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North Dakota Moving & Exploration

Relocation is a process many people fear and have developed anxiety around. People moving from Colorado to North Dakota have to worry about packing up their Earthly belongings, locating a moving company, evaluating moving costs, considering the cost of living index and home prices, reviewing job opportunities, and consulting everything as a household.

Change is a constant, and people tend to love it or loathe it but without change, we would be incapable of moving forward, and as much as change can bring about fear and anxiety, on the other side, it is truly wonderful! A lot of heavy lifting is associated with cross-country moving – physically, mentally, and emotionally – but nothing good ever comes easy. A new address can open doors, opportunities, and experiences you never would have had access to.

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Why North Dakota?

Relocation from Colorado to North Dakota is a big step in a different direction, but the difference isn’t always negative with you have excellent interstate movers. Packing up your family and heading across the country can happen for several reasons in life.

Still, when you expect a better quality of living, easy renting or buying, and better job options – it can be difficult to pass up the opportunity. All the information from recent years points to more and more Mile High residents looking for low-cost living and better options for their households.

It takes extra care to load up your car and head across the country, but when you have a reliable moving company and you are heading to North Dakota, your horizon is looking bright! North Dakota, also known as the Peace Garden State, can bring fresh air to your life and family members.

With a low level of unemployment, a thriving economy, friendly residents, and delicious food – heading out of Colorado to North Dakota and long-distance moving can allow for new experiences and a new way of living on top of your brand-new address!

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North Dakota Sales Tax

Taxes can directly affect your average salary and cost of living, whether renting or purchasing and generally influence how CO residents feel about their home base. North Dakota sales tax is one of the lowest in America – coming in at 4.25% and ranking the ninth lowest sales tax in the nation! While tax rates are not the end, all be all of a person’s decision to make a move, it can pay off once you see the percentage difference.

  • North Dakota state income tax is a little under 3%, remaining lower than CO and one of the lowest rates in America.
  • That state income tax applies to the highest of earners in North Dakota, unlike the structure in Colorado.
  • The tax burden sits at around 8%.
  • There are plenty of tax incentives for Colorado business owners considering moving to North Dakota!

North Dakota movers have been providing continuous transportation from Colorado to North Dakota, and the average of those making the transition has continued to increase across all state lines. Tax incentives, lower tax burdens, and sales taxes are part of the bigger picture. While the perception of everything can vary based on each individual’s experience and interaction with living in CO, North Dakota offers more than just a tax decrease.

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North Dakota Cost of Living

Moving from Colorado to North Dakota with cross-country movers is a big step forward. When you are utilizing a professional moving company for interstate moves, the overall cost of living and moving can come into play.

It is responsible for looking at things in advance for your household; that is a key part of being a responsible consumer in 2023. The cost of living in North Dakota is 3% lower than the national average, and all costs associated with a house purchase and rent are 13% lower than you see in the rest of the country.

CO residents are used to renting a studio apartment in Denver at approximately $1,800, and there has been a 3% increase since 2022. The costs of everything from goods to services seem to be on the rise, and it is nearly impossible for some families to make their rent. This has pushed some people out of their homes, and North Dakota is a safe place to land.

When you move from Colorado to North Dakota, you will be pleased to learn that living in a one-bedroom apartment costs $700. There is a harrowing difference in the cost of rent, which is one of the key things people must evaluate before relocating their entire household.

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Understanding Property Taxes

When moving from Colorado to North Dakota and looking to purchase a home, you won’t be stuck in the same market CO citizens have reluctantly gotten used to. While the overall cost of living is much lower than what you pay in CO, the average cost of your home follows the same trend.

You aren’t going to pay over asking to get that house you love! The average cost of a single-family home is $260,000. The Mile High State ranks at one of the most expensive housing costs in America, and you aren’t going to anything in Denver, CO, for under $520,000.

Despite the average cost of living, moving from Colorado to North Dakota also brings lower property taxes. Cross-country moving companies continue to relocate CO natives out of state when better living options are available, but with all pros, there is sometimes a bit of a downside that comes with them.

North Dakota property taxes are 9% for residential homes, based on 4.5% of the actual market value. CO omes see property taxes at a much lower rate which is a part of the give and take, you will end up purchasing your home for much less, but you will inevitably spend a bit more on property taxes each fiscal year.

