Moving to Wisconsin from Colorado? What You Should Know First

moving to wisconsin

Ah, Wisconsin!

A state known for its cheese, rolling hills, fall colors, and, of course, unending devotion to the Green Bay Packers.

Folks in Wisconsin are known for their friendly smiles, secret family casserole recipes, and the overabundant use of the word “Ope” in most social situations!

However, is Wisconsin all it’s cracked up to be, and is the Dairy State the right place for you and your family to build a life?

Wisconsin living can be beautiful, but it can also be challenging, especially during the cold, harsh winters.

Here is the definitive guide for any family considering taking a chance on moving to the Badger State:

Wisconsin sunrise
Wisconsin is one of the most unspoilt, most naturally beautiful tracts of land in the United States

Living in Wisconsin: The Wisconsin River, Cheese, and the Green Bay Packers

Home to 15,000 lakes, including two of the five great lakes, Lake Michigan and beautiful Lake Superior, Wisconsin officially became a full-fledged state on May 29, 1848.

Wisconsin is the only state that requires a license to manufacture cheese, and the state is one of the top producers of cranberries in the world.

The Native American culture runs deep, as does the strong sports culture.

Suppose you love winter sports and are worried about giving up weekends of cross-country skiing, hiking, and biking.

In that case, you’re in luck because Wisconsin is one of the country’s premier outdoor recreation destinations.

Living in Wisconsin means taking on the natural beauty while enjoying a more laid-back daily life, which can be a welcome change for anyone tired of Denver’s hustle and bustle!

Are you considering moving to Wisconsin part-time?

Here are some invaluable tips for anyone preparing for a temporary move.

waterparkWisconsin Dells: The Waterpark Capital of the Midwest

Wisconsin truly is a state you can enjoy across all four seasons – especially the summer.

With a year-round population of around 3,000 residents that swells significantly during the summer, Wisconsin Dells is a town known for its scenic beauty, outstanding resorts, and, of course, waterparks!

After enjoying a day of heartstopping thrills at Noah’s Ark or Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, make it a point to explore the Lower Dells on a quirky, absolutely memorable Duck Boat Tour.

Before you assume this quaint small town is just for the kids – think again!

There are several unique bars, restaurants, and boutiques for the adults in your family to enjoy.

Moving to the Dells doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful, or expensive.

Instead, follow these 32 tips for cross-country moves!

pros and consThe Badger State vs. The Centennial State: The Pros and Cons of Each State

Wisconsin offers a unique blend of beautiful scenery, historic sites, harvest festivals, music festivals, and plenty of beer and cheese.

But when you consider the nitty-gritty of each state, how does Wisconsin stack up against the Centennial State?

First, consider the cost of living in Wisconsin vs. Colorado.

Colorado’s overall cost of living is nearly 18% higher than Wisconsin’s.

A significant reason for this is the housing costs – The median home price throughout Colorado is $520,000, compared to $300,300 in Wisconsin.

The public schools in Colorado are consistently ranked among the best in the country, and the public schools and colleges in Wisconsin are similarly excellent.

According to the magazine U.S. News and World Report, Wisconsin ranks among the Top 10 States in the United States in several categories, including education.

You might be surprised to learn about Wisconsin’s high tax burden, especially regarding income taxes.

The income taxes in Wisconsin are between 3.54% and 7.65%, and the local taxes and sales tax are set at 5% throughout the state.

The property taxes in Wisconsin are amongst the highest in the state at 1.85%, compared to Colorado’s property taxes, which are 0.51%.

Ready to make the leap and move to Wisconsin – here are some tips for comparing Denver moving companies!

raising family
Where will you decide to raise your family? Let’s compare and contrast Colorado and Wisconsins top destination cities.

Top 3 Cities in WI and CO: Comparing and Contrasting Your Next Hometown

There is no better way to determine if relocating to any state is the right choice than comparing the top cities in each.

