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Moving cross-country means packing your entire life into boxes, making a thousand different decisions, and dealing with a million moving pieces that all seem to require attention at the same time. But the good news is, you can make long-distance moving easier than you probably thought was possible. 

Every day at Eden’s Moving Services we make long-distance moving easier for families of all sizes, families like yours. To help make your long-distance move less stressful, we’ve pulled together our favorite tips that you can begin using today to help you save time, money and reduce stress. 

Use your preparation time wisely

The time you allot for move preparation is arguably the most well-spent because this is the most crucial part of your move. It’s critical for reaching your destination safely and with all your belongings in good shape. By investing time and energy into preparing for your move, you’ll not only make the move a success, but chances are you’ll also still be smiling when you reach your destination.

Start by creating a calendar. Pick your desired moving day and begin to work backward, adding tasks and events, like sales or donations of goods you don’t plan on bringing with you. As you think of new items to include, check your calendar and see when you can slot them in. 

It’s essential to prioritize the items on your calendar, noting which tasks, like packing, are an absolute must and which ones, like mowing the lawn, can be more of a “nice to accomplish” item. And don’t be surprised if you have to move things around on your calendar a few times before you can fit everything in.

Decide what furniture pieces are worth keeping

One way to make long-distance moving easier and save a lot of money is to reduce or eliminate the amount of furniture you need to take with you. Carefully evaluate the furniture you have. Consider which pieces you absolutely need to bring on your journey and which items you can replace after you get settled in your new home. 

Most furniture items are heavy, and one of the essential items involved in calculating your overall long-distance moving cost is total shipment weight. You probably don’t want to pay more to move a piece of furniture than it’s worth unless the item holds great personal value. The more furniture you have, the heavier the total shipment weight is, and the more money you’ll have to pay. The opposite is also true: less furniture, less weight, less money you have to spend. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself parting with items you used to consider important. Moving, especially over a long distance, has a way of helping you identify what’s really important compared to items that are more convenient or just practical.

Sell or get rid of unwanted items

It’s not only the big items that can cost you. Every box or crate you ship contributes to the total shipment weight as well.

You can reduce costs and make your long-distance move easier by taking only the items you need. Remember what they say, if you haven’t used it in a year, you can probably let it go without a significant family impact. If you have time and opportunity, consider selling any items that have a resale value. Donating working and gently-used items to charitable organizations can not only reduce your moving load but can also help members of your community. 

Organize and prepare packing supplies 

A long-distance move means packing — a lot of packing. Make your long-distance move easier by having the proper packing supplies available when you need them.

Cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, cling film wrap, tape, and markers, are essential for your move. You’ll save yourself time and more than a few headaches by gathering materials before you start packing.

Don’t overlook the quality of your packing materials. You can often get free boxes from local businesses or friends, but it’s essential to check their condition before you start packing. Lightweight boxes that are easily punctured or damaged, tape that doesn’t stick, or bubble wrap that deflates only puts your belongings at risk of damage or worse.

At Eden’s Moving Services, we can provide everything you need to pack your belongings safely. 

Label all boxes with room location or descriptions

While you might think you’ll remember which box contains the coffee maker or where you put your favorite shoes, by the time you reach your new home, all those boxes will begin to look alike. It will be almost impossible to identify what’s in a box unless you label it clearly.

On the top and a couple of sides, write down what’s in the box, which room it belongs in, and any special handling requirements. Consider using different colored labels for each room, or if you’re writing directly on the box, use different color permanent markers.

If you have young children, this can be an excellent opportunity to get them involved. Have kids put colorful stickers on boxes bound for their bedrooms or draw on one side of the moving box!

Make a list of valuable items to pack with you

As you gradually pack in preparation for your move, set aside any items you may need during the move. Medications for children or pets or high-value items such as jewelry or collectibles are just some examples of valuables to pack with you. It’s also important to take any essential documents with you. You’ll keep them safe and have quick, easy access when you need them.

If you have large items you can’t take with you, purchasing additional insurance can offer peace of mind. And don’t forget to talk to your long-distance mover about these items — we are happy to share our knowledge and experience on how best to move irregularly shaped or oversized items. 

Eden’s Moving Services can help make a long-distance move easier

Setting up a new home is always challenging, but the actual move doesn’t have to be stressful. You only need two things to make long-distance moving easier: a dependable, professional Colorado moving company, like Eden’s Moving Services, and a reliable plan (we can help you with that too).

To talk to one of our cross-country moving specialists, get in touch with us today at Colorado’s leading long-distance moving company.

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