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moving to south dakota

A state steeped in history and blessed with natural beauty, South Dakota is known for its diverse topography, from valleys in the state’s Eastern part, the Black Hills in the west, and, of course, the state’s crown jewel in the Southwest – Mount Rushmore. You’ve loved your time in Colorado but are ready for a change of scenery and are wondering if South Dakota is the right destination for you.

Whether you decide to move to Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Deadwood, or Pierre, Eden’s Moving can provide all the long-distance moving services required to plan an easy move, including four rules to follow for a less stress move!

South Dakota vs Colorado: A Head-to-Head Competition

The decision to relocate should never be taken lightly. As a practical, thoughtful person, you must consider all the factors of calling a new state home before making any permanent final decision. Much like moving to other states, evaluate the finer points of moving to South Dakota, but don’t forget you also want to move to a state with fun things to do.

Consider these factors, in addition to everything thing else South Dakota offers, before hiring movers, packing boxes, and moving your kids and houseplants to the Coyote State:

living costs south dakota

Cost of Living

Moving across the country can put your life in a severe upheaval, and you must ensure you can afford the necessities, including rent, gas, groceries, and a pair of movie tickets, at the most basic level.

The cost-of-living index measures the average cost of moving to a particular city or town compared to the rest of the country:

  • When the overall living cost for the entire United States is 100, the cost of living in Colorado is 120.5, meaning it is across the board more expensive to live in Colorado than the national average.
  • The cost of living in South Dakota is 89.3, meaning it is much cheaper to live in South Dakota than the average living expenses of the entire country and far less expensive than Colorado.

State Income Tax and Personal Property Tax

Colorado’s state income tax rate is flat at 4.4%. South Dakota does not charge any personal income taxes. Property tax rates in Colorado vary depending on the district or city. Still, in most cases, the rates are low, and in many areas, residents pay around 0.48% of the property’s assessed value.

The South Dakota property tax rate varies by county, but the average rate is 1.17% of the property’s assessed value, making it a mid-range, affordable property tax rate.

Corporate income tax and personal income tax

South Dakota does not levy any corporate income tax, and the corporate tax rate in Denver is 4.4%. South Dakota, once again, does not have any state income tax.

The minimum combined sales tax in Colorado is high at 8.81%, including all sales taxes charged by the state, county, and individual city. The sales tax rate in South Dakota is much lower and sits at 4.50%.

Are you considering moving to South Dakota and need a little help? Let Eden’s Moving Services help you with planning your long-distance move.

south dakota housing market

Housing Market

The housing market constantly fluctuates, and living in or around Denver, Colorado, you know that purchasing an affordable home or even finding a cheap one-bedroom apartment can feel almost impossible.

  • The median home selling price in South Dakota was $300,020 in 2023, making it a more affordable alternative to the horribly skyrocketing housing costs in Colorado.
  • The median home selling price in Colorado is $579,400 in 2023, which is 1.3% higher than in 2022.

In some areas, such as Wheat Ridge, CO, the median housing price rose a whopping 25.6% between 2022 and 2023. If you are packing and relocating to South Dakota, hoping to purchase your first home or upgrade to a larger property to accommodate your growing family, you might be in luck!

What is the Cost of a One-Bedroom Apartment?

As expected, the typical cost of a one-bedroom apartment in South Dakota is lower than the average cost of a one-bedroom in Colorado. Here are some figures to ponder:

  • The average cost of a one-bedroom in South Dakota is $955/month, which has risen 9% over the last few years.
  • South Dakota rent is still cheaper than the cost of a one-bedroom in the Centennial State, which is roughly $1,700/month.

Of course, rental costs vary wildly depending on where you live, with Denver having some of the highest rental rates in the state. More affordable housing can be found in a small town or suburbs of metropolitan areas.

south dakota population


The population of the Denver metropolitan area is roughly 2,963,000, which can often leave you feeling like you are living on top of your neighbors, primarily if you reside in downtown or one of the other densely populated areas of the city. South Dakota, with a population of 858,469 residents, boasts the fifth-lowest population in the country.

What does this mean for someone asking themselves the question, “Should I hire a moving company?” or plan a simple DIY relocation?