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Save Money Moving from Colorado to North Dakota

It is not all about the money you save but the opportunities that allow you to earn a better way of living and upgrade your lifestyle for everyone in your household. You must consider every other aspect of your life and everyday services – car operations, groceries, clothing, other goods, and essential services. If you are familiar with living in Colorado, you probably know a thing or two about how to lower the cost of just about anything you need, but you could not always expect that.

North Dakota offers a plethora of savings, even when it comes to the cross-country mover cost. People love to say that you get what you pay for. Still, in North Dakota, there are generally nicer homes for less money, companies can relish in tax incentives, and new residents can find new relationships in the growing population. They have harsh winters, but that is nothing Colorado peeps aren’t used to dealing with. You will get the benefits of living in a rural atmosphere, the beauty of nature, and next-door neighbors that always say hello!

Education & Job Opportunities

Moving to North Dakota has its fair share of new job options, good education, and a creative community. Colorado residents thinking of making a move may wonder what kind of average pay the working class is used to in North Dakota, the success of primary and secondary schools and higher education, etc.

With North Dakota University, Minot State University, Mayville State University, and North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND, many young adults are leaving Colorado to attend plenty of college options! Aside from higher ed, the public school system in North Dakota rank exceptionally well in all subject matters.

Aside from sending your kids off to school, or heading to complete your Masters’s program, seeking out a better work-life balance is something just about every average American is looking for. North Dakota offers plenty of flex office space opportunities and companies that have transitioned into flexible work options.

Significant opportunities exist in healthcare, government, state agencies, architecture, and general trade. Oil, gas, and agriculture comprise much of North Dakota’s economy, and the blue-collar workforce is strong in the Flickertail State!

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Preparing for Relocation With North Dakota Movers

Preparing for a move to North Dakota requires some footwork on your part. If you are in Colorado and transitioning, you will want to get free quotes from out-of-state moving companies, budget for moving costs, research all moving services, and plan for a projected move date.

Getting a Moving Quote

Understanding a rough estimate against the national average and typical cost of moving trucks or professional moving companies can help you better evaluate your options for North Dakota moving. Out-of-state movers in North Dakota can provide an average or accurate and free quote for your long-distance move. Every moving company should provide an in-home or virtual estimate when you are moving to North Dakota. This will allow you to understand better and evaluate your total moving cost.

Most long-distance moving companies will also provide packing and storage options if required. When you hire a Colorado mover to get you to North Dakota, you will want to sift through the best long-distance moving companies available.

Doing your research on the company, checking with friends and loved ones in Colorado or North Dakota, and considering past client reviews of the services provided are all information that will help you make a more informed decision.

Residential and furniture moving services from Colorado to North Dakota will average $2,300 to $14,000 when you are choosing to hire professional movers. Your moving company should always provide a free in-home estimate and full consultation before you sign any documents. The moving company near you should provide a detailed and itemized inventory list and all charges for your move before your review.

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Evaluate Your Moving Cost

Moving to North Dakota isn’t free; all moving services, regardless of the company you hire, will vary in cost. However, it is good to understand the typical long-distance moving cost so you have a standard to compare your quotes against. Every moving company should be fully licensed to transport your furniture and belongings across the interstate; this can be confirmed using the DOT or FMCSA websites.

Be sure to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to interview your mover or moving representative. It is their job to get you and your furniture to North Dakota safely and ensure you feel secure during the entire moving process. Relocation services can be tricky to navigate amongst the logistics of moving to North Dakota itself.

Hiring Movers Isn’t the Only Thing You’ll Need to Do

Leaving Colorado behind can leave you with mixed feelings as you enter the next chapter of your life in North Dakota. You must have some of the best long-distance moving companies behind you through the process. They can complete all the physical elements of the move to North Dakota, so you can worry about the things that truly matter in your life.

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Create a Moving Checklist

North Dakota moving companies can assist you with packing, loading, transportation, and delivery services. Still, there is always a list of things you will need to complete in Colorado before moving day.

  • 2-3 months prior to your North Dakota move – use the internet to find long-distance movers near me, begin to declutter, and create a binder or moving folder to organize and keep track of all any information your movers provide.
  • 1-2 months prior – Book your mover, review all moving services with the company, start packing, notify important parties, and change your Colorado address to North Dakota!
  • 2 weeks before the movers arrive – arrange your time off work, have any car maintenance done, contact your movers to firm up any final details, and label all your moving boxes.
  • 1 week before your North Dakota relocation – Clear out your fridge, freezer, and pantry, double-check all of the mover’s details, and ensure you have payment options to cover the cost of relo and tip!

