by finding a reputable moving company in your area. Start by researching Denver-based long-distance moving companies. Visit several websites, make phone calls, and determine the availability of each company.

In addition to availability, the next consideration must be the moving costs. Because you are working with long-distance movers, the cost of your relocation will be based on several factors, including:

  • Distance
  • The weight of your household goods
  • Time of year and the day of the week
  • Any additional moving services, including packing, storage, and white glove services

Narrow down your options to the top three or four moving services and ask for free moving estimates. A representative from the moving company will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection – including an inventory of all your belongings. The initial moving quote is based on the estimated weight of your household goods that are inventoried.

Base your final choice on the price and availability and the moving company’s reputation. The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, website is an excellent source of information on moving companies in your area. The site offers reviews, customer complaints, and grades companies based on performance.

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Eden’s Colorado to Montana Movers: Reliable Moving Services for Your Big Move

No matter what the distance, price, or services offered, above all else, you want to work with a reliable mover on time and professionally. Look no further than Eden’s Moving Services. With several years of experience serving our outstanding clients, you can see that we are the best of the best long-distance moving companies.

We understand that your time and money are precious and that you want your belongings to be safely transported from your old home to your new property. Our team of highly-trained movers will load the truck quickly and safely before taking all the necessary precautions to ensure your belongings are not damaged during the move.

cost of living
Have you begun to calculate the difference in cost of living between Colorado and Montana?

Unfolding the Costs: Preparing Your Wallet for Montana

From the weather and the job market to the school districts and crime rates, there are several considerations to remember when moving from Colorado to Montana. At the top of your list is the potential cost of living in The Treasure State. You already understand the costs associated with living in Colorado, but how do those costs compare with living in Montana?

cost of movingColorado to Montana Moving Costs: What to Expect from Long Distance Movers

As mentioned above, the costs associated with moving can vary greatly depending on several factors. In addition to providing you with an in-depth estimate of your total estimated moving expenses, you should expect several other things from your moving company before, during, and after your move.

For example, before the moving date provided, your moving company will perform the walkthrough of your home or apartment and provide you with a cost estimate. The moving company will explain their policies, including insurance, and tell you what to expect on a moving day. As you pack up and prepare for moving day, your moving company should periodically contact you and provide you with any changes or updates – such as changes to your moving date or any additional fees you will incur.

When the moving company arrives, there will be a lot of activity, including movers lugging boxes to the moving truck, setting up ramps, and taking your belongings to your new home. Expect the movers to work efficiently, understand how to properly load the truck, and take great care in moving your belongings.

cost of livingLiving Expenses in Big Sky Country: Understanding Montana Costs

The best way to determine if you can afford to live in any state is to understand the cost of living. The cost of living is calculated by weighing the average salary of any area against the average cost of goods and services, such as rent, mortgage, utilities, healthcare, childcare, and food. As the price of goods and services and the average salary fluctuates, so does an area’s cost of living.

The cost of living in Montana is $47,887 each year. This means that for an individual to live comfortably in the state, they must earn at least this amount of money. Of course, the cost of living can vary greatly depending on where you live in Montana.

Long-Distance Moving Companies Comparing the Major Cities Before Your Long-Distance Move

Before moving across state lines, a great way to determine if a new area in Montana is right for you is to compare some of the biggest cities in both Colorado and Montana. Here is a head-to-head showdown of the largest cities in both the Centennial State and Big Sky Country:

denver billings
Denver CO and Billings MT

Denver, CO Vs. Billings, MT


The population of Denver is 715,520 residents. Billing’s population is 117,116, making each the biggest city in their respective states.


The average rent for a very modest one-bedroom place in Denver is $1,930. In Billings, you can expect to pay approximately $1,050 for a comparable one-bedroom. As with every other city, you will pay more or less based on the location and neighborhood in each city’s metro area.

The median home price in Denver is approximately $600,000. In Billings, you will pay almost half, as the median home price is around $320,000.


The average salary in Billings, MT, is $61,455; this is compared to the average salary in Denver, which is $6,700.


There are several outstanding school districts throughout the greater Denver area, including the Boulder Valley School District and the Cherry Creek School District. Unfortunately, the school districts in Billings are not as highly-rated as Denver. Elysian Elementary School District and the Billings High School District are among some of the best.

cost of livingCost of Living

When you take into account several categories, including housing, utilities, groceries, and healthcare, the cost of living in Denver is much higher than in Billings.