The Upside of Moving to South Dakota

  • Less congestion,
  • More independence
  • Fewer humans negatively impact biodiversity, typically, more options to enjoy the unfettered outdoors.

The Downside of Moving to South Dakota

  • A lack of entertainment options
  • Fewer jobs
  • Limited access to necessary services and less competition often translate into higher prices.

South Dakota’s Population

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the state’s biggest city, with a population of 196,528. Rapid City is second, where the population plummets to 76,184 residents. South Dakotans are proud of their bigger cities and the opportunities available.

Whether you decide to call Aberdeen, Brookings, Watertown, or Mitchell home, Eden’s Moving Services can help you with every step of your relocation, including tips to help with a stress-free long-distance move!

Are More People Moving to South Dakota or Colorado?

On paper, the population growth of both of both states is very similar. South Dakota’s population grew approximately 1% between July 2022 and July 2023. Colorado’s population grew roughly 1.2% between 2010 and 2022. Are more people moving to rural or urban areas? Around the world, more and more people are moving to larger cities, and this trend is no different in both states.

south dakota job market

Job Market and Job Opportunities

The booming job market in Colorado is thanks mainly to the state’s several tourism jobs and employment opportunities in recreational marijuana. Several prominent manufacturers are also headquartered in Colorado, including Lockheed Martin, and there are several jobs in healthcare and higher education.

According to U.S. News and World Report, South Dakota ranks ninth in job growth, just behind Oregon and North Carolina. The growing agriculture sector and tourism industry are two main reasons why more jobs are being created in the state.

Are you ready to call South Dakota home but need help figuring out how to get there? Here are some tips to help you decide whether to fly or drive when moving long distances.

Average Salary in South Dakota vs. Colorado

The average salary in South Dakota ranges between $62,090 and $80,578. In Colorado, single earners make an average of $75,611 and $98,126. The annual average wage in Colorado is significantly higher, but you must weigh the salary against the average living costs.

Which Jobs in South Dakota Pay Well?

According to ZipRecruiter, here are some of the best-paying jobs in South Dakota, which will ensure you are able to afford your adventurous lifestyle include:

  • Cyber security $111,000-$150,000
  • Nurse practitioner $108,000-$150,000
  • Pilot $100,000-$155,000
  • Pharmacist $116,500-$140,000
  • Power Lineman $69,000-$136,000

Suppose the job market isn’t a consideration because you are moving for retirement or are relocating with an older family member. In that case, we can provide tips for moving with elderly family members.

beauty of south dakota nature

The Amazing Natural Beauty of South Dakota

Colorado is home to the incomparable Rocky Mountains, Dinosaur National Monument, Hanging Lake, and several other outstanding natural wonders. Whether you are a diehard outdoor lover who spends weekends biking, hiking, snowboarding, and rafting or simply want to enjoy an amazing view when you walk out the back door, you don’t need to abandon your love of nature when moving to South Dakota.

If you are wondering how to make long-distance moving easier, allowing you more time and money to enjoy some of South Dakota’s natural beauty, let the pros at Eden’s Moving Services help!

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park provides the perfect combination of rich history and unforgettable scenery. For anyone who considers themselves an amateur geologist, the 240,000-acre park offers every geologic creation imaginable, from cliffs to canyons, and features hiking trails for all skill levels.

While exploring the Badlands, once an inland lake and a fertile hunting ground for several Native Americans, check out the highest elevation, Sheep Mountain, and the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.

Additionally, the park’s official museum boasts an impressive collection of 360,000 objects and exhibits that tell the rich history of the people who have called the area home. If the Badlands is at the top of your must-see list, the last thing you want to do after settling into your new home is unpacking for days. Save yourself a ton of time by following these simple tips on how to unpack efficiently after a long-distance move.

south dakota wind cave

Wind Cave National Park

Established as the seventh national park in 1903, Wind Cave National Park is unsurprisingly named after the Wind Cave, one of the most complex caves in the United States. The park is known for its diverse wildlife, from deer to bison and beavers, and for being home to over 400 species of flora.