Interstate Moves Require More Than Transportation

Colorado movers are accustomed to taking clients across the interstate; it is just another average day on the job. However, even for local movers, relocation is much more than just transit. Moving to North Dakota is a chance to start something new and explore a place different from Colorado and everything you know. That doesn’t mean those experiences aren’t a part of you, they will forever shape who you are as a person, but people are meant to grow!

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The Journey from Colorado to North Dakota

Once you have loaded up your last items onto the moving truck and the Colorado movers begin their trip to North Dakota – your journey also begins. The drive from Colorado to North Dakota is about 13 hours, depending on traffic conditions and roadway services. You can take the scenic route and choose a path of enjoyment because your mover will be committed to transit logistics.

North Dakota Moving Means Enjoying the Ride

If you are a Colorado native, making a move to North Dakota can be a major cultural and environmental change – if you once settled into CO, then there was a point you had to adjust there too. While it is essential to check in with your mover, navigate and keep track of every cost associated with the relocation – this is a lovely opportunity for you to simply strap in and enjoy the ride!

Moving to North Dakota? Take the Scenic Route

Make your relocation experience a road trip, spread out those 13 hours into two days, and visit new places on your trek to North Dakota! The first stop is in Cheyenne, Wyoming, just outside Colorado and a relatively small town, but if you have never been to WY, you can say you did!

Then we move onto Fort Laramie National Historic Site, which is a part of the Oregon trail that was preserved, and now there is a museum present to visit. This is a great place to stop and stay overnight – you can even choose to camp nearby!

north dakota view

The next morning you will be heading towards Newcastle, WY, where you can check out the Jewel Cave Monument or the Hell Canyon trail if you dare!

You are officially moving into the Dakotas; Buffalo, SD, is a good resting place. You can take the opportunity to explore Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park! If you are from Colorado, you are used to being outdoors, and you may even want to spend an extra day or two here before you continue your journey to North Dakota.

Lastly, there are options to stop off in Dickinson, which is the perfect place to rest for the night if you want to extend your trip or persist into New Salem, North Dakota, to your destination!

Settling into North Dakota

Every full-service moving company is there to provide a smooth and stress-free delivery process in North Dakota. Your movers will offload, unpack and reassemble your belongings so that you can assimilate into this new community you have recently entered.

Colorado has the contrast of the bustling city in the Denver metro area, but the serene, peaceful Rocky Mountains and North Dakota look slightly different. It is peaceful, quiet, and full of friendly residents eager to meet you. The cities are fast growing alongside the job market and the lovely scenery in Fargo, Grand Forks & Bismarck.

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North Dakota Movers & Packers

Pushing forward with life in North Dakota, you may be interested in further investigating what kind of moving services are available in the area. However, if you are coming from Colorado, it makes sense to utilize a company in your current community to help with the relocation process.

If you haven’t yet located your permanent home, you may want to find delivery to a storage unit in North Dakota to cut your total cost. You may still need to research ND movers and packers once you are ready to move on. While you are looking for your home, plenty of resources are available at your fingertips, and it is important to look at all sides of the coin when looking for your new home.

  • Consider why you are making the move; if you have already found a job or place where you will receive an education – consider the commute and neighboring communities.
  • If you have family members in a specific area, you may want to be nearby to ensure you have a support system nearby.
  • Set your budget for rent or monthly margate payments before your search.
  • Jot down specific non-negotiable characteristics you hope for in a community – would you rather live in a city or a small town?
  • Check out the school systems in the area if you have school-aged children, what kind of school you want them to attend, and if there’s before/after school available.

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Preparing for Your Move Date to North Dakota

Your moving company is there to make the transition easier, but they can’t always provide emotional support; that isn’t really a part of their job title. Colorado is very different than North Dakota, and while they are in two different spots on the map, there are always things that will help you stay connected to who you are and who you will become.

Transitions Take Time: Moving Companies Can Help

The population in North Dakota is approximately 780,000, which is a significant difference from Colorado which currently houses nearly 6 million people. While North Dakota may have low costs in comparison to Colorado – that is just one of many details you will become accustomed to as you settle into your new life there.