Here are four of arguably the best places to live in both Wisconsin and Colorado:

denver co
Denver CO: The Mile High City

Denver, CO

Of course, no definitive ranking of Colorado’s best and brightest cities would be complete without starting with Denver.

With a population of 699,288 residents, the overall population of the Denver Metro area is nearly three million.

Although Denver’s population is declining, there are several job opportunities, a thriving economy, a diverse culture, and those views!

However, be aware that there are downsides to the Mile High City – including its higher living costs, air quality problems, issues with lackluster public transportation, traffic congestion, and sky-high property costs.

If you’re renting in Denver, be prepared to spend more than $2,800 per month for a modest, two-bedroom apartment, and the median home selling price is nearly $570,000.

Want to move out of Denver without angering the neighbors?

Follow these simple neighbor-friendly moving tips to keep the peace!

Milwaukee wi
Milwaukee WI: Beer capital of the world

Milwaukee, WI

Home to the Milwaukee Bucks and the Shotz Brewery, aka the iconic workplace of television’s favorite roommates, Laverne and Shirley, the current population of Milwaukee sits at 571,939 residents.

The cost of living in Denver is 37% more expensive than in Milwaukee, and the average monthly rental cost in Milwaukee is $1,410.

Milwaukee is the definitive of the big cities in the state and is home to multiple professional teams, including the aforementioned Bucks and the Brewers.

There are downsides to the city, in particular, the skyrocketing crime rates.

According to recent FBI statistics, Milwaukee has one of the country’s highest violent and property crime rates, with an average crime rate of 4,324 per 100,000 residents.

Unfortunately, this means that Milwaukee’s crime rates are 84.37% higher than the national average.

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs CO: Welcome to Olympic City!

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs has a current population of 693,000 and offers a unique mix of modern sensibilities and old-world warmth and charm.

The city is home to Pike’s Peak, Old Towne Colorado, and Tesla’s Experimental Station, a laboratory constructed by renowned inventor and genius Nikola Tesla.

City residents enjoy seemingly unending economic growth, excellent schools, and plenty of outdoor adventures for kids and adults of all ages.

The biggest downside of calling the city home is its higher cost of living, which is 6.1% higher than the rest of the country.

This is because of Colorado Springs’ higher housing costs, lack of low-cost housing, grocery costs, and transportation prices.

Ready to move away from Colorado Springs and explore new adventures – here are some tips for overcoming moving challenges.

Madison wi
Madison WI: Wisconsin’s state capitol

The Capital of Wisconsin: Madison

The undisputed quirkiest city in the Midwest, Madison has a population of 269,897.

Home to the University of Wisconsin, Overture Center of the Arts, and Henry Vilas Zoo, the city is ranked among the best college towns in the country.

Madison, Wisconsin, also has the highest living costs of any city, and the average family of four must earn nearly $94,000/year to live comfortably, which is much higher than the average necessary living costs throughout the rest of the state, $81,813/year.

The payoff for higher housing and living costs is that Madison also has some of the best schools, from primary schools to colleges, in the area.

Ready to call Madison home – don’t forget the importance of choosing the right moving company and choosing the right moving truck.

Aurora CO – the city of lights in the greater Denver area

Aurora, CO

The third largest city in Colorado, Aurora’s population is 399,913.

The city’s population snowballed, gaining over 300,000 residents in the last fifty years!

Known for its breathtaking scenery and unending outdoor activities spread across over 8,000 acres of green space, it is not cliche to say that Aurora is a metropolitan city with a quaint, quiet, small-town sensibility.

Aurora has experienced positive job growth, and the living costs are slightly lower than the other major cities in Colorado, including Denver.

An Eastern suburb and a portion of the Denver metro area, the schools and shopping in the area are outstanding, and Aurora is one of the most walkable cities in the state.

Unfortunately, much like Denver and other metro areas in the West, Aurora has high property crime and violent crime rates.

Moving from Aurora to Wisconsin doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when you follow these smooth move strategies.