Adventurers can take guided tours of the cave, and if you do, note the honeycomb-like formations on the walls called boxwork. Suppose you’re claustrophobic and would instead enjoy the wide-open spaces South Dakota is famous for. In that case, plenty of activities spread throughout the park, including several well-groomed hiking trails, or you could enjoy a dip in one of the many hot springs, namely Cascade Falls!

Missouri River

The Missouri River, the longest river in the United States and the 15th most extended city in the world, runs down the state’s center, cutting it effectively into East South Dakota and West South Dakota. The river runs through Chamberlin, Pierre, and Sioux City, South Dakota.

The river is wild and massive, with over 15 dams across its length. In South Dakota specifically, four reservoirs of the river provide the ideal place for fishing, swimming, boating, or splashing around with your kids and grandkids, including:

Custer State Park

Established a mere eight years after South Dakota joined the union, Custer State Park is the oldest park in the state. The park provides the ideal environment for hiking, biking, fishing, rock climbing, and, of course, a fun family weekend of camping.

Planning a low-stress move is essential, so if you want to feel relaxed and refreshed when you arrive at your new home, follow these 32 tips for a smooth cross-country move.

mt rushmore national park

From Mount Rushmore National Memorial to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, South Dakota Has Something for Everyone!

No visit to South Dakota would be complete without visiting the incomparable Mount Rushmore State Park, which features 60-foot-tall representations of four American presidents: Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. South Dakota is a historical lovers paradise, but if you want to do something a little wilder, there is another option!

The otherwise sleepy town of Sturgis, South Dakota, is overtaken by thousands of motorcycle and music enthusiasts at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Initially established in 1938, the festival is something everyone living in South Dakota has to experience at least once!

Considering a homegrown relocation to South Dakota? Follow these simple tips on how to move to a new city DIY! Whether you hire professional movers to plan a DIY move, here are three tips to help you handle a long-distance move.

The Crazy Horse Memorial Park and the Akta Lakota Museum: History is Alive and Well in South Dakota!

South Dakota is a sparsely populated state, but there are so many amazing historical wonders to visit that you will not have any issue planning an educational outing for the first several weekends you are an official resident of South Dakota. As a bonus, visiting these historical sites is impressive for the state’s economy and a low-cost way to make memories with your kids!

Your Kids Will Love the Porter Sculpture Park, Needles Highway, and Falls Park

You might assume South Dakota is a grown-up’s paradise, but think again!

There are several excellent ways for you to entertain, delight, and even educate your kids throughout the state. Here are a few highlights:

  • Porter Sculpture Garden: The brainchild of Wayne Porter, the garden features a massive, 60-foot tall, sculptured bull, amongst other unique and eccentric sites.
  • Needles Highway: This 14-mile-long road located inside Custer State Park is surrounded by Needles, or massive granite formations that will marvel at both you and the kids.
  • Falls Park: Located in Sioux Falls, the park is the town’s namesake and the home to a beautiful Japanese garden.

These sites are best enjoyed in the summer when the temps are mild. If you are considering moving during the winter, during the hustle and bustle of the season, here are a few tips to help you stay sane while moving during the holidays.

LOW-COST family, friendly attractions throughout South Dakota

From Bear Butte State Park in Sturgis to Castle Trail, Jewel Cave National Monument, the South Dakota Air and Space Museum, and the Children’s Museum of South Dakota in Brookings, there are several inexpensive and highly entertaining ways to keep your kids quiet and occupied throughout the state.

If you are ready to pack up and move to South Dakota, and this is your first cross-country experience, chances are you have many questions. If you need help with what to ask, follow this simple guide to what types of questions to ask movers!

south dakota home for you

The Pros and Cons of Calling the Coyote State Home

You’ve seen many of the highlights associated with moving to South Dakota, but there are cons you should be aware of. Are you contemplating the best time to plan your long-distance move but still determining if South Dakota is truly the place for you? Here are a few more of the ins and outs associated with The Mount Rushmore State:

A Low Unemployment Rate

If living in one of the seven states in the union that doesn’t charge income tax wasn’t reason enough to consider South Dakota, the state’s consistently low unemployment rate might sway you even more. The unemployment rate in South Dakota is 3.4%, which is below the national average, and this, coupled with the ample employment opportunities, makes working in South Dakota a great option.