Colorado Springs CO and Missoula MT
Colorado Springs CO and Missoula MT

Colorado Springs, CO Vs. Missoula, MT


The population in Colorado Springs is 483,956 residents. This is compared to the much smaller population in Missoula, MT, which is 74,822 people. Both are the second-largest cities in their respective states.


The average rental price on a one-bedroom in both Colorado Springs and Missoula is very comparable. You can expect to pay approximately $1,368 for a one-bedroom in Colorado Springs, and in Missoula, the cost of a one-bedroom is around $1,200. The median home selling price in Colorado Springs is actually less than in Missoula. The median home sale price in Colorado Springs is around $460,000; in Missoula, the number is $582,000.


The average salary in Missoula, MT, $50,095, is slightly higher than in Colorado Springs, which is $47,000. The economy in both cities is growing, and there are several jobs in multiple industries in both.


Much like the difference between Denver and Billings, the school districts in Colorado Springs received higher marks than the districts in Missoula. Some of the best districts in Colorado Springs include the Cheyenne Mountain School District and Academy School District #20. In Missoula, the best districts are the Missoula Elementary School District and the Hellgate School District.

cost of livingCost of Living

The cost of living is slightly higher in Missoula than in Colorado Springs. Both cities have a higher cost of living than the national average. This is in part to the higher median home prices in both cities.

Golden CO and Great Falls MT

Golden, CO Vs. Great Falls, MT


The population of Golden, CO, is just under 20,000 residents. In Great Falls, the population is approximately 60,440 people.


Although Golden, CO, is much smaller than Great Falls, the average cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Golden, CO, is much higher. You can expect to pay roughly $1,904 for a one-bedroom in Golden. The average one-bedroom is about $1,193 in Great Falls, MT.


Golden, CO, is a preeminent tourist destination in Colorado. Golden’s tourism industry is booming, which is reflected in the higher average salary in such a small city, which is $63,281. The average salary in Great Falls, which is also another popular tourist destination, is roughly $54,880.


The schools in Golden, CO, are among some of the best in the state. Great Falls has many more school districts, thanks to the higher population. However, across the board, the school districts in Golden, CO, ranked higher than Great Falls.

cost of livingCost of Living

Although both cities are popular tourist spots, the cost of living in both Golden and Great Falls are very different. The cost of living in Golden, CO, is far higher than the national average and almost twice the cost of living in Great Falls.

boulder and bozeman
Boulder CO and Bozeman MT

Boulder, CO Vs. Bozeman, MT


The population of Boulder, CO, 104,175, is almost double that of Bozeman, MT, which is around 54,539 residents.


The average rental costs for a basic one-bedroom apartment is quite high-especially compared with other cities in both states. In Bozeman, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment is roughly $1,810. You can expect to pay $1,793 in Boulder for a one-bedroom apartment. As with the rental cost, the median home sale price in both cities is comparable.

The median home price in Boulder is $715,000. In Bozeman, the price is $650,000. This price is more than or comparable to the larger cities in both states – including Denver.


The average salary in Bozeman, MT, is approximately $59,900. In Boulder, the average salary is slightly higher at $66,620. Be aware that the lower average salary in Bozeman might make it challenging to afford to live in this notoriously-expensive area.


There are similarly-amazing school districts in both cities. Both Bozeman and Boulder have highly-rated school districts, including the Bozeman Elementary School District and Boulder Valley School District. Both received high marks in academics and teachers.

cost of livingCost of Living

The cost of living in both cities is higher than the natural average. Boulder’s cost of living is around 40% higher than the cost of living in Bozeman. Boulder’s cost of living is so much higher because of the higher housing costs.

Fort Collins Co and Butte-Silver Bow MT
Fort Collins Co and Butte-Silver Bow MT

Fort Collins, CO Vs. Butte-Silver Bow, MT


The population of Fort Collins, CO, is approximately 170,243. The Butte-Silver Bow area, which was consolidated in 1977, is roughly 34,768.


The average cost of a one-bedroom in Fort Collins, CO, is $1,842. The cost of a one-bedroom is significantly lower at approximately $1,000 per month. Unsurprisingly, the median home sale price in Fort Collins is $565,000, which is considerably higher than the median home sale price in the Butte-Silver Bow area, which is roughly $425,000.