Green Bay WI
Green Bay WI: Home of the NFL’s world famous Packers!

Green Bay, WI

Are you a diehard sports fan and want to discover like-minded enthusiasts who devote their Sunday afternoons to cheering on their hometown team?

Of all the Wisconsin cities to call home, if you are a sports nut, you cannot go wrong with packing up and moving to Green Bay.

Home to the four-time Super Bowl Champion Packers, the city shuts down on game day!

After football season ends, the tourists leave, but there is still much to explore in this famous Southeast Wisconsin city.

The city’s booming economy makes it the perfect place for young professionals to find a job and an affordable apartment or starter home.

Be aware that, like the rest of Wisconsin, the winters are brutal, the crime rates are high, and the city lacks the diversity you have come to know and love in Colorado.

rural wisconsin
There’s more to this state than its built up areas. Rural Wisconsin is beautiful, rugged, and affordable!

Enjoy the Small Town Life in WI: Other Cities to Call Home

Big-city living has been fantastic – but you are moving to the Dairy State to enjoy the picture-perfect experience of living in smaller towns.

The state’s residents have been enjoying these gems for decades, but the secret is out, and now it’s time for you to pack up and consider relocating to these lesser-known but still mighty cities in Wisconsin:

La Crosse

Located along the mighty Mississippi River, La Crosse has a population of under 100,000 residents and is surprisingly one of the most popular college towns in the state.

Surrounded by rolling bluffs and unexpected marshlands, La Crosse was first explored by French fur traders back in the 18th century.

Today, you will find farm-to-table restaurants, shopping downtown, and friendly faces along the tree-lined streets.

What could be better than that?!

Eau Claire

Home of the University of Eau Claire, the city’s name translates into “Clear Water,” which is incidentally what you will find if you travel a few minutes outside the city center.

Known for its arts and music festivals, no trip to Eau Claire would be complete without completing the downtown sculpture tour, visiting the newly-renovated Children’s Museum, or stopping in for a scoop at Olson’s Ice Cream, a local favorite for nearly a century.


Wisconsin is known for its expansive rural areas, and Appleton is a surprisingly lovely small city in the cow pastures and forests.

The city boasts a respectable population of 76,400 residents and is known as one of the Fox Cities because of its location along the Fox River.

The city is a short 30-minute drive from Green Bay, although you won’t have many problems finding something to occupy your time on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

There is a high likelihood you will experience severe storms throughout the year, including heavy snowfall in winter, potentially damaging thunderstorms, and even the occasional tornado in the summer.

Appleton and the other smaller towns throughout Wisconsin are great places to raise a family.

Want to find out for yourself – here is a simple breakdown of the cost of long-distance moving and some helpful suggestions for avoiding moving injuries.

searching for movers
Searching for the right movers can be easy if you have all the right questions to hand!

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Colorado Cross-Country Moving Service

Moving to the Badger State is enticing, but only one thing is standing in the way of enjoying some squeaky cheese curds and sledding in winter: Finding the right moving company!

Choosing cross-country movers doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you know how to look.

better business bureau bbbStart Your Search Online and on the Better Business Bureau Website.

Any productive search begins online, but there is a smarter, easier way to locate the right moving company for you.

Check out the Better Business Bureau, an independent rating website that lists customer complaints and whether the service provider rectified the situation.

referralsAsk Friends and Family for Recommendations and Suggestions

Your loved ones are the most reliable source of information on the best local florists and bakers and where to get a great haircut without breaking the bank.

It would make sense they would also be honest about their experience with local and long-distance movers.

scammersKeep an Eye Out for Common Red Flags.

Whether this is your first experience moving or you have moved multiple times throughout the years, it can be tricky to determine if a moving company is legit or should be avoided at all costs.

Watch out for providers that offer a quote far below the competition, ask for complete payment upfront, are sketchy about the moving dates, or even ask you to pay for what should be a free moving quote.