The Extreme Temperatures in Winter

If you thought the winters in Colorado were terrible, you never experienced a South Dakota winter. The temperatures regularly dip below freezing, and if you have kids, be prepared for multiple snow days throughout November through April. If you plan to move while the snow is falling and the roads are slick, here are some tips for moving in winter!

from colorado to south dakota movers

What The Professionals Want You To Know About Moving to South Dakota

Congratulations! You’ve made the wise decision to hire a professional moving company in Denver to help you plan every aspect of your relocation, from packing boxes to navigating the chaos on moving day!

Whether you are wondering how much it costs to move long-distance or if you pay long-distance movers before or after, we have the answers!

The Best Time of Year to Plan a Long-Distance Relocation

The debate is raging: Should you move in spring, summer, fall, or winter? The answer is “it depends” because there are several points to consider, including:

  • Price: The favorable weather means that most people want to relocate in summer, but you will pay more because of the increased competition.
  • Availability: If you are moving in the summer, make sure to contact moving companies early because spots fill up fast. Conversely, there are a lot more movers available in fall and winter.
  • Ease: Summer moving is easy because you aren’t battling the elements, but remember, you will pay a premium.

Hiring Colorado or South Dakota Moving Company When Relocating to Major Cities

In addition to wondering how much long-distance movers should get tipped to determining if it is proper etiquette to feed long-distance movers, one of the most confusing aspects of planning a cross-country move is whether to hire a local mover or a South Dakota moving company.

Always hire local movers, especially when moving cross-country, because the costs will inevitably be lower, and you will be working with established professionals who understand the unique needs of Colorado residents.

From Sioux Falls to the Black Hills south dakota

From Sioux Falls to the Black Hills: Avoid These Common First-Time Movers Mistakes

The beautiful attractions the state offers are getting you excited to move, but what mistakes should you avoid as a first-time mover? In addition to assisting you in planning a lower-cost relocation, the team at Eden’s Moving Services is a wealth of knowledge, including helping you avoid getting scammed by long-distance moving companies.

Not Downsizing Before Your Move to Rapid City

Decluttering and downsizing are two of the most critical parts of moving. In addition to following these tips on how to downsize before a long-distance move, here are a few more helpful suggestions:

  • Utilize the quick and straightforward three-pile rule: Be strict with yourself when dividing everything in your home into three separate piles – Keep, sell/donate, and toss.
  • Take this opportunity to redecorate your home: Use your move as the perfect excuse to reinvigorate your decor! Donate or sell unwanted large items, including furniture, instead of taking up precious space on the moving truck.
  • Hire a professional organization coordinator: Work with a professional to keep your move on-task and ensure your home remains well organized rather than falling into chaos.

Our Customers Also Ask

Is South Dakota a good place to move?

Yes, South Dakota is a great place to call home for many reasons, from the low taxes to high earning potential and low cost of living. Feeling concerned about the strain moving can put on your family? Here is a straightforward guide to the most stressful parts of moving, explained.

Why is it so cheap to live in South Dakota?

From the utilities and groceries to the median cost of a house to rental prices, you discover very quickly that when it comes to South Dakota, living in this beautiful state is much cheaper than in Colorado.

Why? The low tax burden and low cost of goods and services are two main reasons. You have the opportunity to earn a decent salary in South Dakota, and any money you make will go a lot further than if you earned a comparable wage in Colorado.

What are the disadvantages of residency in South Dakota?

There are, of course, several disadvantages to living in South Dakota, including:

  • The wrong state for sports fans: Unlike Denver, which boasts four major professional sports teams. Unfortunately, due to the sparse population, there are no professional teams in South Dakota, so if you are a diehard fan, you must settle for minor-league baseball.
  • Lack of urban amenities and excitement: Major cities in South Dakota are few and far between, so if you love the nightlife, you won’t find too much excitement on a Saturday when you call South Dakota home.
  • The downsides of living in the Dust Bowl: Much like Colorado, South Dakota’s climate is arid, but the presence of all that dry air and high winds means you will spend a lot of your days cleaning dirt and dust off your home’s floor.
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Thomas, Isaias, and Enrrque did a fantastic job helping us move to a new apartment and the move is really professional. Great service and would definitely recommend it!
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