The higher rental and home prices make even more sense when you consider the average salary in both cities. The average salary in Fort Collins is $69,000. The average yearly salary in the Butte area is $54,202.


The schools in Butte, MT, received slightly lower grades than the school districts in the Fort Collins, CO, area. There are several highly-rated school districts throughout Fort Collins, including the Poudre School District and the Thompson School District. In Butte, the Whittier School District ranks the highest.

cost of livingCost of Living

The overall cost of living in the Butte-Silver Bow area is much lower than in Fort Collins. The living costs in Butte-Silver Bow are lower than the national average. This is because housing costs are much cheaper in Butte than in the rest of the state.

Castle Rock CO and Helena MT
Castle Rock CO and Helena MT

Castle Rock, CO Vs. Helena, MT


The sixth largest city in Montana, the population of Helena is roughly 32,871 people. The population of Castle Rock, CO, is 76,353 residents. Helena is part of the greater Helana Micropolitan Statistical area, which is comprised of two counties. The population of the greater Helena area is 83,058.


The average rental and median home selling prices are higher in Castle Rock, CO, than in Helena, MT. In Helena, the average rental price of a one-bedroom apartment is $1,463, and the median home selling price is $410,000. The average monthly price of a one-bedroom rental in Castle Rock is $1,813. The median home selling price is $675,000.


The average salary in Castle Rock is amongst the highest in the state at $75,000 per year. The average salary in Helena is $54,202. These numbers are relatively predictable when you consider the cost of housing and other daily needs in Castle Rock vs. Helena.


Both cities have comparable school districts. The Helena High School District received the highest marks, including in academics and sports, while the Douglas County School District No. RE-1 was the highest-rated school district in Castle Rock.

cost of livingCost of Living

The overall cost of living in Helena is on-par with the rest of the country, and the city has one of the lowest cost of living rates in the entire state of Montana. The cost of living in Castle Rock is much higher than in Helena and the rest of the United States.

Lake McDonald. Just a drop in the ocean of natural wonders Montana has to offer.

The Joys of Moving from Colorado to Montana: Unmatched Natural Beauty Awaits

Even though Montana is the fourth largest state in the nation, the entire population of Montana is only 1.08 million residents spread across 147,040 miles. This is compared to Colorado’s population of 5.77 million people crammed into 104,185 square miles!

You might be surprised to learn there are more people in Denver, CO, than in the entire state of Montana! There are plenty of wide open spaces to explore in Montana, and you will absolutely marvel at the fantastic sites that await you.

forest mountainDelights of Big Sky Country: Montana’s Unmatched Natural Beauty

One of the first things you will notice about Montana is a backdrop similar to the one you have been enjoying in Colorado for years: The Rocky Mountains! There are an impressive 2,991 named mountains in Montana. As a matter of fact, the name “Montana” translates to “mountainous” in Latin!

In addition to the mountains, several other unique natural wonders can catch your eye. Here are some of the most majestic and intrinsic sites to visit in Montana:

  • Ringing rocks. The best way to start your outdoor adventures in Montana is a visit to Ringing Rocks. The rocks get their name from the musical ringing sound that occurs when you strike the volcanic rocks. The most popular spot to experience the ringing rocks is approximately 18 miles outside Butte, MT.
  • Holland Lake. Located in Bigfork, MT, Holland Lake is surrounded by a massive 400-acre park. In addition to taking a dip in the lake, you can camp, bike, and hike on trailheads surrounding the water. Camping spots are available, but this is a popular tourist destination, meaning the sites will fill up quickly.
  • Morrell Falls. Another of Montana’s most popular tourist spots, Morrell Falls, is located in the center of the Lolo National Forest. The trail through the Lolo National Forest to the falls is around 5.5 miles. However, don’t get discouraged because the trail has only a slight elevation, making it ideal for hikers of all ages and experiences.
  • Bighorn Canyon. Are you ready to experience one of Montana’s best outdoor activities? Take a trip to Bighorn Canyon. Visited by over 200,000 people each year, the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area has just about every outdoor activity you can imagine – including hiking, biking, fishing, and camping. If you prefer a more laid-back way to spend the afternoon, you can picnic or simply enjoy the native wildlife.
  • World Museum of Mining. The mining industry is huge in Montana, so it would make sense the state has an entire museum dedicated to it. The World Museum of Mining is located in the Butte area. If you are feeling brave, you can pay a fee to be led into the Orphan Girl Mine 100 feet underground! Otherwise, there are several other tours and educational activities for the whole family.

cavernLewis and Clark Caverns State Park: An Underground Wonder in Your New Home State

The outdoor beauty of Montana is a big deal – and the reason why so many people are flocking to the state. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park in Whitehall, MT, is the most extensive limestone cavern in the Northwest United States. The caverns are all lit up, meaning you can enjoy them at night. Don’t worry about sweating during the hot Montana summers because the caverns are several degrees cooler than the air temperature!