Instead, your long-distance movers should be helpful, considerate, and armed with several excellent tips, including understanding Colorado moving terms and planning your moving budget.

packing expertPacking Tips for a Smooth Transition From Colorado to Wisconsin

Let’s face it: Packing is the worst!

Between finding enough boxes to safely transport all your stuff and tricking or bribing friends and family to help you pack and load up the moving truck, there has to be an easier way!

Luckily for you, one of the benefits of hiring a moving company is that most offer comprehensive packing services, complete with all the packing supplies you will need.

Still want to tackle packing on your own – Follow these simple tips to help you pack like a pro:

Gather the necessary supplies first: As with any other seemingly overwhelming chore, planning is key.

Head to your local hardware or home improvement store and get everything you will need to pack, from boxes and bins to packing tape, furniture covers, and bubble wrap.

Remember, you will need specialty supplies to protect certain items, such as electronics and artwork.

Here are some easy packing difficult items tips and the ultimate packing electronics guide.

Here’s a good hint: Scout out all the areas in town where you can get free boxes for your move to save a little cash!

Create a concrete packing schedule: Set aside certain day hours exclusively for packing.

For example, reserve the hour after dinner and before putting the kids to bed for packing.

Packing in a rush can be dangerous and leave you vulnerable to injury, so keep in mind efficient packing safety tips to help you avoid unnecessary back or knee pain.

End with the kitchen: Start packing in areas where you store items that aren’t used in daily life – including the attic, basement, and hallway closet.

Pack up the kitchen last, as this is typically the room you use most often.

Here is a complete kitchen packing guide to help reduce the time it takes to pack up your cupboards and pantry.

Learn how not to pack: Packing is an art form that needs to be learned.

To help you along the way, here are a few common packing mistakes you should avoid.

packing materialCommon Moving Challenges and How to Overcome Them Like a Pro

Moving is very rarely a straightforward process, and you will experience challenges along the way.

For example, overfilling a box not only leaves the contents vulnerable but can cause serious injury when you try to pick up an extremely heavy load.

Space in your home and the moving truck is at a premium, so you also need to pack up the truck to ensure you maximize the square footage.

Want to know the best way to ultimately avoid some of the most common moving challenges – work with the right professional movers!

The best way to ensure your move goes off without a hitch is to hire a moving company with the right equipment, experience, and integrity to help you through the entire process.

Great long-distance movers will help you prep before the movers arrive and will provide you with helpful loading tips for moving trucks.

preparing move early
It’s never too early to prepare for your move. Pack non-essential items first and begin the search for moving companies!

Moving Tips for Every Season

An essential element of planning the perfect relocation is learning when to move.

Did you know that if you move during the week rather than the weekend, you can save big money on relocation and all related services, including packing and storage solutions?

However, beyond the cost, the key to finding the best time for long-distance moves also involves other critical factors, including availability, convenience, and weather conditions.

summerBeat the Heat While Moving in Summer

Although summer is the “peak season” in the moving industry, which means you will typically pay more, there are several advantages to relocating during the warmer summer months.

For starters, your kids are out of school, meaning you will have plenty of free labor.

Selling your home in summer is also more favorable because the demand is higher, and you will typically get a better price for the property.

The Wisconsin summer is beautiful, another fantastic reason to relocate to the Badger State during this season!

This means that for many people, moving during the summer is necessary.

The weather is also on your side; just make sure you have plenty of cold water available to avoid dehydration.

winter temperatureStaying Warm While Battling the Freezing Temperatures in Winter

The last thing anyone wants to do is wade through snowdrifts or drive through a blizzard while relocating in winter.

In addition to the unfavorable conditions, time is at a premium because of the holiday season.

If you are planning a winter move, keep an eye on the current and future weather forecast and try to get the bulk of the packing and preparation done between the two major winter holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Want more help moving during holidays?

Here are some unbeatable holiday moving tips and winter moving insights that will help you survive the big move and the stress of the holiday season.

fall leavesIs Fall the Perfect Season to Move?

