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Packing Services

Packing Services

Professional Packing Services For Commercial and Residential Moving

Moving from your old place to a new home is a time consuming task that involves many tasks, including packing! Packing all of your fragile and important items is time consuming. Our professionals at Eden’s Moving Services are experienced in packing and moving and can take on the task of packing your belongings and allow you to be worry-free. We use specific packing methods to reduce the most common risks associated with moving. Our packers are also proficient at assembly and disassembly of certain items that require special attention during relocation. Eden’s Moving, the premier Denver Moving Company, can handle all types of items that require special care, including lamps, dishes, television sets, pianos, antiques, etc.

Eden Moving Services offers different levels of packing services, including our Full Packing Service. We will pack all of your precious items, all at affordable rates. For those who would like to reduce packing costs but would like some help with the big move, Eden’s Moving offers a reduced service option where we pack only your most fragile items. This basic package allows you to pack most of your belongings before moving day. Our packing services include properly labeling, stacking, sorting and securing all of your packages to ensure a successful move.

Eden’s Moving Services is one of the few moving and packing companies that is fully insured and provides coverage for any damage that may occur while packing your belongings. Should there be any damage to your belongings during the packing and moving process, you will be fully compensated. Ensure the safety of your belongings by hiring a professional, licensed and insured Denver moving company to take care of your relocation.

By utilizing our moving and packing services, you will save valuable time and energy. Eden’s will arrive to pack your goods at a time that is convenient to you.

Packing Services and Supplies from Eden’s Moving

Those square objects hanging on your walls and sitting by your bedside are not just pictures, they are memories.

That huge statue that has been in your home for over 5 years (although you can’t quite recall how it got there in the first place) is not just a nuisance anymore; it’s now part of the family! From the first roll of tape used to the last box labeled, our team of professional packers will pack your entire home right before your eyes. Call on our professional Denver moving team today.

Durable & Reusable Boxes for many years to come!

Small Box: Approx 16"x12"x12"

Small boxes containing 1.5 cubic feet are ideal to pack heavy items such as books, DVDs, CDs, computer software and small kitchen appliances. Small boxes are also known as book boxes.

Medium Box: Approx 18"x18"x16"

Medium boxes containing 3.0 cubic feet are used to pack clothing, sheets and towels. Additionally, large lightweight items such as blankets and pillows can be packed in medium boxes. Medium boxes are known as linen boxes.

Legal Boxes: Approx 24"x16"x11"

Legal boxes are used to pack legal size files from your home or office.

Dish Box: Approx 18"x18"x28"

Dish boxes are used to pack china, glassware and assorted breakables. They can also be used to pack lamps, small statues and vases. Dish boxes are also known as china boxes.

Picture Box: Approx 39"x4"28"

Picture boxes are used to pack pictures, mirrors, diplomas and miscellaneous flat glass pieces. The number of items that are able to fit into each box depends on the dimensions of each item.

Wardrobe Box: Approx 21"x18"x46"

Wardrobe boxes have been designed with a metal bar used to hang clothing within the box. You can fit approximately a foot and a half of closet space into each box. Miscellaneous items such as shoes and boots can be placed in the open space in the bottom of the box. This box can also be used to hang unique items such as curtains and draperies.

Lamp Box: Approx 12"x12"x40"

Lamp boxes are used to pack halogen lamps, table lamps, or any lamp that can not be disassembled.

Didn’t find the size you are looking for ? Call now to speak with a packing specialist

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what our customers have to say about their Eden's Moving Services moving experiences.

Great guys, fast, efficient, careful, polite and well mannered. Got the job done at a great price. Thank you!

They were great professional and very polite and got it done in the time they said they would and treated our stuff well

Helped us move across town from an apt to a town home. They kicked butt. Did a great job. We’re respectful of our things and did their best to put things as close to where they needed to go to save us time. The best experience I’ve had moving. Thank you!

kevin tealy

Very professional, fast and reliable. From the in-home estimate to making hauling really heavy stuff (up and down stairs) look so easy! Fantastic job done by super nice and professional movers. They took great care with all aspects and truly made removing our home stress-free.