In addition to guided tours of the caverns, there is a massive campground and several other amenities. When you are done exploring the caverns, check out the amphitheater, visitor’s center, gift shops, and several food concession stands.

wolfWildlife and Wilderness: Explore the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in Montana

Located in beautiful West Yellowstone, MT, the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is a non-profit educational facility and preserve. Initially opened in 1993, the center’s mission is simple: Provide a safe haven for bears that were displaced and would have otherwise been killed. Wolves were introduced into the sanctuary a few years grizzly bears.

Today, the center features several other educational exhibits, including a new otter exhibit, a seasonal raptor exhibit, and several smaller exhibits guaranteed to educate and entertain your kids.

montana state university
Montana State University is the largest third-level education establishment in the state. Also home to the fighting Bobcats!

Settling Down in Montana: Opportunities and Institutions

Whether you are a young adult looking to broaden your horizons or older and want to finally receive your degree, Montana has several beautiful colleges and universities. Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, is the largest public university in the state and hosts over 16,000 students. There are several degree opportunities at every level, from bachelor’s to doctoral degree programs.

The second largest public university in Montana, the University of Montana, has just over 10,000 students and is located in Missoula, MT. U of M is an “R1” university, meaning it is a very high research university.

schoolsBroadening Horizons at Rocky Mountain College

A private college in Billings, MT, Rocky Mountain College, is an excellent place for adults of all ages to earn their degrees in a stress-free environment. Originally founded in 1878, the college has a very small student body of approximately 1,069 students. The college is a member of the Frontier Conference, and the school’s teams are the Battlin’ Bears!

moved houseEmbracing the Montana Lifestyle: What to Expect Post-Move

Your moving date to Montana is fast approaching, and you cannot wait to experience everything this beautiful state has to offer. Even if you have vacationed in the state, there is a difference between passing through and being a full-fledged citizen. Here are a few things to expect when you become a resident of Montana:

  • Little to no traffic. With such a low population density, there is a good chance that you don’t see another car for several minutes or even hours if you are driving in the middle of nowhere.
  • Where is my neighbor? The low population density means you can build or purchase a home in a spot where you won’t have a neighbor for miles. If you love your privacy, you will adore living in Montana.
  • A low unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Montana is 2.7%, which is much lower than the national unemployment rate of 3.7%. This is because Montana’s economy is strong, and there are several jobs in the health care, education, mining, agriculture, and forestry sector.
  • Trade your car for a 4X4. Montana is a modern state in many ways. However, the infrastructure is not as robust when you leave the city and venture into rural areas. The questionable road conditions and the harsh winters mean you should invest in a four-wheel-drive vehicle.
  • The skiing is just as good as in Colorado! If you are reluctant to move from Colorado because of the skiing, you won’t be deprived of time on the slopes in Montana. The state features several world-class ski resorts and ski, snowboard, and snowmobile places. The part is that because Colorado is so well-known for its skiing, the cost of visiting or living in ski towns comparable to Vail, Breckenridge, and Aspen is much less.
  • Wildlife is everywhere. One of if not the best parts of living in Montana is that you feel like you are at one with nature. It’s not uncommon for you to look out your window and see wildlife everywhere.
faq moving
If you have any unanswered questions regarding your move, give us a call and let us know!

What People Ask When Moving from Colorado to Montana

You have pondered the pros and cons of moving from Colorado to Montana but aren’t sure if this relocation is the right choice for your family. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions people considering moving to Montana ask.

Have some additional questions about the moving process; here is some additional advice from movers who share things to keep in mind when moving from Colorado to Montana!

cheapIs it cheaper to live in Montana or Colorado?

When you consider the individual costs of living in either state and the cities that were examined above, you will quickly discover that it is cheaper to live in Montana than in Colorado. Of course, there are exceptions, and some cities in Montana are more expensive, particularly tourist-friendly cities like Great Falls, MT.