Autumn is a great season to move for several reasons.

For example, the demand is less, so the prices are reasonable.

The weather is typically beautiful, but make sure to watch the forecast for a surprise snowfall, which is not uncommon during the fall in both Colorado and Wisconsin.

Wisconsin moving is ideal, mainly because you will see all the fantastic fall colors, particularly in the Northern parts of the state.

Your mover will often recommend an autumn relocation to Wisconsin.

Want to learn more about the interworkings of your mover’s thought process – Here is what movers wish you knew about relocating at any time of the year.

rainy monthBraving the Wet Weather Conditions in Spring

Spring has finally sprung, and the air is crisp.

Unfortunately, the rain is falling and will continue for the next few months in Colorado and Wisconsin.

Moving during the spring is tricky, but it is possible with the proper preparation, including a few rainy weather moving tips.

Protecting your floors and protecting floors with Denver movers is possible, and you don’t need to spend a small fortune to be successful!

Protect your floors from scratches and mud with well-placed throw rugs and packing paper.

Prevent dirt and mud from staining your furniture by covering your couches and credenzas with furniture blankets.

movers packing boxes
Unsure how to get packing? Our team of professionals will make light work out of any packing services you require!

Is It Possible to Plan a Stress-Free Move?

Along with divorce and public speaking – moving is one of the most stressful experiences an adult can go through.

Is it genuinely possible to plan a stress-free move?

Unfortunately, you will experience some level of stress, but there are ways to keep the anxiety to a minimum and maybe even make the process fun for the whole family.

First, identify the most stressful parts of moving and develop strategies to remain calm and focused.

For example, are you overwhelmed with packing – Ask about comprehensive packing services!

Having trouble formulating a timeline? Here is the estimated time needed for moving!

Of course, the easiest way to plan a worry-free move is to work with the right moving company in Denver.

moving with pets
Unsure how to manage relocating with your furry friends? Our guide will show you the best way to ensure you and your pets enjoy a stress-free move.

Moving With Kids and Pets: How to Keep Every Member of Your Family Safe and Happy During a Long-Distance Relocation

With arms full of cardboard boxes and packing tape – you are motivated to start packing up your old life to create a new adventure in Wisconsin.

Suddenly, the dogs make a mess in the living room, or the kids are fighting over the last bowl of mac and cheese!

Now you’re stuck putting out fires and cleaning up chaos rather than preparing for your long-distance move.

Planning mid-year moves for kids and learning some safe pet moving tips are top priorities for any parent trying to plan a worry-free relocation.

Luckily, like every other aspect of relocating, planning and preparation are key.

For example, turn moving into a game with the kids, and don’t be above bribing them to pack up their rooms!

Ask a friend or family member to keep your pets at their home when the moving trucks arrive for the protection of the movers, your staff, and your favorite furry family members.

moversPlanning the Perfect, Quick Residential or Commercial Move

In a perfect world, you would have all the time in the world to lovingly declutter your home or small business and pack up at your leisure.

Well, snap back into reality and get ready to plan and execute a successful long-distance move in a matter of weeks or even days.

Start with organizing your prompt move priorities, including your finances, and finding a place to call home or continue your business in your new hometown.

Business owners must find local movers specializing in commercial moving services to plan successful commercial moves.

Don’t forget also to cancel your utilities, tell your customers you are relocating, and complete all necessary notifying before the business moves.

Remember, not all moving companies are licensed to handle a commercial move, and even fewer have the expertise and equipment to help you pack and move in a pinch.

faq moving
If you have any unanswered questions regarding your move, give us a call and let us know!

Common Questions Our Customers Ask

family good locationIs Wisconsin a good state to move to?

Wisconsin is a beautiful state with four distinct seasons, a ravenous professional sports fan base, fantastic food, and even more amazing people.

The Cheese State is known for its hometown bars, friendly faces, and lower cost of living.