In contrast to such a highly populated city, North Dakota is a change in feeling but keeps things moving at a fast pace. The people are hard-working and have fed tremendously into the economy; this has allowed the job market to flourish and become inviting to residents in neighboring states and those who may have outgrown Colorado.

North Dakota Exploration

Using the tools at your disposal is essential when you are relocating. Interstate moving companies are one of the greatest tools you can use during your transition because you don’t have to be filled with anxiety as you are leaving Colorado and traveling to North Dakota. You can spend your time how you want to and begin to explore your new surroundings once you arrive.

A New Location, Population & Adventures

Once all the unpacking has been completed, you can settle into your house and ease your kids into their transition by decorating, allowing them to be involved in their room decor, and making your new house your new home.

north dakota population

Consider throwing a housewarming party once everything is set up, this is a great way to meet your new neighbors, and you will be in a group setting, so you don’t have to succumb to the stress of carrying on a conversation with one person through an entire meal.

Find a new job, network, and locate your children’s schools and doctor/dentist office; this will force you to get accustomed to the roads in the area and can even help you find new retail, grocery, and essential stores you will end up frequenting.

Take a day to get out there and explore, do a little research into parks or national state parks nearby where you can have a picnic, stop at gas stations on the way, and find a new place to eat on your way home!

Meet Your Neighbors & Do as the Locals Do

There is so much to do and see in North Dakota; it will take you a lifetime to explore it all – but you can quickly become familiar with your neighborhood and community. Some of the more well-known state parks in the area that are a must-see; Theodore Roosevelt & Fort Abraham Lincoln National Park.

There is a multitude of events that occur each year, like Cabin Fever Days, where the whole town goes sledding, the infamous Ribs festival, and the annual state fair. But nothing quite beats the food in North Dakota; surprising for some to hear when you are heading in from Colorado; known for putting Green Chili on everything, but ND is known for being a melting pot, and you can find just about any cuisine in your city!

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Hire a Professional Moving Company for Your North Dakota Relocation

Making an interstate move from Colorado to North Dakota may feel out of reach, but when you have the support of reliable local moving companies, and you begin to unveil all the benefits of the state, it is difficult to deny how amazing it may be for you and your entire household.

Relocating can be a very stressful time, but when you are heading to a place with low state income and sales tax, a reasonable cost of living, affordable housing, colorful communities, and beautiful scenery – the realm of possibilities is endless, and you can do just about anything in your wildest dreams, making a new life for yourself in North Dakota.

Find Tranquility, Relaxation & Something New in the Peace Garden State

Finding ‘movers near me‘ may be much easier than you initially anticipated. Don’t allow the fear of change to hold you back; take advice from your local movers, neighbors, friends, and family – push yourself into new territory and embrace what North Dakota has to offer.

Eden’s Moving Services offers residential and commercial movers providing white glove moving services from Colorado to North Dakota or wherever your heart desires! Unlike any other mover, Eden’s has provided local and long-distance moving solutions alongside storage and packing options! When you are making a major transition, you must have a company you can rely on to make the relocation process completely stress-free.

Additional Resources When Moving From Colorado to North Dakota

If you haven’t already asked, these resources can be helpful in your adventure from Colorado to North Dakota, and we hope that your relocation experience helps you reach the destination you have been hoping for!

  • Before you book with any Colorado movers, read your Rights and Responsibilities as a consumer and keep in mind – your moving company should provide you with this pamphlet alongside your free in-home, virtual or over-the-phone moving estimate.
  • Want a good checklist to follow as you prepare for your departure from Colorado? Take a look at this checklist, give it a save, and refer back to it whenever you want!
  • Want a little information on selling your house in Colorado? Check out these tips and tricks to get your house sold quickly.
  • Still looking for a job in North Dakota or making a temporary transfer out from Colorado but hoping to get into something new? This is a great job resource to get started.
  • Hoping to get to know some more about your new state? Check out your local agency’s page.
  • Want to adventure in North Dakota but not sure where to start? Here must-see places, use this list and start wherever you would like!
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Rachel Cheng
Rachel Cheng
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Thomas, Isaias, and Enrrque did a fantastic job helping us move to a new apartment and the move is really professional. Great service and would definitely recommend it!
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