At Eden’s Moving Services, we can help you relocate and provide some helpful house-hunting tips and information about moving with elderly family members.

good ideaIs it a good idea to move to Montana?

In many ways, moving to Montana is a great idea! Montana living in many ways is less expensive than living in Colorado. You can save money on essentials, including housing, while enjoying Montana’s many outdoor activities and adventures.

If you decide the move to Montana is good for you but aren’t sure how to prepare, the pros and Eden’s Moving Services can offer you some unique and valuable moving tips that are guaranteed to help you plan a stress-free relocation!

cityWhat is the best city to move to in Montana?

Life in Denver, CO, has been amazing, and you want a city with comparable stats – including opportunities for job growth, a well-rounded transportation system, and several outstanding restaurants, museums, and shops. Missoula, Bozeman, and Billings will provide you with the same amenities and comforts you have grown accustomed to in Denver.

The best part is that although these are three of the most expensive cities in Montana, you will typically pay less than you would pay for renting an apartment, buying a house, or even buying groceries in Denver.

cost of movingHow much does it cost to move from Colorado to Montana?

The overall most cost from Colorado to any state, including Montana, will vary greatly depending on several factors. For example, your moving cost will be higher if you require additional services. Don’t worry because, at Eden’s Moving Services, we can help you not only understand the cost of your move but also the different types of moving quotes vs. an in-home estimate.

why moveWhy would someone move to Montana?

Before you pack up boxes and load furniture onto a moving truck, chances are you need the answer to a very simple question: Why would anyone move to Montana? For many people, the combination of untouched wilderness, beautiful views, friendly citizens, and a chance to start over in such a sparsely-populated state are the main reasons to call Montana home.

winter temperatureIs Montana colder than Colorado?

These states are on either side of the Rockies, so you would assume each climate would be similar. However, when you consider the temperatures and weather in both regions, you will quickly discover there are several differences between both states. Both states receive a lot of snowfall in the winter, and the snowfall increases the further you travel up the Rocky Mountains.

Montana can get chillier in winter and is typically more overcast in summer. The summer months are arider in Colorado than in Montana, as well.

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist by Colorado to Montana Moving Companies

Ready to hire a dependable moving company in your area that can help you relocate anywhere in the United States? Whether you are relocating from a modest studio apartment or currently live in a massive estate, the pros at Eden’s Moving Services can help plan any move – big or small.

Here is a simple schedule for you to follow that will make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible:

  • Three to six months before the move. Start decluttering your home and gathering packing materials. If you don’t have time to pack, look for a moving company that provides this service to their clients. Here’s a hint: Eden’s Moving Services offers comprehensive packing services to both our local and long-distance customers. We are one of the only Colorado-based local moving companies that offer white glove services to our local customers!
  • One to three months before the move. Hire a moving company – if you have not already secured one to handle your packing. Ensure the company offers all the services you need to plan a successful move, including short-term storage or packing supplies. Continue packing, fill out a change of address form, and plan a going away party for your friends and neighbors!
  • One week before the move. Finalize your plans with the moving company, including the moving date. Ask for a time frame for when the movers will arrive. For example, it might be more convenient for you if the movers arrive first thing in the morning. Create a separate box for all your must-haves at your new house or apartment, including toiletries, medications, snacks, cellphone chargers, and a change of clothing for everyone in the home.
  • Moving day has finally arrived. Prepare for moving day by ensuring your boxes are easily accessible for the movers. If possible, move all the boxes from the second floor or basement to the first floor. This is not only easier for the movers, but it could also help you avoid additional carrying costs.

Have any additional questions to ask cross-country movers? Need some more tips when moving into a new house? We can provide you with guidance whether you are moving locally, across the state, or across the entire country.

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Thomas, Isaias, and Enrrque did a fantastic job helping us move to a new apartment and the move is really professional. Great service and would definitely recommend it!
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Highly recommended movers! We hired Edens movers for a local move in Lakewood CO and they did an outstanding job. The movers were professional and friendly and the entire move went smoothly without any trouble. From the start they were organized and clear and the price was more than fair. Thank you for your great job!
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Best prices and great to work with. You have to wait a little bit longer for your stuff but they were very upfront about the time frame, gave us a range, and called a few days ahead of time. Our move was difficult because our stuff was in storage (we had already moved and due to another moving company dropping the ball we could not get back to finalize boxing everything up). They did a great job once they arrived organizing our stuff in storage carefully. I would highly recommend.
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