If you value family, friendship, and community – Wisconsin is definitely the perfect place to relocate!

cheeseWhat to expect when you move to Wisconsin?

Moving from Colorado to Wisconsin means giving up the Rocky Mountains in favor of dairy farms and small-town carnivals.

Expect harsh winters – which you are used to anyway living in the Centennial State – lower housing costs, fewer major cities, and even fewer places for skiing, which, of course, Colorado is known for.

shiny happy peopleWhy do people love Wisconsin?

People love Wisconsin because of the slower pace, inviting atmosphere, and plentiful jobs.

Wisconsin’s labor market is booming, and many industries are hiring, including engineering, architecture, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and health insurance providers.

Wisconsin is known for its rich and vibrant food scene, outdoor opportunities, and smiling faces!

cost of movingIs it expensive to live in Wisconsin?

The living costs in Wisconsin are below the national average and well below the costs you can expect to pay in most areas of Colorado.

However, other factors must be considered, including the higher Wisconsin taxes and heating costs.

It is not uncommon for the temperatures to dip well below zero throughout the state, particularly in the Northern parts of Wisconsin.

Budget an extra $20 to $50 or more monthly in the late fall, winter, and early spring to cover the higher energy bills.

wisconsinWhat do I need to know before moving to WI?

Wisconsin has a unique culture you will quickly learn about – and grow to love.

On Fridays, expect everyone to look at you funny if you aren’t enjoying the Fish Fry.

Bratwursts and cheese curds are a staple of the typical Wisconsinite’s diet.

The weekend is reserved for either rooting for the Packers or against the Chicago Bears or Minnesota Vikings!

Summer in Door County – Where the waters are beautiful and the sights are even more impressive.

mosquitoWhat are some cons of living in Wisconsin?

In addition to the weather and the higher taxes, there are a few downsides to living in Wisconsin:

The ticks and mosquitoes are brutal in summer, and if you have pets, make sure to protect them against Lyme Disease, which is common in dogs throughout the state.

The major cities and some smaller areas have high crime rates, including rates of violent crimes.

The metro areas also have plenty of ways to spend the afternoon, but your teenagers might struggle with the small town’s lack of entertainment options.

covid maskHas the pandemic impacted Wisconsin’s economy?

Like the rest of the country, the pandemic’s impact on Wisconsin was significant.

However, the economy is experiencing a sharp turnaround, and plenty of high-paying jobs exist throughout the state.

The pandemic had a profound impact on every industry – including the moving industry.

Here is more helpful information about the pandemic’s impact on the moving industry.

edens moving truck
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The time has come to plan a long-distance relocation to Wisconsin, but where should you start?

Eden’s Moving Services is available to help you understand every aspect of moving – from the initial quote to taking care of post-move essentials.

Are you planning a local move in the state, maybe to the Mile High City?

We love helping customers planning on moving to the Mile High City from anywhere in the state!

Whether you are moving from Denver to Colorado Springs, Aurora, or Fort Collins, our team will make your short-distance move simplified.

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Thomas, Isaias, and Enrrque did a fantastic job helping us move to a new apartment and the move is really professional. Great service and would definitely recommend it!
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Thomas, Isaias, and Enrrque did a fantastic job helping us move to a new apartment and the move is really professional. Great service and would definitely recommend it!
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Highly recommended movers! We hired Edens movers for a local move in Lakewood CO and they did an outstanding job. The movers were professional and friendly and the entire move went smoothly without any trouble. From the start they were organized and clear and the price was more than fair. Thank you for your great job!
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Best prices and great to work with. You have to wait a little bit longer for your stuff but they were very upfront about the time frame, gave us a range, and called a few days ahead of time. Our move was difficult because our stuff was in storage (we had already moved and due to another moving company dropping the ball we could not get back to finalize boxing everything up). They did a great job once they arrived organizing our stuff in storage carefully. I would highly recommend.
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Denver moving company

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